good AMH level for IVF

What is a good AMH level for IVF?

What is AMH level?

AMH (Anti-mullerian Hormone) is produced by the granusola cells of ovarian follicles and a good AMH level indicates that you have enough eggs for helping you become pregnant. It is also highly useful in determining whether you will be able to get successive results in your IVF treatment. High AMH levels are useful in IVF because the high levels mean the production of sufficient follicles for the process of IVF treatment. It also means that the patient will have a good response to fertility medication.

However, a low AMH level does not always mean that it is the sole reason behind failure in IVF as there are other various factors that contribute to the negative outcome. For women with low AMH levels, there is an option for using donor eggs in the IVF treatment because they cannot use their own eggs due to the poor ovarian reserve. But it is possible to get pregnant even with low AMH levels as there have been various instances where women have conceived despite the low AMH level. The number of eggs in ovaries tends to decrease with the increase in her age; therefore, the AMH test is essential to know the availability of eggs for IVF treatment, especially for women over the age of 35 or 40.

Select IVF India offers the IVF treatment under the auspices of the best fertility experts possessing a great deal of experience in producing progressive outcomes in the IVF treatment. They make certain that the patient gets the best fertility treatment without incurring heavy expenses. Our fertility experts cautiously examine the patient’s condition and monitor their AMH levels in order to identify whether IVF treatment will be a suitable option for them. We also have the highest success rates for IVF that’s patients from around the world receive treatment at our network fertility hospital.

What is a good AMH level?

An AMH level test only helps in finding out the number of eggs and not their quality. When a woman she already has all the eggs that she will ever need in life, which also means AMH level is the highest at that time and it is not going to increase for sure but only decrease in the future. A good AMH level for IVF can vary woman to woman but there is a range that is common for all the women and having your AMH in it means you have enough ovarian reserve required for the occurrence of a pregnancy.

The highest AMH levels

The best range for the AMH level is between 40.04 to 66.80, at this level your chances of having success in the IVF are the highest as it indicates a high level of fertility and also, your ovaries will be able to better respond to the IVF medication. However, a high AMH level sometimes means that you have PCOS but there is nothing to worry about as the high level also indicates the availability of eggs in abundance for fertility treatment. You may also be suspected to get OHSS as the heavy medication is used in the treatment.

Medium AMH levels

After this, a somewhat good AMH level for IVF ranges between 22.90 to 48.50 where there will be fair chances of success in IVF but there might be some intricacies if the patient has other underlying infertility conditions. There is no need to worry as you will be able to conceive with this much ovarian reserve. So you can try IVF if your AMH falls under this range.

A low AMH level

Any range lower than the aforementioned ranges will be considered as a low range and conception for these people with IVF will be hard. But it is not impossible provided the other factors influencing success in IVF are perfect. The chances of achieving pregnancy with IVF for women with AMH levels 2.10 or lower than that will be negligible as there are almost no eggs for effectuating fertilization.

However, our fertility experts at Select IVF India can make pregnancy achievable even at a low AMH level as they have significant expertise in performing the best cases of IVF and solving even the most complicated infertility cases and helping the couple in their quest to parenthood. Also, our team at the hospital will be there for 24*7 assistance and will keep you informed as to the different procedures in the treatment. We provide a satisfactory treatment experience to the patient at the lowest cost possible and make sure that they get the positive outcomes in their fertility treatment.

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