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January 5, 2023

How Much Does IVF Cost in Nairobi 2023?

As infertile couples in Nairobi are opening up for IVF, it’s requisite to know the IVF cost in Nairobi to prevent them from any fraud in the name of IVF treatment. Nairobi is the capital of developing country Kenya. In third world country Kenya, IVF treatment is not largely available and accessible. But gradually infertile people are becoming more aware of infertility treatments and wish to have a biological child with that.

Select IVF Cost Vs Indira IVF Cost Comparison

In countries with low income, the infertility health issue is not considered important to look for. As a result, Nairobi is witnessing an increased rate of infertility cases. Around 30% of women, age 25 to 49 are suffering from secondary infertility in sub-Saharan Africa and Nairobi is one of the major cities of sub-Saharan Africa. Secondary infertility is when a woman is not able to conceive after the birth of her first child. If we talk about the world infertility rate, more than 15% of reproductive-aged couples are suffering worldwide from infertility.

What is the reason behind increasing infertility health issue?

A woman is born with a limited amount of eggs (ova) in her ovaries. Every month she releases one egg (ovum) till menopause. After released from the ovaries, an Ovum travelled to the fallopian tube, where it can be fertilized with male sperm. If the ovum does not fertilize, the uterus shed its lining, that process is called menstruation. With increasing age ova decreases that make it difficult for a female to conceive naturally.

In the 21st century, people are more focused on their careers. For that they delay pregnancy. Before giving birth to a child, parents want to become financially stable and strong to provide a healthy life and good quality education, which is another reason for postponing pregnancy by young couples. But it cannot be neglected that a man and a woman have limited years for producing kids naturally. 

IVF Cost in Nairobi
IVF Cost in Nairobi

Once the age is passed, it is hard for a couple to become a parent. For giving birth to a healthy baby, doctors advice to conceive in the late 20s to early 30s. Aftermath the chances of becoming pregnant fall drastically. But with advanced technology and fertility treatment, now it is possible to have a child at the age of 40 or older.

In Nairobi, the reason behind infertility is mainly STDs. Unsafe intercourse has caused transmitted diseases, that made it hard for women in Nairobi to have a biological child at a young age. Men infertility is the reason in 50% of cases of a failed pregnancy.

Like every good thing has some bad in it, pregnancy at the age of 40 or above with IVF treatment also has the same drawbacks as natural pregnancy. Advanced fertility treatment might have fulfilled childless couples long lost dream of becoming biological parents but pregnancy at the age of 40 can be filled with complications. The chances of miscarriages increases, also the health of mother and child can be at risk. For preventing this, it is advised to consult a good fertility clinic with a high success rate, latest technology, good infrastructure and years of experiences at an economical IVF cost.

Select IVF Kenya in Nairobi is the infertility centre that has all the necessary qualities to be an ideal centre to be chosen by infertile couples. Select IVF Kenya offers world-class treatment at a reasonable IVF cost in Nairobi. It is one of the leading centres that have delivered expected results to childless couples worldwide. The experienced fertility specialists and skilled staff of the centre have made sure for consecutive years that the centre meets every patient’s expectations.

IVF cost in Nairobi

Before building knowledge of IVF cost in Nairobi, let us learn brief information about the process of IVF treatment.

In vitro fertilization is a process where the intended mother egg is fertilized with the intended father sperm outside the female body. For that egg and sperm is combined in a petri dish or cultured dish. The embryo implanted in the mother uterus to develop pregnancy after fertilization. IVF can be done with donor sperm, with donor egg and with a donor embryo. The treatment is done by using intended couples eggs and sperm cost lesser than with donor sperm, donor egg and donor embryo.

When the mother egg is not healthy enough to fertilize with the father sperm, the doctor suggests the use of a donor egg in the process. When father sperm is of poor quality or abnormal, the specialist suggests the use of donor sperm for the fertilization process.

The IVF cost in Nairobi ranges from USD 3300 to USD 6500. The cost of IVF treatment in Nairobi also depends on the experience of doctors or specialist, the location of the clinic and the method used in the treatment.

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    At what age do guys stop producing sperm?

    A man makes millions of sperm on daily basis. But in the late 30s or above 40 the quality of sperm decreases, which creates hindrance in fertilization.

    How much sperm is required for getting pregnant?

    A single sperm is sufficient to fertilize an egg. The fertilized egg is known as an embryo that developed pregnancy.

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