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Couples, who endeavour to have a child following a natural method for the past twelve consecutive months but unable to accomplish the pregnancy in this time spam, are most likely suggested to go for the fertility treatment by the fertility doctor.

Infertility, in short, is described as the inability to achieve the baby despite having carefully timed and unprotected intercourse for one year. Throughout the life of an individual, age matters a lot when it comes to having a baby. Why so? This is because of the medical component of the male and female. As the age increases of the male and female, sperm and egg loses the ability to fertilize by own and need additional assistance for it to happen. There it comes Infertility Treatment in Delhi. The reason for such failure to have a child is recognizable in man or lady or both, however, to evaluate the proper fertility issue, one has to undergo a fertility investigation test. Fertility investigation lets the couple and the specialist know about the exact infertility hiccup due to which the couple is unable to conceive naturally. Once the fertility doctor analyses the report of the patient, the very next step is the solution to the fertility case of the couple.

There are many factors covered in this page associated with the female and male infertility treatment procedure and the Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi,whether it’s of male or about the female. Before getting into the depth of male and female infertility cost structure, let’s gain some basic information about the female and male infertility issues.

How can Male and Female Infertility Treatment in Delhi described?

Female infertility issue depicts a circumstance when a couple can’t get pregnant as a result of the female accomplice is incompetent at advancing the event of pregnancy because of different medical issues in her body. You must be thinking about the exact medical cause behind infertility; well, there could be many reasons why the female partner unable to give birth, for example, her increased age, conceptive medical issues, external factors (such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoke, and harmful drugs), hormonal issues, or maybe she had been undergone with major treatment (or chemotherapy). Usually, the female experiences fertility problem when she has been facing issues with her menstruation cycle (either irregular or delayed). Solving the female infertility issues requires proper evaluation and then appropriate treatment. Based on the treatment plan, fertility management tells the couple about the exact Female Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi.

This kind of the fertility issue can be partitioned into two sections; the first one is, where the lady is accounted for to have never a child and is effectively trying for the same, and the second is in which the woman has brought forth a wellbeing baby in the past however can’t do so now because of specific medical reasons.

Notwithstanding which classification you fall into, the fertility specialists at the best fertility centre in Delhi have considerable skill in giving the most appropriate treatment to the patient. The ART clinics in Delhi under our fertility agency, are famous for providing the top-notch fertility treatment at an affordable Female and Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi to the patients around the world.

As like in the female case of infertility, the male also faces the same circumstances. When the male becomes unable to impregnate his partner, he has to undergo with the suitable treatment to solve the issue of infertility. In the case of male infertility, there gets the problem in the production of the sperm, motility of the sperm or its morphological fitness. Rare men found to be no active sperm in the semen ejaculation; this time, there would be the surgical procedure that might be considered by the specialist for the male.For both of the infertility cases, the Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi would be completely different.

Let’s collect more details about the Male and Female Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi –

How Much Does Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi – Is male and female infertility treatment cost in Delhi affordable?

Infertility treatment cost Delhi is the lowest of all other cities in India and Europe. Infertility treatment costs will vary as per the individual case of infertility. The cost of the treatment at the best fertility centre by the Select IVF India is totally in the reach of each couple whoever planning for the infertility treatment. We give the best fertility treatment compared to other centres in the country. We offer many facilities for the couples facing problem to start with the treatment. 

Infertility treatment cost Delhi comprises of two charges- Male infertility treatment cost in Delhi and female infertility treatment cost. Each of the cost of the fertility treatment is different and depend on the exact issue, is known. Our staff members are co-operative to the patient and family such that they do not feel any problem to ask for something.

Delhi is the place where one can find the well-grounded infertility treatment performed under the skilled and proficient fertility expert. At a very affordable price, a couple gets world-class fertility treatment along with all the state-of-the-art amenities throughout the procedure.

Now, the question arises what the different packages of male and female infertility treatment costs are and how one can figure out which treatment would be best for the infertility treatment. The answer is – to pick the right fertility centre; choosing the authentic fertility centre in Delhi, one can easily find the best way to eradicate the conception issue and enjoy the days of parenthood.

Certain aspects matter a lot while choosing the fertility centre in Delhi, and some of them are –

  • Pick the fertility centre who has a decent and genuine success rate. There are so many clinics that say for 100% surety to have a baby via IVF or other fertility treatment. This is a big NO and a false statement. On average, IVF gives maximum 50-55% success rate; if using a donor egg, the success rate gets higher than the standard IVF success rate. But one cannot assure you about the hundred percent success result by the IVF.
  • The second point is to analyse properly about the fertility centre inside including – hygiene, centre’s coordinator, the breakdown of the Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi (which has been recommended in your case), etc.
  • If possible, then communicate with the previous patient of the centre so as to gain accurate and authentic information about that clinic.
  • Fix the appointment with the specialist and undergo a consultation to know the behaviour and the way, the expert in dealing with your case.

These are some crucial aspects that need to be considered by the couple whoever planning for the treatment. Once you become satisfied with all the facets of the fertility clinic, go ahead with the confident and optimist thinking. Under the fertility agency of Select IVF India, you will get the best fertility centre for both – male and female infertility solution.

Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi
Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi

An Affordable Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi –

Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi is in the couple’s pocket-book and reasonable. Providing a world-class treatment at the best price, the childless couples get the matchless treatment. The exact cost of the couple’s infertility treatment would be estimated precisely only after a visit of patient and pre-check-up.

Given below are some of the most preferred fertility solution and its Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi mentioned; let’s have a look –


IUI is the basic fertility solution and is preferred to those couples, where –

  • the male is experiencing painful intercourse
  • mucus cervical issue in the female
  • primary fertility issue in the male

During this procedure, the semen sample is asked by the male and submitted to the fertility laboratory for the unique washing procedure. Once the semen is collected at the lab, the next process is the washing of the sperm. Washing is done in order to eliminate the unwanted particles and substances from the semen. After this step, the washed semen is placed into the uterus of the female at the time of the woman’s ovulation.

This Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi ranges in between INR 17,000 to INR 20,000.

IVF with Self -Eggs –

IVF is one of the advanced technique of an ART methodology and is considered as the most effective infertility treatment to solve male and female infertility issue. This treatment is considered to –

  • The woman who has been experiencing the menstruation issue, ovulation disorder, delay of the menstruation, painful cycles
  • Women with PCOS
  • Women with premature ovarian failure
  • Women who have on an average (or low) AMH level

IVF, when using the self-egg, is known as standard IVF cycle and somehow ranges in between INR 1, 75,000 to INR 2, 00, 000 incorporating all the step.

This treatment is a productive solution when the female is having infertility issues and unable to conceive even after trying the primary solution. This Female Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi includes –

  • fertility medication and hormonal injection
  • transvaginal ultrasound and blood test
  • egg pick up
  • fertilization
  • selecting the most appropriate embryo
  • embryo transfer

IVF with donor egg/ donor sperm –

IVF with donor egg or donor sperm comes in the third-party-state-of-the-art technique and is best recommended when either the male or female facing with advanced infertility problem. Donor egg is chosen when the woman has been undergone multiple times self-egg IVF procedure, but due to the inferior egg quality, fertilization didn’t happen. This time IVF with donor egg could give the best result.

This Female Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi using the donor egg with the IVF process is INR 2, 75,000 to INR 3, 00,000.

On the other hand, donor sperm is used when the male hasn’t motile or active sperm for the fertilization.

When using this procedure, the Male Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi ranges around INR 2, 10,000 to INR 2, 20,000. Donor sperm is also performed with the IUI; the cost of donor sperm with IUI is very reasonable. Cost of donor sperm with IUI is INR 33,000 to INR 35,000.

Basic and Advanced Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi –

IVF Treatment with Self-eggsINR 1,75,000 – INR 2,00,000
IVF Treatment Cost with Donor EggINR 2, 75,000 to 3, 00,000
IVF Treatment Cost with Donor SpermINR 2,10,000 -2,30,000
IVF Treatment Cost with LAH methodINR 2,30,000
IVF Treatment cost with ICSI/IMSIINR 1,75,000 – 2,00,000
IVF Treatment Cost with Embryo donorINR 2, 75,000
IVF treatment with Surgical Sperm Retrieval (TESA, MESA, and PESA)INR 2,50,000 – 3,00,000

Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi – The Best Destination to eradicate your Infertility Hiccup –

Infertility treatment Delhi is an ultimate destiny for an entire sterile couple struggling with their destiny.  Sterility of the couple might be due to both of the member of a couple. It is found that male sterility is easy to treat and detect as compared to female infertility problems. It is pronounced to dream for your child after the proper settlement and successful marriage. Some of the couples find it easy to make a child, but some of them need to struggle for the same. Sterility is not any permanent issue;instead is a biological disorder of your body. It has got straightforward treatment as an Infertility treatment in Delhi. In the modern era of science and technology, the team has got the best solutions for our sterile couples and give them a stable life. Our experts are well-experienced at the infertility treatment. In modern time, the problem of sterility is increasing due to the stress and hectic lifestyle of couples. Couples do not get time for them and thus suffers from different health problems.

Infertility treatment in Delhi is the only avenue for every infertile couple approaching the treatment. In a culture like India, it is very tough to handle the sterility problem of any couple. Peoples are very superstitious towards the belief of sterility; they even do not approach the treatment, which would give ultimate happiness to them. An infertile male can opt for the treatment like- azoospermia treatment, GIFT, testicular biopsy, TESA, MESA, hormonal treatment, Psychological consultation for sexual problems. Men face infertility problems due to low sperm count, problems with ejaculation and erection, poor quality of sperm, non-motile sperms, etc. The major factor for the reduction of sterility is an age of any of the members. It is said above 40, the fertility of individual decreases by half.

Females might face a number of sterility problems due to various reasons sometimes it might be acquired, or sometimes it will be genetic. If a female is unable to produce proper eggs, they are responsible for the infertility of the couple. In most of the couple’s case, female infertility occurs one-third times of male infertility problems. Females face problems due to a problem of ovulation, menstrual problems, unhealthy uterus, and other infertility problems. Female infertility treatment recommended by our experts are as per the problem faced by the couple to conceive, the treatments preferred are- ICSI, IMSI, egg donation, ZIFT, GIFT, IVF, and medical therapy.  

The Closing Lines –

Serving satisfactorily, Select IVF India has been the best choice by thousands of couples looking for the best fertility treatment at the best fertility centre. We provide a free consultation to the patient and family. In a consultation programme, we arrange the appointment of intending patient with our counsellor who will make you clear about the treatment programme and financial facilities offered by us. Please don’t feel any hesitation in visiting our centre at free of cost.

If you have still any query related to the infertility treatment, Infertility Treatment Cost in Delhi, contact our support team! We would be glad to assist you with the best solution!

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