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January 10, 2023

How Much Does Miscarriage Treatment Cost in Kolkata

Yes! You can fight against the miscarriage by choosing miscarriage cost Kolkata

Miscarriage is one of the worst things, which is faced by some women. Those women, who experiences miscarriage, have issue in their fertility related problems. Once, it is confirmed that the female is facing for miscarriage issue, your fertility expert recommend the treatment concerning to it.

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What are the chances of having miscarriage?

Let’s get through some points, why miscarriage happens –

  • Increasing of the age of the women affects the chances of miscarriage
  • Women, who are below 35 of her age, have 15% chances of miscarriage
  • Those women, who reached 35-45 of her age, 30-35% chances of miscarriage
  • And those women, who have crossed the age of 45, have high chances of miscarriage

Some of the signs of miscarriage

Given below are some points that if any of the sign experiences by women, must consult with the fertility doctor.

  • Sudden decrease in signs of pregnancy
  • Tissue with clot kind of material passing from vagina
  • White-pink mucus
  • Loss in weight
  • Back pain worse than normal menstrual cramps

Miscarriage treatment cost in Kolkata

To solve the case of miscarriage, there are several treatments starting from basic to advance related with the issue and the age of the female. One of the treatments of miscarriage is to prevent the infection. Most common and simple process for Miscarriage treatment Kolkata is to give the drugs. Drugs are prescribed to help control the bleeding after the D&C is performed (D&C is known as Dilation and curettage, which is used to stop the bleeding and it also prevent infection).

IVF or test tube baby treatment Kolkata is the panacea to solve the matter of miscarriage. Miscarriage treatment cost Kolkata using IVF fertility medication is INR 1,50,000, where in the female is supposed to take the fertility drugs and medication. This treatment is beneficial for those couples who are experiencing miscarriages, infertility, have issue in their ovulation cycle etc. Miscarriage cost Kolkata is very easy to pay, the patient need to give this amount at once or according the rules of the fertility clinic. Select IVF is that fertility clinic, where you can get Miscarriage treatment cost Kolkata in very reasonable and in a clear view package.

After the consultation of female’s medical history and previous miscarriage, fertility specialists give the patient exact treatment to resolve miscarriage issue.

Miscarriage Prevention tips

This thing you also know that after being pregnant if you losses your baby, you feel down in the dumps; so why to wait for the bad days to come, when you can take care of yourself and your baby. The things, which you have to keep in your minds are –

  • Doing exercise regularly
  • Healthy diet
  • Be calm and positive
  • Not to think too much and must be free of any stress
  • Do not smoke neither take alcohol nor drugs – these all the things could affect the sign of pregnancy.
  • Make sure you must contain healthy weight.

Have a safe pregnancy

Once you get confirmed that you are pregnant, again  the main determination, what you have to make by yourself is to be healthy. These are some healthy tips for those women, who are pregnant and want that the baby should be in fine and fettle position.

  • It is strictly recommended by the fertility doctors to avoid smoking, drinking or taking the drugs
  • If any medications you are taking, confirm with your fertility doctor about its safety
  • Eliminate caffeine
  • Avoid the activities (like sports or heavy work-out) during the pregnancy.
  • Be happy  and be positive

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