procedure of IVF in Kathmandu

What is the IVF process in Nepal 2023 step by step?

Why IVF Process Nepal is so famous for elucidating infertility issue?

IVF is one of the advance fertility treatments that elucidate the cause of infertility issue. Infertility on the other hand is that disorder, where a couple is not able to give birth by own. Infertility may occur to any of the partner- male or female. When the male is unable to impregnate his partner, he must be facing from the male factor infertility and when the female is unable to unleash healthy eggs at the time of her ovulation, the female is suffering from female factor infertility.

IVF Process Nepal is easy and straight-forward. In short, if we will say about IVF Procedure in Nepal, then it is the process, where eggs and sperms are placed outside from the human body to achieve fertilization. This treatment is generally termed as test tube baby course too.

Let’s have a look in nuts and bolts points of IVF Process Nepal

IVF Procedure in Nepal is one of the easiest and simple procedures to unlock the matter of sterility. One of the first steps of IVF process Nepal is the prescription of fertility medications and drugs to the female partner. These medications are given to the female in regular basis of injections.

If talking about the role of these medications, then here you are- these fertility drugs are given in order to stimulate the female’s ovaries. These medications are also beneficial to produce multiple eggs from the follicles. Multiples eggs are desired because a single egg may or may not get fertilized with the sperm due to lack of the capacity or fineness. To make the eggs enhanced from each follicle and the production of multiple eggs, these medications are mandatory.

The female has to visit regularly the clinic during this therapeutics. By visiting the clinic, female has to undergo some ultrasounds and blood hormonal tests. Transvaginal ultrasounds and blood tests help the specialists to monitor the follicles maturity level. Once the eggs are enough matured and is cross-checked by the ultrasound whether it should be retrieved or not, doctors make sure and then the next step of IVF process Nepal is retrieval of the eggs.

With the help of a hollow and fine needle, eggs are retrieved and then placed into the culture dish. On the same day of egg retrieval, semen sample is collected by the male partner for fertilization.

As soon as the sperms are received, sperms are placed with the eggs on the same petri dish for fertilization. During IVF procedure in Nepal, fertilization happens by self penetrating of the sperm into the egg. Motile and active sperm swims and gets fused into the egg, thus fertilization happens.

For healthy fertilization, sperms and eggs must be of fine quality to achieve success. This step of IVF process Nepal is crucial because on the basis of healthy embryo success depends.

Now the last and most important stage of IVF procedure Nepal is here- implantation. Implantation can be defined as the procedure where, the embryo attaches with the uterine wall of the female’s partner.

To accomplish this procedure, fertility experts by Select IVF fertility clinic, selects two of the best embryos for transfer. Once the embryos are hand-picked, then it is placed into the uterus of the female using a catheter.

Post embryo transfer consists of screening and the check-ups of the embryo that whether it is placed successfully or not. Once the implantation is found to be successful, chances of pregnancy is double. These are all the steps that come in the IVF process Nepal. Select IVF fertility clinic is one of the leading clinics to decipher the issue concerning with female pregnancy or any fertility problem.

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