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July 3, 2023

Which is The Best IVF Centre in Navi Mumbai 2023?

Affordable IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai

Infertility is the issue of reproductive health where a couple is unable to attain conception due to various reasons. It is a condition that deprives a couple of enjoying the journey of parenthood and they fail at conceiving even after repeated attempts of trying for about a year.  It can be caused due to various reasons such as the problems in the woman’s reproductive system, low sperm count in men, and other conditions that make conceiving impossible for a couple.

IVF is one of the assisted reproductive techniques for combating the issue of infertility. Assisted reproductive technology or ART techniques include a group of reproductive treatments performed to treat the problem of infertility. There are various types of assisted reproductive treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, Surrogacy, etc. Out of all the treatments, IVF is the most extensively performed fertility treatment whereby conception is achieved by fertilizing the eggs with the sperms in a laboratory setting. The treatment is done when a couple is not able to achieve the natural process of attaining pregnancy. IVF treatment forgoes the various steps included in the natural conception, for instance, the sperms have to travel through the fallopian tubes in order to reach and penetrate the eggs. In the case of blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, the woman can benefit from the IVF treatment as it does not involve the role of fallopian tubes as fertilization takes place outside her body.

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Why should you trust SELECT IVF for IVF in Navi Mumbai?

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At Select IVF India, we provide our patients with the finest quality IVF treatment within an affordable price range. We offer the services of our well-experienced fertility experts in all parts of India including Navi Mumbai. The fertility experts and IVF specialists working in collaboration with our medical tourism company in India effectively evaluate the condition of the patient and make sure that they get the best quality treatment without paying much. Our patients get to choose the best IVF centre in Navi Mumbai that best fits their requirements. Also, our success rates for IVF treatment are the highest, which is why international patients prefer India in order to receive cost-effective fertility treatment.

How is IVF performed in Navi Mumbai?

Before beginning the process of IVF treatment at the best IVF clinic in Navi Mumbai, the woman taking the treatment is prescribed fertility medication for triggering her ovaries so that they could produce more quantity of fertile eggs. The quality of eggs is extremely important as it is going to determine the chances of success in your fertility treatment. The condition of her eggs is evaluated with the help of ultrasounds and once the maturity of the eggs is made certain, they are retrieved with the assistance of a sharp needle from the ovarian follicle. The next step is to obtain the sperms, for which semen collection is done whereby the man or a sperm donor is invited into the fertility clinic to provide his semen sample.

The doctor thaws the received semen sample in order to find out and separate the high motility sperms from the low motility sperms. Afterward, the eggs and the sperm are fertilized in a laboratory petri dish for promoting fertilization. The fertilization leads to the formation of an embryo. The embryo is then placed inside the woman’s uterus in embryo transfer. In the end, some pregnancy tests are performed on the woman to confirm pregnancy. Pregnancy occurs after about two weeks of IVF treatment.

Best IVF Centre in Navi Mumbai
Best IVF Centre in Navi Mumbai

There are some more advanced treatments that are created to solve the next-level in infertility problem. The infertility problem that gets faced by many couples. Also, in some cases, it is an individual’s choice to have a baby. So they can move towards ART treatment. 

The  IVF clinic hospital in Mumbai provides some advanced infertility treatments too including ICSI, PGT, FET, PESA, etc. each treatment takes it own procedure and situations to get completed. 

ICSI is the treatment that gets done in cases where the quality of sperm is low. The sperm are not able to go inside the eggs. ICSI is about intracytoplasmic sperm injection, the experts inject selected good-quality sperm into eggs to complete the fertilization process. This procedure goes as same as it goes in the case of IVF treatment. The female patient gets prescribed medication mature the eggs. Further, the experts pick out good-quality of eggs from the female uterus. At the same time, the experts ask for fresh sperm and select good sperm. 

After all of these, the experts inject the sperm into the eggs and leave them until it gets changed into a blastocyst form of an embryo. At this time the expert shifts the embryo into the female uterus.

Select IVF India – The Best IVF Centre in Navi Mumbai

If you are thinking of undergoing IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai, then there is no better option than Select IVF India. We are a well-known medical tourism company in India providing the services of highly qualified fertility specialists with over three decades of experience in offering the best quality IVF treatment. Our patients experience receiving treatment at the world-class hospitals and get the best amenities at a reasonable cost. Our doctors make a customized plan according to the requirements of the patients and make sure that they get the best treatment experience. Our success rates for IVF treatment are the highest that forces international patients to choose India for their IVF treatment.

Our IVF specialists use state-of-the-art equipment for performing IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai and stay updated with the latest technological changes taking place in the domain of assisted reproductive technology treatments. Our team at the network hospitals provides extensive care and assistance to the patients and put all their efforts in making sure that the patients go home with a baby in their arms.

Average Cost of IVF in Navi Mumbai

IVF procedures in Navi Mumbai can range in price based on a number of variables. A single IVF cycle typically costs between INR 1 lakh and 1.5 lakh in Navi Mumbai. It is crucial to remember that additional elements, such as necessary diagnostic tests, drugs, and extra operations or services, might affect the price.

It is advised to speak with renowned fertility clinics or centres to acquire a precise idea of the typical cost of IVF in Navi Mumbai. They may offer thorough details on the precise cost breakdown and can modify a treatment plan in accordance with each patient’s requirements.

Remember that while cost is a crucial factor, it’s equally important to concentrate on the standard of treatment, the knowledge of the medical personnel, and the clinic’s success rates while making selections regarding your IVF journey.

Table of IVF Treatment Cost in Navi Mumbai 2023

IVF treatments Cost of IVF treatments 
Basic IVF treatment Rs. 80,000 to 2,50,000
IVF with ICSI Rs. 2,00,000 to 3,50,000
IVF with FET Rs. 1,50,000 to 3,00,000
IVF with PESA, TESA, and TESE Rs. 2,50,000 to 5,00,000
IVF with sperm donor programs Rs. 1,00,000 to 2,50,000
IVF with egg donation Rs. 1,80,000 to 2,50,000
IVF with embryo donation Rs. 3,50,000 to 5,50,000
IVF with surrogacy Rs. 3,50,000 to 5,50,000
IVF with PGS/PGDRs. 1,50,000 to 2,50,000

What is the Success rate IVF treatment provides?

Fertility Treatment Cost in Navi Mumbai
Fertility Treatment Cost in Navi Mumbai

The Success rate of IVF in Navi Mumbai is described below and all the different situations have been mentioned. The success rate depends on the ones as per the challenges they are facing. If it can be cured with the help of medication then the couples will get a high success rate. It is recommended that for better information regarding your infertility problem consult with your doctor who will tell you the success rate as per your complication. 

No.IVF treatmentsSuccess rates
a.        IVF with self-eggs50 to 60%
b.       IVF with self-sperm55 to 60%
c.        IVF with donor eggs70 to 75%
d.       IVF with donor sperm73 to 77%
e.       IVF with FET60 to 65%
f.         IVF with ICSI50 to 65%

Your Success rate with IVF in Navi Mumbai will still depend on several variables. Because some couples are older than others, this affects their odds. because producing healthy gametes becomes difficult as people age. Additionally, inadequate gametes during the IVF procedure can result in a failed IVF. So, for a successful outcome, you need healthy gametes. Instances include:

  1. Women who are 45 years or older have a 15–20% probability.
  2. Women who are 40 years or older have a 20–21% probability.
  3. Women who are 35 years or older have a 25–28% probability.
  4. Women who are 30 years or older have a 33–35% probability.
  5. Women who are 25 years or older have a 40–50% probability.

What should you consider when selecting the top IVF Clinic in Navi Mumbai?

Fertility Treatment Cost in Navi Mumbai
Fertility Treatment Cost in Navi Mumbai

We understand how difficult it becomes to select the best option for your infertility treatment but do not get tense as one of the best options is going to suggest to you where the patient collaborates with highly experienced and qualified doctors. The patient will find it comfortable as the staff will always stand by them away from all the quarries that come to their mind. We offer all types of infertility treatment so contact us today! To start, consider the following factors while selecting a location:

i. The patient-focused assistance of the centre

ii. Professionals with extensive education and experience

iii. Infrastructure that is well-built for maximum comfort and happiness

iv. The entire medical staff treats you with respect

v. Assists you throughout the entire process from the beginning

vi. Offers transparent fees and processes

You have the option of choosing IVF for all of these! So, reach out to us at +91- 9899293903 | Email ID: [email protected]

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    Select IVF is dedicated to giving patients the finest level of care and the greatest possibility of success. This is done by utilising a team of recognised fertility specialists, cutting-edge technology, and a patient-centered approach. In order to provide a compassionate and supportive atmosphere for you during your IVF journey, our centre strives to understand the mental and physical issues associated with infertility.

    At select IVF, we offer a wide variety of services, together with fertility critiques, assisted reproductive technology, and personalized remedy plans tailor-made in your unique needs. Our modern day facilities and modern strategies ensure that you get hold of the maximum advanced and effective fertility remedies available.

    You are putting your faith in a team that is committed to assisting you in realizing your goal of parenting by selecting Select IVF as the Best IVF Centre in Navi Mumbai. Join us on this transforming journey, and allow us to work with you to establish families and do miracles.

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