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January 10, 2023


Fertility treatment is not always about the option to go for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to have a child. If you are looking for the best treatment to conceive, there are many options that can work well considering the couple’s fertility issue and past history. There are several options for a couple that increase the chance of getting pregnant such as IUI with fertility medication, IVM treatment, natural IVF treatment, Mini IVF procedure, surgical procedure, ovulation induction, and so on. One of the safest and cost-effective way of proliferating the fertility level is to set a lifestyle goal and balanced diet.Yes, Lifestyle factor is one of the least intrusive options to IVF includes making way of life changes as opposed to going through the basic or even advanced fertility treatment. The fertility doctor may uphold you getting pregnant by finding and tending to any way of life factors that might be causing issues. Way of life factors are perhaps the biggest reason for the couple’s fertility problem or ovulation issues in women. Obesity – is also the reason why couple gets issue in having a baby by the natural way. Way of life adjustment and weight decrease may prompt the pregnancy.Remember that some way of life variables can mess the individual’s fertility level resultant facing hurdles attaining the natural conception. A proper eating routine, getting a lot of activity, staying away from drugs and liquor, stopping smoking, and maintaining a regular and healthy diet would all be able to help increment the couple’s odds of conception without medicines, for example, IVF.IVF is undeniably the most productive option to have own child; however one can find IVF an expensive option. There’s a reason on this statement too; IVF follows five major steps that have to be accomplished using the most advanced equipment at the best IVF centre along with it, IVF is completed under the guidance of senior fertility expert to get a decent success rate. But why to stick on particular IVF treatment when there are other option for a couple for the conception.Mentioned below are some of the treatments that can be considered when the couple is seeking for the alternative to IVF treatment 
  • Ovulation Induction
  • IUI Treatment with the medication
  • IVM treatment
  • Surgical Procedure
  • Natural IVF treatment
  • Mini IVF cycle
  • Ultra Mini IVF treatment
Alternative to IVF Treatment In India

Alternative to IVF Treatment In India


If you are struggling to have a baby following the natural way of the pregnancy (doing regular and unprotected intercourse), then there are some best and pocket-friendly treatments available at the top ART centre, a couple should consider before planning for the IVF treatment.NOTE – If you have been undergone any of the treatment given below with no success result, and have been recommended for the IVF treatment by the best fertility expert, then by collecting all the significant information, go ahead and plan accordingly.Let’s read some of the best alternatives to the IVF treatment –


Natural IVF treatment is one of the best alternative to IVF treatment, and doesn’t utilize medicine to invigorate the woman’s ovary. This procedure is pocket-friendly because of not much requirement of the medication throughout the procedure. Rather than enhancing a lady’s ovary, the normal cycle screens, then aspires the egg (the woman develops normally)with the help of fertility expert. The absence of the fertility medication and hormonal injections (that takes place during the conventional IVF) makes this procedure more agreeable as there are no side-effects and risks. Also, the embryo transfer has best possibility to implant successfully as the uterine coating is undisturbed by any of the medication. The natural IVF cycles are ideal for those women who wish to maintain a strategic distance from the fertility medication and drug or who doesn’t want to go for the fertility medication.


Mini IVF is recommended for those couple who doesn’t want to go for IVF method (along with regular medication for 10-13 days) and is the best alternative to IVF treatment. This treatment is performed using less dose of the fertility medication than the standard IVF procedure to animate the ovaries of the woman to create multiple eggs. Instead of a regular methodology that is centered on amount, the objective of a negligible incitement convention is to deliver few excellent eggs. To achieve this oral prescription is recommended. Also, somewhere in the range of one and three inject able drugs are given to the woman during this cycle. This is generously not exactly the 20 to 60 infusions required with ordinary IVF. During this cycle, somewhere in the range of two and five eggs are picked up that are of high quality and best for the fertilization with the partner’s sperm to create embryo.

Ultra Mini IVF

The ultra mini IVF than usual IVF convention adopts the insignificant incitement strategy above and beyond. With this cycle of ultra-mini IVF, there are no inject able fertility meds utilized. The incitement expected to deliver multiple eggs is done exclusively using oral drug. This further diminishes the symptoms experienced during the cycle and wipes out the torment and inconvenience related with infusions.


In Vitro Maturation (IVM)is the alternative to IVF treatment, where IVF charges are high in comparison to IVM charges. As the biggest difference between IVF and IVM is regarding the maturity of the eggs as in the treatment regarding IVF, eggs are extracted out only when the eggs get matured whereas, in the treatment relative to IVM, eggs are extracted from the ovary in the immature form where eggs are not grown well and in order to mature the eggs experts put the eggs in the laboratory dish and then mature the eggs under special atmosphere for about 48 hours.The extracted eggs are then used for maturity and then ready the eggs for further fertilization process with the mixing of the eggs with sperms in a laboratory dish and then the fertilized eggs and sperms are forming the embryos and then the embryos are used for the implantation in the female’s uterus where the baby is to be formed once the pregnancy is announced positive. As both the treatments have following the same procedure once the eggs are matured and also the risks involved in both the treatment procedures should be the same whether the process is of IVF or IVM.
Alternative to IVF Treatment In India

Alternative to IVF Treatment In India


Ovulation Induction is the another alternative treatment to IVF which is the most probable but less invasive form of fertility treatment as the fertility treatment experts can accuse the treatment of less invasion as the treatment may accuse the best results before going towards IVF treatment the treatment for the ovulation induction treatment should accelerate the best results and sometimes the patient should conceive only with the treatment alternative to IVF treatment that is through the treatment of ovulation induction where there are best resultant obtained therewith and also there must be cases where the treatment should recommend the best resultant in only the single attempt of the this treatment.In case the ovulation period for the female patient is not regular or may not ovulate at all then in such cases the fertility experts should recommend such kind of treatments for better future and also in order to access the  better future with a blessed child for the couple so as to get the desired treatment assertion in order to get the best treatment with all the facilitation’s required and obtaining the resultant scenario in the very first attempt should be possessed there with the treatment relative to fertility for the best ovulation induction and with the results  of the treatment in making the female pregnant. Ovulation induction is the best alternative to IVF treatment for those infertile woman who have been facing with ovulation issues and irregular menstruation and unable to conceive due to this.


IUI is a less costly method as in comparison to the IVF treatment and is usually recommended for those couples, who have basic fertility issues. IUI treatment is much way less expensive treatment than other procedures accused with the pregnancy of the female and remove infertility up to the maximum extent that access the better scenario for succeeding of the treatment for infertility. IUI works well if the female has cervical mucus issues or the male experiences with painful intercourse or have some basic infertility problem. This could be the alternative to IVF treatment only if the woman or man has minor fertility issues and is under the age of 32-35.The treatment for IUI may somehow use for the treatment of infertility in the form of artificial insemination where the sperms of the male partner in the couple is placed inside the uterus of the female partner in the couple in order to get the best results in the form of pregnancy where the male partner’s sperms is directly ejaculated from the testis of the male partner by using the fine quality thin needle for the same process to be completed so to get the better results in the form of pregnancy to be achieved further and must be soon too.


Surgery is another alternative to IVF treatment in case of the treatment for infertility removal as the female patient may sometimes face the infertility due to the factors relative to blocked tubes, fibroids present in the inner lining of the uterus or in the ovaries should be removed with the help of the surgery which is an alternative to IVF treatment in order to remove the issues relative to infertility. In the case of the endometriosis also surgery is the only option to convert infertility.In case the male reproductive organ is facing the issues relative to infertility than in such particular case also sometimes the experts should recommend the options relative to surgery for the removal of the issues relative to infertility that may impact the fertility of the male and after the surgery may be the infertility is removed and converts infertility and helps the male in making the female pregnant during the unprotected intercourse.As there must be some cases for unexplained infertility present in both the male and in the female too and sometimes in order to remove such kind of cases relative to infertility surgical treatments should be recommended by the couple’s infertility experts.


IVF follows four to five steps and considered as one of the best fertility treatment to solve the infertility problem in the couples. IVF treatment can also be combined with other advanced ART treatment to have a high success rate in the matter of the conception (as per the requirement of the couple’s fertility issues). Let’s read some of the important points when IVF should is selected or when IVF is recommended by the fertility expert –
  • In case if all the above-recommended treatments failed and are not able to be recommended further by the experts as already be done for more than 2 attempts for the same treatments and despite that the outcome is negative.
  • If the fertility experts recommend the couple to opt for IVF as another alternative to IVF treatment is not so supportive to obtain a positive outcome.
  • In case the female partner has the age above 45 years and the male partner to is not able to produce quality sperms then in such a case IVF treatment should be suggested by the experts to the couple who are facing infertility issues.
  • In case the couple is suffering from some genetic disorders and not able to pass the same to their child then in the particular case too IVF should be recommended by their fertility experts.


Select IVF India is the leading fertility platform serving all the – basic and advanced treatment to the couples across the globe (India, Georgia, Russia, Kenya, and so on). We provide the best consultation with our senior fertility expert that has more than thirty-five years of experience resolving the matter of infertility. On the basis of the couple’s fertility report, the treatment is planned accordingly and implemented.If you are looking for the best fertility treatment and looking for the best alternative to IVF treatment, you may reach to our support team for further query!Also Read This
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