ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi 2020

What Does Cost of ICSI Treatment in Kolkata

Unparalleled method to solve male infertility by choosing ICSI treatment Kolkata

ICSI treatment Kolkata is generally recommended to those couples wherein male partner is unable to hack or release active and enough number of sperms in fertilization. ICSI treatment gives more favourable result than IVF treatment.

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When it comes to Infertility, a couple becomes confuse where to go, which treatment is suitable for them etc. For them, Select IVF is the appropriate solution of those sterile couples who are muddled and unable to decide the right and exact fertility clinic. ICSI treatment in Kolkata is the one and famous fertility treatment to get to the bottom of male infertility. Male Infertility in a short and precise definition can be said as the inability to have a tag of Father throughout the life. Infertility can’t be permanently removed but there are numerous fertility treatments to conceive. For male or for female sterility issue, various fertility courses of medications are available. One of the efficacious treatment to solve male infertility, we are talking about is ICSI treatment in Kolkata.

Who can go for ICSI treatment?

  • Males who have had vasectomy done
  • ICSI is used when IVF treatment is failed
  • Ejaculation disorder
  • Abnormal shape of sperms
  • If genetic disease need to be turn aside
  • Low sperm count or only few good quality of sperms
  • ICSI is the best option for those women whose eggs have thick outer-layer

ICSI treatment Kolkata – Uncomplicated and straightforward process

ICSI treatment Kolkata is a simple and trouble-free process and is widely famous for ICSI course of medication all over India. ICSI is accomplished by IVF procedure, without IVF, the entire process cannot be achieved. So, we can say that ICSI is fruitful for the male as well as for female infertility. During the process of ICSI, the first step is to give fertility medications in order to receive multiple eggs for successful fertilization. By ultrasounds and blood hormonal level test, eggs are screened by the fertility experts. Once, the eggs become mature enough, eggs are retrieved with the help of a hollow needle.

On the day of egg retrieval procedure, semen sample is also collected by the male partner. This semen sample is washed and a single sperm (most motile and active) is hand-picked by the specialists and is directly injected into the egg received during egg retrieval procedure.

Within 4-5 days of fertilization, fertilized egg (embryo) is transferred into the uterus of the female for implantation and successful pregnancy. 

Why prefer ICSI treatment Kolkata?

Agree that it is very much confusing to choose safe and trustworthy clinic for the treatment, worry not as there are various options to cross check for the right clinic such as the success rate, reviews, ratings, doctor experience etc. ICSI Treatment Clinic Kolkata is one of the best and leading clinics to elucidate the matter of sterility. ICSI treatment clinic Kolkata has resolved many of the sterile couple’s issue till now and their main goal is to deliver healthy and rosy-cheeked baby by the couple without any complication. Main building pillar of ICSI Treatment Clinic Kolkata is its Crackerjack and veteran doctors and the team of the clinic. Free online consultation guide is also available here 24*7.

What about the ICSI Treatment cost in Kolkata?

If we talk about ICSI treatment cost in Kolkata, we will get to know that Kolkata is offering ICSI course of medication in much more reasonable package and affordable cost. The cost of ICSI treatment in Kolkata is planned and designed in cost-effective manner in order to undergo treatment especially for those couple who were unable to go for the ICSI treatment just because it’s sky-scrapping package of course of medication.

ICSI treatment Cost in Kolkata is INR 2,10,000. It might be possible for some infertile couples that they can’t bear this kit, they can go for loan and easily opt for treatment. This package includes fertility medications, all the checkups, ultrasound, procedure of ICSI and if any other services during the treatment like pain relief medications etc. ICSI treatment in Kolkata has high success rate comparing with other fertility clinics and this is the main reason why outsiders plan for their infertility treatment in Kolkata.

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