IUI Treatment Cost in gurgaon 2020

How much does IUI cost in Gurgaon 2023?

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Several infertile couples opt for IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) before they go for advanced fertility treatment methods such as IVF or ICSI. There are various reasons for this, such as IUI cost less than other fertility treatments, and most cases infertility cases that are not too severe can be tracked with IUI.

IUI is a simple ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) method where the doctor places sperm into the uterine cavity of the female after collecting them from the male partner. Before introducing them inside the uterus, they are taken to the lab for processing them in the lab and discarding impurities and abandoning the waste in the seminal fluid.

Injecting sperms directly into the uterus ignores the part where it has to enter the cervix and the path to reach fallopian becomes shorter and accessible. IUI can be performed by tracking the normal ovulation cycle of the female or by assisting them with fertility medication. The cost of IUI in Gurgaon is very affordable and the top-quality treatment is also available at the different network fertility clinics of our medical travel agency- Select IVF India.

How to find out if you need IUI?

IUI is a treatment performed to deal with mild to moderate cases of infertility and most of the patients get to benefit from this treatment considering their infertility condition is not severe.

You need IUI at a low IUI treatment cost in Gurgaon if you face trouble conceiving and do not have a major reproductive health issue. IUI works best for could not conceive via natural means but have good overall well-being.

IUI can help to attain pregnancy in a number of cases such as when the male partner has low sperm count or poor motility sperms, then the couple can try with IUI where the sperms are directly inserted into the uterus, which eliminates the work of the sperms to reach fallopian tubes on their own.

Women with PCOS/ PCOD can go for IUI since this condition causes infrequent menstrual cycles and hormonal imbalances and IUI can be helpful if the doctor inseminates the women with the best quality sperms.

IUI Cost in Gurgaon 2023
IUI Cost in Gurgaon 2023

Why IUI treatment in Gurgaon?

We at Select IVF India offers the most reasonable prices of IUI treatment. Our experts employ the most advanced treatment methods and have the reputation of performing successful IUI treatment. We provide IUI at the best IUI cost in Gurgaon and the cost of IUI is lesser when compared to other advanced fertility treatment methods.

IUI is also a less-invasive form of fertility treatment and does not involve intense medication and medical testing. Women with mild infertility issues can try their luck with IUI first before moving onto other ART techniques. However, you may need to have more than the IUI cycle before you can experience the desired results.

What happens during IUI treatment in Gurgaon?

In the traditional process of an IUI treatment, the ovulation cycle of the cycle is tracked and synchronized using a kit or if in case fertility medicines are used, the time of medication is aligned with her ovulation cycle to induce ovulation induction. At the predicted time of ovulation, the doctor begins the process of IUI.

For starting the process, the sperms are obtained from the male partner or a sperm donor provided the father is inept at making adequate sperms required for insemination. The father or a sperm donor in called to the clinic where he offers his semen sample by the natural method. This sample is thawed and analyzed for removing poor motility sperms and picking the highly motile sperms. The doctor picks the best-quality sperms for the purpose of artificial insemination.

These sperms are then introduced into the uterus of the female through the cervix using a thin tube. Once the process is successfully done, the woman is sent home. After 14-15 days, she is again invited to the clinic to take her pregnancy tests and confirming the pregnancy. Positive results in pregnancy mean the successful outcomes of the IUI treatment at a reasonable cost of IUI in Gurgaon.

Pick us for getting the lowest IUI cost in Gurgaon

At Select IVF India, we are known for providing the fairly priced IUI cost in Gurgaon and is the reason why patients from all parts of the world choose Gurgaon for their fertility treatment journey. We have the best fertility experts and IVF specialists possessing ample experience to get the best results for the IUI treatment of a patient. They have over thirty years of experience in performing the most efficacious fertility treatments with progressive outcomes.

The cost of IUI in Gurgaon starts from INR 15,000. This price range includes the cost of the medication, the main process, and the cost of other procedures involved in the treatment. We offer the lowest price range for IUI and do not undermine the quality of the treatment to level up with the affordable costs. Our success rates for IUI are the highest and authentic if compared with other fertility clinics.

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