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January 6, 2023

Looking For Surrogate Mother In Kolkata 2023

Surrogate Mother Kolkata – Godsend female whose main aim is to bring smile on sterile couples

Experiencing repeated miscarriages, issue in pregnancy, ovulation disorder, decreased low sperm count, less motility of sperms; these are some symptoms which reflects that the couple (male/female) is incapable to conceive or unable to have a tag of parent in their life. There are various and effective ART technique to eliminate infertility disorder. As we all know that there is certain risk to get 100% success outcome from any treatment, this uncertainty goes with fertility treatments as well. Yes! When all the fertility treatments have kneeled down, then Surrogacy is the final and most productive treatment to elucidate infertility disorder. Surrogacy Kolkata provides incomparable and matchless treatment of surrogacy procedure. Surrogate mother Kolkata plays significant role in surrogacy step. Without a surrogate, surrogacy can’t be fulfilled.

Is choosing a surrogate mother Kolkata a troublesome procedure?

Not at all, the selection criteria of a Surrogate Mother in Kolkata is a simple and straightforward process. Few screening tests are there under which a surrogate has to go. Let’s gain knowledge about, who can go for surrogate mother and what is the Eligibility criteria of Surrogate Mother in Kolkata.

Who can opt for Surrogate Mother Kolkata

  • Women who have been experiencing recurrent miscarriages
  • Danger in giving birth either to the baby or to the mother
  • Women who are performing proper ovulation cycle but unable to hold embryo in her womb
  • Uterus is removed ( by a surgery- Hysterectomy)
  • Medical issue with uterus
  • Women who are suffering from severe disease such as heart problem etc
  • A gay couple

Desirable candidate to choose a surrogate Mother Kolkata

  • A surrogate must be in the age limit of 21 to 40.
  • Surrogate should have a pleasant and soothing personality
  • She must have given birth to at least one child
  • She must be physically and mentally fit to bear a child
  • If any miscarriage is found in her previous pregnancy, then she will be not accepted as a surrogate
  • Strictly away from any bad addiction
  • Must have proper knowledge how to carry healthy pregnancy
  • Supportive family member
  • Not suffering from any kind of severe disease
  • Must have signed a contract / agreement of surrogacy procedure
Surrogate Mother Kolkata have conjointly created parentage a choice for those couples that won’t be able to adopt a toddler, maybe because of their age or legal status. If gay men arrange to use a traditional surrogate, one among them uses his sperms to fertilize the surrogate’s egg through AI (artificial insemination), the surrogate then carries the baby and provides birth. A gay couple may additionally opt for an egg donor, after fertilization that donated egg, the embryo is inserted into the surrogate to hold till birth.

Finding a Surrogate –Medium of your happiness 

There are several ways to find a surrogate, one of them is the intended couple may choose a surrogate from their relation, friends or any acquaintance. If the couple is selecting their own surrogate, the kit of surrogacy in Kolkata will become low; but the couple has to check everything about the surrogate whether she fulfils all the requirements to be a suitable candidate of a surrogate or not. Another way to find a suitable surrogate is the clinic where the couple has contacted for their surrogacy treatment. Select IVF is the fertility clinic that provides unbeatable surrogacy procedure in Kolkata. Surrogacy agency is also the other option.

Why to go for Surrogate Mother Kolkata

To be a surrogate mother Kolkata it requires a generous heart. There are numerous points and hurdles, which a surrogate has to cross with, like physical, emotional, and legal problems concerned, thus it is a procedure, which is quite tough from the perception of a surrogate who nine month carries the baby for another couple. Surrogate mother Kolkata is no doubt, experienced and are perfect candidate for successful surrogacy. The laws relating to surrogacy is totally different in each state, thus before going for surrogacy, each sterile couple must collect all the important info about this treatment. Surrogacy Kolkata gives the clear view of complete treatment and has crystal clear info about the package of surrogacy plus it provides a well-trained surrogate mother and that is why it’s success rate is 80-90%. Read Also:
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