How Long is The IVF Process Start to Finish

IVF is the process through which a female should be able to conceive through the use of artificial insemination that may be helpful in the occurrence of the pregnancy that in the case does not happen with the natural reproductive process.

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF procedure is the procedure through which the couple may enter into the journey towards parenthood by the usage of artificial technique in which the fertilization should take place outside the female’s body.

In such a process, the eggs and sperms should be combined in the laboratory dish and then the fertilization should take place and the whole process should be monitored by the experts. Once the fertilization should be over, then the embryos should be formed and after the formation of the embryos within 2 to 4 days when the embryos reached at the blastocyst stage and embryos should become matured enough to be transferred then the embryos should be implanted in the female’s uterus for the formation of the baby in the female’s womb.

Also, the IVF process has the steps involved in itself. Let us discuss the IVF process start to finish which are the following: –

Step 1: – Starting  from the  beginning day of the regular period

IVF treatment may start with the first day of the regular IVF cycle that the medications and the treatment relative process should be starting from day 1 for the female partner of the couple.

Step 2: – Stimulation of the ovaries stage

The stimulation of the ovaries may start with the day 1 of the regular period cycle of the menstruation process, where during the natural process of the cycle a woman may ovulate a single egg but with the help of fertility medications, a woman should produce more and more eggs and the medications process will take about 10 to 15 days for the completion of the process relative to IVF treatment.

Step 3: – Egg Retrieval Process

Egg retrieval or eggs picking up process will be the next step towards IVF treatment that may accuse the treatment to be in most customized form that egg should be hidden inside a fluid like substance that the eggs should not be seen by the normal person who is not from medical background as eggs are not to be seen with the naked eyes but the experts should remove the fluid and use the eggs for further procedure of fertilization. For the egg retrieval process, the fertility experts should use the thin needle to be inserted inside the ovaries of the female through which the eggs should be extracted out of the female’s body. And also, the eggs which should be extracted must be about 8 to 10 in number.

Step 4: – The sperms extraction process

The sperms should be extracted in case of the donor’s sperms to be used but in case the male partner’s own sperms are used then the sperms should be given to the lab assistant on the same day when the egg retrieval process occurred and also the sperms should be getting ready by the lab assistant for further fertilization process to be completed.

Step 5: – Fertilization Process

The process of fertilization is the another step in the IVF procedure and treatment where the eggs and sperms are combined in the laboratory dish and the fertilization process takes place just like the fertilization outside the body as to be same like the reproduction to be takes place inside the female’s body when the female’s eggs and male’s sperms are mixed together inside the female’s body and the baby should be formed naturally just like in artificial insemination the fertilization should take place within the laboratory dish with the use of combination of both the eggs and the sperms as a component and the embryo should be thus formed with the usage of the same and fertilization process should be completed.

Step 6: – Embryo Development and Implantation

Embryo growth and development should be done in order to get the embryos to be monitored by the specialist and then the embryos should be under observation for about 5 days maximum and then transferred in the female’s uterus for getting the successful results of positive pregnancy results.

Step 7: – Pregnancy testing

The final stage is to test the pregnancy if the results are positive IVF treatment should be successful and vice versa.

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