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January 6, 2023

My first cycle of IVF failed. What should I do next?

(My first cycle of IVF failed. What should I do next?): IVF is a process of becoming pregnant by artificial means where fertilization takes place in a laboratory with the aid of assisted reproductive technology. It is an intricate process in which the woman has to undergo a stressful and time-consuming treatment, which demands a lot of patience and emotional resilience from the side of the patient undergoing the treatment. And when the patient fails to achieve the desired results, they experience the overwhelming emotions of sadness, disappointment, and frustration. However, they have no option but to accept the failure and give themselves some time to get over the dreadful experience.

If you’re one of the women who have experienced failure in their first IVF cycle, sometimes it happens that the treatment may prove to be successful in the second or third attempt. That being said, IVF may not be successful even after several attempts as some causes cannot be corrected, but can be identified to make an improved attempt to increase the chances of IVF treatment resulting in pregnancy.

At Select IVF India, our IVF specialists make sure that you experience pregnancy in the IVF attempt by applying all their skills and expertise in successfully performing the IVF treatment. Even if you had a failed IVF attempt, our expert fertility doctors cautiously diagnose the possible cause for such failure and consequently, make an attempt to correct the problem to significantly increase the chances of your pregnancy in the next IVF cycle.

My first cycle of IVF failed
My first cycle of IVF failed

Possible causes of IVF cycle failure.

There are various factors that decide the probability of achieving success in an IVF treatment such as the age of woman as the woman produces less fertile eggs with the decline in her age, bad embryo quality, and poor ovarian response to the medication that is crucial for increasing the chances of conception through IVF. However, below are some other causes for the failed IVF cycle.

  • The eggs collected from the egg retrieval process do not fertilize effectively and properly
  • Cancellation of IVF treatment before beginning the egg retrieval procedure as enough follicles could not be produced for initiating the process
  • Unavailability of the embryo for the process of embryo transfer due to various reasons
  • The eggs retrieved from the egg retrieval process are of poor quality or there maybe no eggs retrieved
  • Embryos transferred into the uterus may fail to successfully attach to the lining of the uterus for different reasons

What to do next after the failure of first IVF cycle?

Select IVF India offers you the best quality IVF treatment with the aid of the certified fertility experts, who work diligently to find out the cause of your first IVF cycle failure. They will carefully scrutinize the reports of all your tests and treatments done so far in order to effectively evaluate the root cause of the IVF failure. Our fertility experts will monitor the problems with the egg quality, find out issues with ovarian stimulation, the issue with effectual embryo development or its implantation into the uterus, etc. They may take corrective measure to cure any of these causes such as changing the fertility medication for an improved ovarian stimulation, may suggest (PGS) Preimplantation Genetic Screening to analyze the condition of your embryos for the next IVF cycle before embryo transfer, etc.

However, if no issues found with the embryo or the eggs, you have higher chances of succeeding in the next IVF attempt. You will get the positive results in your second IVF attempt as our fertility experts provide a genuine and critical assessment for your treatment failure and thus, increasing the probability of you conceiving in the next attempt. On the other hand, you can take some minor actions for improving your IVF outcome such as refraining from alcohol consumption, smoking , drugs, etc., and opt for a nutritious and healthy diet that help ease the process and increase the chances of conception. Maintain your emotional stability and develop enough emotional resilience to gain desired results in the critical IVF process.

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