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How much does it cost to Sperm Freezing in Kolkata 2023?

Is Sperm Freezing Cost Kolkata is reasonable or costly?

What does sperm freezing mean? Sperm freezing Kolkata is the procedure of the semen collection, semen analyzing and then storing of the sperms for some times. This sperm sample can be later used for fertility medication or donating the sperm to that couple, wherein the male partner unable to unleash healthy and motile sperms for fertilization, same sex female partner also is benefitted by sperm freezing process. This procedure is also known as cryopreservation or sperm freezing.

There are four to five steps, which comes in the procedure of Sperm freezing Kolkata

  • The first step in Sperm freezing Kolkata involves the male- screening for the infection like HIV, Hepatitis etc.
  • Second is providing a semen sample
  • Once the sperm is received by Select IVF India fertility lab, it is analyzed to check the sperm motility and its quantity.
  • Then freezing of the sperms (those are capable and motile)
  • Sperm storage

How the sperms are collected and frozen?

The donor at first has to go through some blood tests, initial checkups like HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Male, who opt to provide a semen specimen at the lab will be provided a private room and sterile container too.

Male patient has either a choice to collect his sample at home or in the clinic as well but it is mandatory that he must use sterile lubricant (in order to not to cause any harm at the sample quality).

To get favourable result, it is commended to a male to abstain ejaculation for three to five days before providing his sample in the clinic. If the male has ejaculated recently just before giving his specimen then the sperm count may be low.

How many sperms will occur in semen- this thing depend upon the male factor fertility as well and the length of the time since you have done last ejaculation. Generally, semen sample from a single ejaculation may consist of 20 million to 200 million sperm.

Sample is collected in a sterile container, once Select IVF India fertility clinic experts collect this sample, then analyze this specimen to detect the pH level, viscosity, volume and counts. Then sperms are visualized under microscope to evaluate motility, sperm count, its morphology (how it looks like) and some other factors as well.

As soon as the sperm is analyzed, it is mixed with a protective solution and the temperature is reduced, approx 50-60% of the sperm will survive during this procedure that is Sperm Freezing Kolkata. The male donor, who is choosing this procedure, has to give initial cost of freezing charges of Sperm Freezing Cost Kolkata.

Marked down package of Sperm Freezing Cost Kolkata

Sperm Freezing Cost Kolkata is at least for six month and if the male wants to increase the timing of duration, then next six month cost will have to be paid by the male donor.

Sperm can be frozen for a long period; the standard storage is for at least 10 years. Sperm Freezing Cost Kolkata is INR 25,000.

If the male donor wants to continue this freezing ahead after six month, then she has to renew the scheme of Sperm Freezing Cost Kolkata.

Sperm Freezing Cost Kolkata is undoubtedly reasonable and easy to pay by each male donor (who is planning to thaw his sperms for some reason). Package of Sperm cost Kolkata is not that heavy to pay; it is easy to handle and light in budget as well, so whoever outlining the plan for undergoing Sperm freezing Kolkata, can easily make their mind.

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