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January 6, 2023

How much does an egg donor/donation cost in Kolkata 2023?

Egg Donation Cost Kolkata gives you all the facilities in marked down package

Donation means to donate or to give something to someone with all your consent. Same goes with Egg donation Kolkata. Egg donation procedure Kolkata is that procedure, where the donor donates her own eggs for the infertile couples. Infertility on the other hands could be of many types in female; it happens sometimes that once giving fertility medication some females ovulates properly and in some cases of female infertility despite taking fertility medications & drugs, she does not ovulated and even she does then she might not lay fine quality of the eggs. For In vitro technology, one should unleash healthy eggs for fertilization and sperms too.  So, it is mandatory that eggs and sperms should be of fine quality.

Why Egg Donation is done?

Egg Donation is generally preferred by those couples, wherein the female partner not able to unleash healthy eggs. Since you all know, to get effective result from IVF mode of fertilization, we need standard quality of eggs to form embryo. Egg Donation Kolkata makes possible for those females to conceive who do not lay fine fettle eggs.

Who can go for Egg Donation

  • Women who are not able to produce fine quality of eggs.
  • Females, who unleashes healthy eggs but carry any genetic disorder, can also go for egg donation.
  • Eggs that are originated from woman may lack in potential or the quantity of eggs made is also of low count to be effectively fertile by male sperms.
  • Women who are above 40 and want to conceive but due to her loosing the capacity of the eggs, she cannot use her own eggs for fertilization. For these females, egg donation Kolkata is the best method to become pregnant.

Egg Donation Cost Kolkata

Infertile couples go for Egg Donation Cost Kolkata for its attractive package and the best quality, which they serve to each patient.  Egg donation Kolkata is one of the best methods when the feminine partner cannot have her own biological child simply because she can’t hack the grade of superior quality of eggs, Egg donation cost Kolkata is INR 1,25,000 (for Indian). This charge includes the donor expense like giving fertility medication and drugs, regular checkups (wherein transvaginal ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests are included), egg retrieval method and her compensation too. Egg Donation cost Kolkata is famous all over India for its reasonable and best package. One of the specialities of egg donation Kolkata is that it gives most veteran fertility experts for the IVF treatment and rest of the steps. Egg Donation Kolkata is always carried with IVF treatment. The entire procedure of egg donation Kolkata is given below.

Procedure of Egg Donation

Egg donation Kolkata procedure comes in ART technology. In the entire procedure of egg donation Kolkata, egg donor Kolkata plays an important role to achieve success. Without healthy and fine eggs, the step of fertilization not able to take place, thus we can say that the entire procedure of egg donation Kolkata is majorly depends upon egg donor. Select IVF India is one of the leading fertility clinics, which provides experienced and out of any fault egg donor. During the procedure of egg donation Kolkata, Select IVF fertility experts start giving medication to the female donor (which is chosen for the IVF method of fertilization) to supply multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval step. Once the eggs are matured enough, are retrieved with the help of hollow thin needle by the hands of fertility experts. Once the eggs are taken out from the donor, semen sample is collected from the male duo. Now eggs and sperms are kept on the culture dish for natural fertilization, where motile sperm penetrates with the eggs, resulting fusion. Once the fusion occurs successfully, fertilization happens. After 3-4 days of fertilization, embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the infertile female for implantation. This procedure hardly takes 35-45 minutes and once the embryo is placed, the female can go back her home on the same day. There is not complication that occurs throughout the journey of egg donation Kolkata. Read Also:
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