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January 9, 2023

PICSI cost Mumbai 2023- Far Reasonable Cost of PICSI Treatment in Mumbai

If facing with low embryo quality, PICSI Mumbai is the ultimate solution-

In India, there are incalculable couples who are tormented by sterility. Sterility or infertility could be present itself either to the male or to the feminine couple. Being Infertile is a world crunch, touching approx 18-20 million couples in India, out of them the magnitude relation of male sterility is 40-50%. Many treatments are developed by the fertility consultants to unravel the matter of male sterility. Out of many solutions, we’ll look the method of PICSI treatment in Mumbai and PICSI cost Mumbai. Treatments of male sterility are best medicated and treated in Select IVF.

 PICSI – an advance form of ICSI and IVF –

PICSI- PICSI is that the form of Physiological Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection. This is one amongst the unrivalled treatments to detect the difficulty of male sterility. It’s a procedure where mature sperm is chosen and injected into the egg of the feminine partner for higher results of fertilization. PICSI treatment in Mumbai is associate degree improved methodology of ICSI and a lot of progressive.

For whom PICSI is best applicable-

  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Couples with Poor embryo quality
  • Failures results of IVF and ICSI
  • High sperm fragmentation and reduced sperm motility.
  • Repeated implantation failure

PICSI Treatment cost Mumbai –

PICSI treatment cost Mumbai is very affordable and under budget of each sterile couple, PICSI is always carried with ICSI (where single sperm is injected into the egg retrieved from the female partner) treatment. PICSI cost Mumbai is INR 2 lakh (including the ovulation induction medications and the entire step of PICSI). This package includes each and every course of steps of PICSI, it happens in some clinic that they say just the separate cost of PICSI where sperm is selected and injected into the egg and keep the patient in dark about the entire cost of PICSI. Be aware of such clinics they may take hidden charge from the patient. Let’s get some details about how PICSI Mumbai works. PICSI Clinic Mumbai offers the cost of this treatment in comparatively lower price than other clinics.

Footprint of PICSI treatment –

  • Generally, fertility professional chooses the most effective sperm on the premise of the proper look of sperm for insemination applied with the employment of ICSI methodology, but in PICSI, there is an advance step to choose sperm to inject into the egg.
  • In PICSI, the professional uses natural substance ‘Hyaluronan’, Hyaluronan is a substance that surrounds the egg, and significantly contributes to the bond between the egg and so the sperm; Hyaluronan is found to be over the membrane that surrounds the egg. Entirely mature sperms are able to bond with hyaluronan, and thence performing higher fertilization and healthy embryo after fertilization with that sperm into the egg.
  • Using this substance into the dish, sperms that are matured enough get bind with this hyaluronic acid, Out of these matured sperms; single sperm is injected into the egg for insemination.
  • Once embryo is formed, is placed into the female’ uterus for successful implantation.
  • Sperms selected during this methodology, contain less genetic abnormalities, thence achieving higher fertilization and fine quality of embryo.

Is there any side-effect of PICSI treatment Mumbai?

Currently there is not any side-effects or any disadvantages after this treatment. Though the success of the treatment depend upon the linkage of the sperms to the oocytes and their quality and morphology still it does not guarantee direct affiliation between the sperm’s ability and its fertilization success. PICSI technique is a lot of fitting than ICSI because it provides systematically higher quality results than ICSI. It additionally separates deoxyribonucleic acid fragmented sperms from traditional sperms.

Benefits of PICSI

PICSI Mumbai is a way more refined manner of selecting the only sperms for fertilisation. Whereas sperms are selected for ICSI on the premise of their look, possibilities of fertilization is a smaller amount than the technique of PICSI. In PICSI, there’s a high possibility of obtaining fine quality of embryos as matured sperm is injected into the mature oocytes. Success rate of PICSI treatment Mumbai is 60-70% that’s more than ICSI and a few alternative fertility treatments. Hence, create selection on PICSI technique to possess your baby in a very fine condition and healthy. Read Also:
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