How Much Does ICSI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon 2023?

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ICSI is short for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and is a specialized version of IVF treatment that elevates the chances of sperm penetrating and fertilizes the egg and ultimately, the chances with which an infertile couple experiences in having a child with the help of an advanced ART method.

This whole procedure is the same as IVF and the method deviates only on the part where sperms are to be obtained for fertilization. ICSI treatment involves using a special method for sperm selection which increases the chances of conception to a considerable extent. The sperm cell is directly injected into the centre (cytoplasm) of the mature egg. This way chances of failed fertilization are reduced to a minimum as the sperm is definitely going to fertilize the egg.

It is a treatment that the couple is advised to undergo when the couple has a fertility problem that is too severe to be tracked by the simple process of IVF or they already have undergone IVF two or three times but did not receive the results as expected. It is also a recommended treatment when the father has major issues in the effective production of sperms or have condition such as azoospermia where almost no sperms are found in his seminal fluid.

ICSI is an enhanced form of IVF, which also enhances the cost of ICSI treatment in Gurgaon as compared to the cost of conventional cost of IVF. Don’t take the stress of expensive ICSI if you are in dire need of this treatment because Select IVF India is there to ease down your high price concerns. We are a reputed medical tourism company in India that has link-ups with the best clinics in India and we also provide treatment to the patients worldwide as they choose to visit our clinics in India instead of undergoing IVF in their country, which is very expensive.

The process of ICSI at a reasonable ICSI treatment cost in Gurgaon

The method of executing ICSI is the same as IVF as the treatment is performed as a part of IVF and is generally referred to as IVF ICSI.

Before commencing the treatment, the mother has to take fertility medication and hormonal injections to trigger the production of eggs in her ovaries (same as done in IVF). Concurrently with the medication process, her ovaries are monitored to see if the method is conducted according to the expectations. When the eggs seem developed enough to be taken out, they are pulled out from the ovaries with the help of a procedure called egg retrieval.

For the process of semen collection via ICSI, the sperms are poured in a culture dish, and then, a single sperm is selected based on its ability to bond with a chemical substance. The sperm that best matches according to the test, is taken to the next step where it is be used in the treatment. The doctor picks the single sperm cell and injects it directly into the cytoplasm of the egg. This way the insertion of the sperm into the egg is made certain and so are the chances of success in the treatment.

ICSI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon 2023
ICSI Treatment Cost in Gurgaon 2023

Once the procedure is complete, the mother is sent home and is invited again to visit the clinic for a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test is done after about 14 days and pregnancy is confirmed via taking blood tests. The chances of a healthy pregnancy are higher when a patient chooses IVF with ICSI at a low ICSI cost in Gurgaon.

What affects ICSI treatment cost in Gurgaon?

There are various facts that result in increased, decreased, or marginal cost of ICSI treatment in Gurgaon. Some of which is the location of the fertility hospital you pick for your ICSI treatment, the cost offered, and the flexibility of the ICSI  treatment package offered by the fertility hospital, their success rates, customer reviews, and many more things.

The environment of the hospital and how the people at the hospital behave with their patients also matters. Taking the help of fertility treatment, especially an advanced treatment such as ICSI is a big decision, therefore, you are required to do all the needful steps to make sure your money is in safe hands and you get the desired results in your ICSI treatment in Gurgaon.

Your way to find the best cost of ICSI treatment in Gurgaon

To solve all of your concerns regarding the ICSI cost in Gurgaon, we are here to help you. The fertility clinics connected with our medical tourism company-Select IVF India, have the fertility specialists with over thirty years of experience and who are incredibly good at their work.

The cost of ICSI treatment in Gurgaon ranges between INR 1,80,000 to INR 2,00,000. We make customized treatment packaged that fit to the requirements of the patients. Our price is the best that can get for ICSI along with the services of best fertility experts in India. We work in collaboration with the best fertility hospitals that have conducted various successful fertility treatment and serves the highest success rates for different fertility treatment in India.

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