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How Much Does Tubal Ligation Reversal Cost Kolkata 2023

Undergo Tubal Ligation reversal surgery Kolkata in fair-minded cost

Tubal ligation reversal Kolkata is just opposite of the procedure of tubal ligation surgery. During tubal ligation surgery, female’s fallopian tubes are blocked, sealed or cut so that the eggs do not travel from fallopian tube to the ovaries and doing so the female looses the capacity to give birth. Tubal ligation reversal Kolkata is the surgery, where these blocked segment or part of the tubes is rejoined with the remainder of the tube, thus this surgery helps in restoring female’s fertility again. Select IVF India provides this surgery in much more affordable cost. Tubal ligation reversal cost Kolkata by Select IVF fertility clinic gives this treatment in sensible price providing the best surgeons and fertility related experts.

Select IVF India is one of the leading ART specialist fertility clinics, where each and every fertility treatments and surgeries related to infertility problem is performed in a very calm and decent manner.

Tubal Ligation Reversal cost Kolkata and its success rate

Tubal ligation reversal cost Kolkata success depends on numerous things. If you’ve enough portion of fine Fallopian tube then this surgery will definitely achieve success. Tubal ligation reversal Kolkata will have extra possibilities to get success if your ligation was originally done through with the help of clips or rings, instead of if segments of your fallopian tubes were burned to shut them off.

Fertility specialists say that those women who are below forty and had their tubes tied just after their delivery, are the foremost effective candidate for this surgery. Success rate of this surgery depends upon several facts, like – the age of the women, type of previous ligature had, fallopian tubes are healthy or not, etc.

Tubal ligation reversal cost Kolkata is INR 2,50,000. On the premise of the records, females who are below 37-38 have higher success rate of this methodology. Those patients, who have undergone this surgery, have to visit the clinic for the X-ray so that the fertility experts take a glance of the reversal surgery to get to know if there is positive outcome that the fallopian tubes are opened and traditional operating.

Tubal ligation reversal surgery Kolkata goes like

Tubal ligation reversal Kolkata is completed by the master hands surgeons who do have tight experience in department of fertility related surgeries.

The entire procedure is performed in an outpatient basis  (During outpatient surgery, the patient can simply go home after an hour or so once the surgery is completed). This surgery hardly takes 3-4 hours to accomplish. Throughout this reversal surgery, the doctor makes a minor incision in female patient abdomen region to visualize the internal organ of the female, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The doc then removes blocked segments of the fallopian tube and repairs that tube with little stitches.

Why Tubal ligation reversal Kolkata is done

A tubal ligation reversal Kolkata makes possible for the female to get pregnant once again. This surgery generally accepted and most profitable for those women who after even undergoing tubal ligation surgery wants to be a mother due to some personal cause. Your health care provider will take some under consideration factors to figure out if ligation reversal surgery visiting to win success or not, such as:

  • Age of the women and her body mass index
  • Infertility issue (if any)
  • Whether your fallopian tubes are healthy or not
  • Some other fertility factors
  • Quality of the egg (woman is producing)
  • Condition of female’s uterus
  • Length of the fallopian tube

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