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See IVF procedure in Russia Step by Step

Let’s go through from minor to major point of IVF Process Russia

IVF Russia is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is the most effective treatment to solve the matter of Infertility. IVF is the best and advance medication to eliminate infertility disorder, this treatment helps the couple to get their own baby by IVF procedure Russia.

What happens when a couple is unable to reproduce by their own partner?

Infertility- True! Infertility comes when any of the couple wants to welcome the days of Parenthood and after trying to get conceived for more than six month or one year then that couple is said to be infertile or they are in the clutch of Infertility disorder. There are several signs, which can assure you that you are facing for infertility syndrome. The first thing is mentioned right above that once the couple has given more than their six month in achieving pregnancy but they are unable to, this is one of the  biggest sign and major factor to rush to your Gynaecologist and ask why this happening. It is sure that if you are infertile then your gynaecologists suggest IVF process Russia.

No Problem! You are not a single in this battle

Exactly! You are not alone in this journey; millions of couple are facing with this disorder and undergoing with the fertility treatment to get rid of this black mark.

IVF Procedure Russia takes few steps to be accomplished by the veteran fertility experts. Select IVF is the fertility clinic, which gives the excellent medication in the entire treatment of IVF process Russia.

Who can choose IVF treatment in Russia?

  • IVF Process Russia is best suitable for those females who are suffering from irregular ovulation cycle.
  • Females, who have Premature ovarian disorder
  • Individual with genetic disorder or any hereditary disease
  • Male factor infertility, where male produces low sperm count
  • IVF is also beneficial for those males, who have less motility of the sperms and thus unable to penetrate with the sperm for fertilization.
  • Unknown or unexplained infertility

Note: IVF is fruitful if combined with ICSI technique when male is having infertility issue

How IVF Process Russia works

IVF Process Russia takes 4-5 steps for the completion. IVF treatment if in short description, is defined as- where fertilization takes outside the human body.  Let’s get deep into each step of IVF procedure Russia-

  • Giving the fertility drugs and hormonal injections

This is one of the first steps, which takes place in IVF process Russia. Once after scanning and ultrasounds steps, patient’s fertility expert gives the fertility drugs that female has to intake regular and also hormonal injections, which a female patient has to inject daily (for few days). These medications continue for 10-14 days until female’s ovaries are matured enough to retrieve.  Most common hormones given in this step, which is used to stimulate the follicles, are FSH and LH.

  • Egg Retrieval and Semen collection

During this IVF procedure Russia, Select IVF Fertility experts bring out the step of egg retrieval.

Follicles are monitored with the help of transvaginal ultrasound and blood hormonal level tests. Once the experts make sure about the maturity of the eggs, egg retrieval process is initiated. Eggs are taken from the female’s ovaries after giving sedation drugs to the female, so that she might not feel any discomfort. Egg retrieval procedure is easily processed and is painless too.

Eggs are obtained out with the assistance of a hollow needle and then kept on the culture dish. Semen (fluid where sperms are present) is also collected by the male partner on the same day of egg retrieval process.

  • Fertilization

This step decides half of the success rate of IVF process Russia. IVF is although a smooth ongoing process but for achieving favourable result, it needs master hand doctors, who must have more than enough experience in the ART technique treatments.

In this step, sperms and eggs are mixed in the nutrient containing culture dish. Those sperm, which is active & motile, penetrates with the egg and once it gets fused with the egg, fertilization takes successfully.

  • Successful Embryo transfer

As soon, the sperm gets penetrated with the egg, next step of IVF procedure Russia is embryo transfer. Now, the cells keep dividing and at the stage of blastocyst, this fertilized egg (can also termed as embryo) is transferred into the woman’s uterus for successful implantation.

For the high chances of successful implantation, fertility expert chooses two best embryos and then by the use of a small catheter, embryos are transferred into the uterus.

Within 1-2 week of embryo transfer, female has to visit the clinic for the ultrasound. Once it gets confirm about the successful implantation, pregnancy will occur in a same way as normal pregnancy takes place.

So, here we are giving all the exact information of IVF procedure Russia. Infertility is growing worldwide and so the acceptability of IVF treatment is. To get rid of infertility, IVF is the golden option to settle on it and have your own baby. Each couple should take the decision as soon as possible once they become aware about their infertility symptoms.

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