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January 11, 2023

When can you hear a baby’s heartbeat after IVF?

IVF treatment for having a baby

IVF is the treatment performed for infertility in which the eggs are retrieved from the woman’s ovaries and are fused with the man’s sperms in the lab. It is by far one of the most extensively performed treatments and is commonly known as the test-tube baby treatment.

The IVF pregnancy is no different from a natural pregnancy and the main difference is the method by which pregnancy is achieved. In the process of IVF treatment, pregnancy is made attainable outside the woman’s body, and this way it encourages the chances of pregnancy taking place since it eliminates the various steps that were impeding the pregnancy before.

The various reasons that the couple has to take the help of IVF treatment are the low-motility sperms in men, inadequate repository of eggs in women, and other reproductive health issues that make pregnancy an achievable task for them naturally. For a couple with less severe infertility issues simple treatments such as fertility medicines and artificial insemination is recommended.

If you are pondering over taking the assistance of IVF or are undergoing IVF, then you must be wondering when can you hear a baby’s heartbeat after IVF. While we cannot give you the exact date and time for this, but we can give you the probable estimate. Hearing the heartbeat of the child is important since it is a clear indication that the pregnancy is happening and is going to be turned into a live birth.

The fertility doctors of our medical tourism agency- Select IVF India have a lot of experience in finding the exact cause of infertility in the patient and perform the most appropriate course of IVF treatment. Our fertility experts and the various other team members at the fertility centre make sure that our patients get the best treatment experience and return home with a baby in their arms.

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time

The time it takes from the completion of IVF to hear the heartbeat of the baby for the first time is the fourth week, into the fourth week of IVF pregnancy is the time when you should go the fertility centre and get an ultrasound where you can catch the beautiful sound of your baby’s heartbeat. There is nothing more miraculous than the sound of your baby’s IVF, especially when the child is conceived to the technical process of IVF.

Listening to the heartbeat fills the parents with joy as they get clearance on any doubts related to the success in their IVF treatment. Therefore, it is important that get the ultrasound in the fourth or fifth week to get the assurance that you are going to give birth to a live baby. In some cases, it may take about six weeks for the couple to first hear the heartbeat of their child. Since you want to know the probable time when you can hear a baby’s heartbeat after IVF, then consult with our fertility specialist as they can advise you the best regarding this.

IVF is a process that includes combining the sperms with the eggs in a lab to give rise to fertilization. The technicality of the process makes the couples doubtful about its success and they often wonder while they will get the positive outcomes in their treatment. Though it is true that many couple do not get the desired results with IVF, usually the first time because it is a complicated process and sometimes the severity of the patient’s infertility does not allow them to get the results.

That does not mean that you should become entirely hopeless regarding the IVF as keeping a positive mindset and great emotional resilience also matters when it comes to success in the IVF treatment. IVF is a treatment that involves a number of stages such as the use of fertility medicines to trigger the ovulation cycle of the woman, the process of egg retrieval, semen collection, mixing sperms with the eggs, the formation of the embryo, embryo transfer, pregnancy test, etc. With so many stages, failure in any of the stages can lead to failure in IVF. Therefore, the couple has to be ready for whatever they might encounter during the course of their IVF and should have an emotional ability to tackle the difficult conditions.

Select IVF India is a well-established medical tourism company in India serving the infertile couples over fifteen years and has fertility experts that give the best IVF treatment at a reasonable price range. Our team at the network hospital ensures a supreme-quality IVF treatment experience to the patients and is always there to assist in your difficult times during your fertility treatment. Our high-quality services and low prices are the reasons that impel international patients to go for India for their fertility tourism.

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