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How Much Does Ovulation induction cost in Kolkata 2023

Suffering from irregular menstruation? Go for Ovulation Induction Cost Kolkata

Before going for Ovulation Induction cost Kolkata, let’s get into some detail about this procedure, what is ovulation induction Kolkata, when this treatment is productive to the female etc.

Ovulation Induction Kolkata is a treatment that increases the amount of eggs, which a female ovulates during a cycle. This is that medication, which is chosen by those females who aren’t able to become pregnant- due to their irregular, improper or absence of ovulation cycle. This treatment is usually most well-liked by those women who are within the condition of PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). PCOS is the case in women where numerous ovarian cysts develop, or the female faces unpredictable periods and missing menstruation cycle too and enormous amounts of male (androgen) hormones.

In regular cycle, a woman ovulates one egg in each month. It happens sometimes that a woman’s ovaries could sharply discharge two eggs in some random cycle, which might end in non-indistinguishable twins. During this ovulation induction Kolkata, the goal is to accomplish multiple eggs development from the follicles during a single cycle of ovulation. Ovulation stimulation is performed with orally medicines or injectable mediations, and is usually finished by AI technique (intrauterine insemination IUI).

Far reasonable package of Ovulation Induction Cost Kolkata

Medications, which are generally given in the process of ovulation induction Kolkata, are

  • Clomiphene Citrate(Clomid)
  • Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
  • Insulin-sensitizing agents
  • Aromatase inhibitors

Clomiphene citrate- This medication is beneficial when the female can’t make the grade of natural cycle of ovulation; this is the medication is given orally. This is the medication, which enhances the production of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone).

Follicle stimulating hormone- This is one of the stimulating hormones and stimulates follicles and in return these follicles develop the eggs. HCG is also used to trigger the ovulation once the follicles have produced.

Ovulation induction cost Kolkata is INR 1,50,000-2,00,000. This treatment is the course of maturing the hormones to stimulate the female’s ovaries to deliver multiple eggs and matured eggs for fertilization. Ovulation Induction Kolkata can be easily done with the treatment – IVF medication or also the couple can go for IUI treatment.

If the female suffers from the issue of PCOS syndrome then she may respond delicately to these medications, there is a risk of numerous follicles productions and thus results into several eggs or multiple pregnancies.

Process of Ovulation Induction Kolkata

The procedure of Ovulation Induction Kolkata is very calm and trouble-free; it does not cause any kind of stress and discomfort to the female patient. The medication begins from the 3rd or may be 4th day of the female menstruation cycle and it takes ten to fifteen days for the completion of the process. Medications, in term of daily injections have to take by the female patient.

Assessments are carried out by the Select IVF Doctors. Select IVF India is one of the heading onward fertility clinics that untwist any kind of infertility issue. Monitoring includes blood tests and vaginal ultrasounds. Blood hormonal level test is done to check the hormone level and ultrasounds are done to see the follicles.

The female patient has to visit regularly in the clinic for the check-ups and for ultrasounds to check the number of follicles growing.

When the follicles are enough matured and ripened, doctor gives another medication known as HCG, which in returns triggers the ovulation procedure. After this injection woman ovulated the eggs within 34 hours of it.

Doctor at this stage prefers to have IVF treatment or IUI treatment, whichever the couple consents for and if the couple wants to go for no treatments then within 24-34 hours of the trigger shot, doctor prefer to have sexual intercourse.

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