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IVF Thailand 2023- A Complete Detail about IVF Treatment in Thailand

Parenthood is a beautiful journey, which each couple at definitive phase of life wants to experience but unfortunately there are some couple, who instead of trying to get pregnant gets in trouble to conceive.

IVF is the acronym of In Vitro Fertilization and is also known as test tube baby course; IVF is ART technique that works well in infertility case. ART, on the other hand, is a medical terminology that encompasses various advance fertility treatments and IVF is among one of them. IVF Thailand is all famous for its pre-eminent and best treatment. Treatment, which is performed by the experts of IVF in Thailand, gives the patient proper care and attention during the cycle and post care too.

What is IVF in Thailand?

IVF, as mentioned above, stands for In Vitro Fertilization is a fertility treatment that is applied when a couple (male or female factor infertility) faces with fertility issue. It is advance fertility course of medication and is only used when the couple faces with severe infertility syndrome.

During the procedure of IVF in Thailand, fertilization takes outside from the human body, i.e. in fertility lab.

Reason why IVF Thailand to be preferred

  • For damaged or blocked fallopian tube in women
  • IUI failure
  • Less production of sperm or less motility of it
  • Unexplained/ unknown Infertility
  • Ovulation dysfunction
  • Irregular menstruation cycle/ improper ovulation
  • Women with endometriosis

How IVF Treatment Thailand works

There are four to five basic steps in IVF in Thailand –

  • Fertility medication
  • Retrieval of the eggs
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer

IVF in Thailand-Step by Step procedure

IVF Thailand is one of the best and accepted ART techniques to address infertility issue. During IVF procedure in Thailand, the first step starts with fertility medications and hormonal injection that stimulates female’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs instead of a single egg. Multiple eggs are necessary to achieve because a single egg might not work to hit successful fertilization, hence these medication helps to develop multiple eggs for better fertilization.

During this course of IVF in Thailand, female patient required to go to clinic within 2-3 days for checkups such as hormonal test, for ultrasound and once the fertility expert confirms about the developed or matured egg then by injecting a Trigger shot (it is an injection that is given after the evolution of follicles in order to get maximum matured eggs) the experts wait for 34-36 hours for the next procedure of IVF Thailand.

After 36 hour of trigger shot, the eggs are geared up to be retrieved and then by the fertility veterans of Select IVF Thailand, these eggs are carefully collected with the help of a hollow needle under the guidance of ultrasound. Egg retrieval procedure of IVF Thailand is a minor surgical process and hence it is performed under local anaesthesia.

Once the eggs are retrieved or collected from each ovary, these oocytes are then combined with the sperm (received from donor or male companion) and then keeping it in the Petri dish, fertilization process is initiated.

Fertilization during IVF procedure in Thailand involves a natural step, where motile and active sperm self penetrates with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg. Once the sperm has entered into the cytoplasm of the egg, cell division starts to form.

One or maximum two of the healthy quality of embryo (usually on the 4th or 5th day of fertilization) is transferred into the recipient’s uterus. By implanting the best embryo in the female’s uterus, the last step of IVF Thailand is completed.

Choose IVF Thailand at the drop of a hat on the basis of Its Cost

Select IVF Thailand is the leading fertility clinic, which provides IVF treatment in easily affordable package and in marked down cost without compromising any advance amenities provided to the patient. Moreover, IVF success rate of Select IVF Thailand is sky-scrapping comparing with other fertility clinics success rate.

IVF cost in Thailand depends upon various factors such as age of the couple (especially the age of the woman), exact fertility cause, any preceding medical records and so forth. IVF in Thailand is based on a sensible cost so that each couple can undergo their fertility treatment without thinking twice. IVF Thailand charges include the complete course of medication together with fertility pills, blood hormonal tests, vaginal ultrasound, meeting up with the specialists, egg retrieval, fertility lab costs and rest of the IVF process till embryo transfer. Till now, Select IVF Thailand solved various infertility cases giving full satisfaction to the patient during their treatment.

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