Surrogacy Cost in chembur

What are the Surrogacy Cost in Chembur?

Becoming parents with low Surrogacy Cost in Chembur

Surrogacy is a widely performed fertility treatment in which the intended parents acquire the services of a woman called surrogate mother. The surrogate mother is selected after comprehensive screening so that the intended parents can get the best surrogate that matches their requirements. During the surrogacy treatment, the surrogate takes the duty to carry the child on behalf of the intended parents and hand over the baby to them in the end. Surrogacy treatment is done when the woman is not able to carry a healthy pregnancy or has had recurrent miscarriages.

The surrogacy treatment is a legal process in Chembur as the concerned parties undergo a legally binding contract where they affirm to perform their role in the treatment. The surrogate promises to relinquish any rights on the child once she hands it over to the intended parents. On the other hand, the intended parents take the responsibility of the child and thereafter, become the legal parents. Both of the parties have to face legal consequences upon the non-completion of their role and responsibility mentioned in the agreement.

At Select IVF India, we work in association with the best fertility and surrogacy doctors having substantive expertise in performing the most-effective surrogacy treatment in India. They make sure that the patients get the best quality treatment and receive the most coveted outcomes in their treatment. Our patients get to choose the best surrogate that best matches their needs and that too, at a reasonable surrogacy cost in Chembur. Our fertility specialists effectively evaluate the patient’s condition before performing the surrogacy treatment.

Factors affecting the total surrogacy charges in Chembur

All of the surrogacy treatment procedures are different as the patients will be recommended different tests and screenings processes. There are various factors influencing the cost of surrogacy in Chembur and our fertility specialists makes a comprehensive treatment plan for the patients, which is cost-effective and is made according to the specific requirements of the patients. Our fertility doctors use sophisticated equipments and technology for performing surrogacy treatment in India.

Below are some factors that majorly affect the surrogacy cost in Chembur.

  • The surrogate mother’s compensation can vary in accordance based on the different expenses to be incurred by her for the time period that she carries the baby of the intended parents such as the accommodation charges, food expenses, charges of the various check-ups and tests, and other expenses.
  • If the patients are undergoing IVF surrogacy, then the charges may differ according to the number of IVF cycles they undergo before finally having a successful IVF cycle. It seldom happens that the intended parents and the surrogate may have to undergo more than one IVF cycle for attaining success in their surrogacy treatment.
  • Apart from the main surrogacy treatment, the intended parents may have to undergo other medical testing and procedures because of their certain health condition; this may also impact the total surrogacy cost in Chembur.
  • If the intended parents do not have the fertile eggs or sperms, they have to take the assistance of a sperm donor or egg donor for the surrogacy treatment in Chembur, which will increase the cost of surrogacy in Chembur.
Surrogacy Cost in Chembur 2020
Surrogacy Cost in Chembur 2020

Supreme-quality surrogacy treatment at reasonable Surrogacy Cost in Chembur

Select IVF India offers the lowest cost of surrogacy in Chembur, which is why patients from all parts of the world choose India in order to get affordable surrogacy treatment. We have highly experienced fertility specialists and surrogacy doctors possessing over three decades of expertise in executing highly effective surrogacy procedures in India. We have a big database of healthy and fertile surrogates and our patients get to choose the surrogate that best matches their specific needs.

Our surrogates are chosen after comprehensive screening and have experience of giving birth at least to a one child. They have a healthy body weight and can effectively carry a pregnancy to term. Also, our medical tourism has the best hospitals and fertility clinics with world-class infrastructure. Our patients get the finest amenities and facilities at a reasonable cost. Our team at the concerned fertility centre ensures that the patients receive the best quality treatment and achieve success in their surrogacy treatment.

The cost of surrogacy in Chembur comes under the price bracket of INR 12,00,000 to INR 15,00,000 that involves the cost of all the procedure that take place during the surrogacy treatment in Chembur such as the cost of the fertility specialist, cost of the IVF treatment, surrogate mother’s compensation, various medical expenses, lab tests, legal services charges, etc. However, this is not the final cost and the cost may vary depending upon the various requirements of the patients. Our success rates for different types of fertility treatments are the highest in Chembur, which is the reason that compels the international patients to pick India for their surrogacy treatment.

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