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January 11, 2023

Egg Donor Cost in Hyderabad 2023 – Let’s gather all the information about Egg Donor in Hyderabad

IVF is no doubt high-priced fertility treatment with global success rates around 40-55%, it sometimes become difficult to take decision. If we analyze the cost of IVF in India and US, then we will get to know that India is the one country that comes up with the most affordable package of IVF treatment. True! Bringing forward all the benefits, advance amenities, ultra-modern equipments and a high success rate, India has reached the level of top most country to give best IVF treatment world-wide. Talking about the foremost places of India for best and reasonable IVF, we are here at the capital of southern India’s Telangana state- Hyderabad. Yes! Hyderabad is one of the best options to get your IVF accomplished. Many couples travel thousands of miles especially to get their IVF done from here. Select IVF India is that platform where infertility is best fixed by the fertility veterans providing all the comfort during the medication. IVF treatment Hyderabad is the effective fertility treatment that ensures a positive outcome for any of the infertility case. You must be wondering HOW? IVF is the one and end solution of ART technique, which depending on the case of couple’s infertility, is applied in a different way. And now we are discussing about one amongst several options from ART technique, i.e. IVF with Donor Egg.

What is Egg Donor in Hyderabad?

Egg Donor is one of the productive methods of ART technique, where a woman donates her own eggs to fulfill the step of infertile couple’s fertilization (during IVF). This is the method which is always used during IVF step.

Donor Eggs can be chosen from two sources

  • It can be someone from your own family, your relative or known one.
  • It can be Professional donor (provided by fertility centre/ agency).
If a couple is using their own donor for IVF, then there are some tests, which a donor has to undergo with. If she passes all the tests successfully then she can donate her eggs for fertilization procedure. If a couple chooses fertility centre for their IVF with Donor egg treatment, then the centre gives perfect and fit eggs (donated by the donor).

Selection Criteria of Egg Donor in Hyderabad

There are several criteria to choose a healthy and fit Egg Donor in Hyderabad by the fertility centre or an agency-; some of the important points are mentioned below –
  • The candidate must be in between the age group of 21-39
  • Decent education background
  • Pleasant personality
  • There should not be any kind of family history of genetic issue
  • Free from any severe disease (heart issue, depression, BP etc.)
  • Physical and emotional healthy
  • Have regular and timely cycles (menstruation)
  • Non nicotine user, Non drug and non-smoker user
  • Most important- must have willingness to help others

Affordable Cost of Egg Donor in Hyderabad

Comparing with other places, the ratio of donating eggs in Hyderabad is increasing day by day; this is mainly because of the affordable Egg Donor Cost in Hyderabad and the best service provided by Select IVF fertility team. Egg Donor Hyderabad is that option, which has turned out to be the most successful fertility treatment to attain pregnancy. What you need to know is the exact Egg Donor Cost Hyderabad; there are several centres that comes up with as less as 50,000 INR and as high as 2, 50,000 INR but the couple should know what actually Egg Donor Cost in Hyderabad.

The Egg Donor Cost Hyderabad is INR 1, 25,000;

  • Donor’s stimulation
  • Care and personalized attention
  • Fertility medication and hormonal injections
  • Ultrasounds
  • Blood work
  • Retrieval of the eggs
  • Post care
Now you must be thinking what would be the Cost of donor egg with IVF treatment, so let’s clear this point as well. Charges of IVF with donor egg in Hyderabad is INR 2, 75,000; in this package a couple will get –
  • Couple’s consultation with senior specialist
  • The entire costing of Donor egg
  • Preparing the endometrial lining (recipient’s) for implantation
  • Fertilization
  • Transferring of the embryo
  • Fertility lab charges

Is Donor Egg IVF suitable for you?

100% Yes! Once your experts recommend you to go for donor egg IVF, you really can go ahead without thinking much. Couples, who already have failure IVF due to the poor quality of the eggs, settle for Donor Egg Hyderabad.  Egg Donor is the ultimate and matchless option especially when a female is unable to lay healthy eggs for healthy fertilization. Women, who are above 35 and do not produce healthy eggs, for them also donor egg IVF is the efficacious treatment to get pregnant. This is recommended for the recipient to take folic acid for at least 3-4 month before embryo transfer happening. Stick on healthy diet, nutritious food, increase the consumption of vitamins and minerals. Don’t let yourself in a negative environment, be positive and maintain to do regular exercise (as per the instruction of your doctor). Read Also:
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    • Sony

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    • Dr. Shweta Sharma

      Hey Sara, thank you for reaching to us! We understand your concern, if you are looking for a fine fettle egg donor we assure you that you will get the best donor (having no family history of any serious illness) to have a child at our IVF clinic. No worries, the charge of donor egg procedure is reasonable. To know the exact cost of egg donor, you can directly contact our support team! We would be pleased to help you further!

      You can call us anytime +91- 9899293903. Our Email is [email protected]

      Thanks for giving your valuable time!

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