ICSI Cost in Kathmandu

How Much Does ICSI Cost in Kathmandu 2021?

How Much Does ICSI Cost in Kathmandu?

There are many treatments for treating infertility in a woman but ICSI treatment mainly focuses on infertility in a man. Thus it is important to know about the procedure and the ICSI cost in Kathmandu. Why Kathmandu? – Kathmandu is not just a travel destination but also a destination for the top quality fertility treatment at an affordable price. So if you are tired of listening to the high cost of ICSI then Kathmandu is your destination for the affordable ICSI cost.

This article is all about ICSI treatment. We will discuss the procedure of ICSI, eligibility criteria for ICSI treatment and the ICSI cost in Kathmandu.

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Generally, people relate infertility issues with women and it is also believed that infertility affects a woman deeply but we cannot ignore the effects of infertility on a man. Women are gifted with emotions but a man is also an emotional human being when it comes to his child. He also looks forward to experience fatherhood, inability to become a parent also affect him.  But you don’t have to be worried about it as we are going to give you detailed information on ICSI treatment and the ICSI cost in Kathmandu.

What is ICSI treatment?

For fertilizing a female egg, a male sperm’s head must be attached to the outside of the egg to pass through the outer layer into the cytoplasm (egg cell). But sometimes a sperm is unable to do the action.

This could happen because of various reasons. In some cases, the outer layer of the egg may be thick or difficult to pass, or the sperm cannot swim. In these cases, a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) can be performed to fertilize the egg. During ICSI, sperm is injected directly into the cytoplasm.

At Select IVF in Kathmandu, the ICSI procedure uses a small needle called a micropipette to inject a single sperm into the centre of the egg for fertilization.  After Using IVF with ICSI, fertilized eggs (now called embryos) are grown in the laboratory for 1 to 5 days after fertilization and then transferred to the woman’s uterus.

ICSI Cost in Kathmandu
ICSI Cost in Kathmandu

Can I choose ICSI treatment?

Every fertility treatment is uniquely developed for treating a particular type of infertility issues. Some techniques are used with other fertility treatment to increase the success rate of the fertility treatment, ICSI is one of them.  Given below are the situations where you can choose ICSI treatment:

If the man or husband sperm rate is low enough for the success of IUI or Intrauterine Insemination (artificial insemination).

  • If the sperm is not able to move in a normal fashion
  • If the sperm’s head have trouble attaching to the outer layer of the egg
  • If a man is suffering from a blockage in the reproductive tract that may keep sperm from getting out
  • If the Eggs have failed in fertilizing by in vitro fertilization process, even if the quality of sperm used during the process is good enough to fertilize the egg. 

What does the ICSI cost in Kathmandu at Select IVF?

Select IVF is one of Nepal’s leading IVF and reproductive health service groups. We provide continuous care in the entire fertility field, and at the same time, through strict programs and active participation in evidence-based treatment and research projects to ensure that patients are provided with the best chance of conception.

A specialist is a key factor for the success of treatment so it is important to know the success rate of the doctor that you are going to consult with. With that concern, we have our team of experienced fertility specialist have a history of successful fertility treatments. They examine the patients carefully with the motive of increasing the success rate of a treatment.

The ICSI cost in Kathmandu at select IVF is budget-friendly and genuine along with that we don’t have any hidden cost for the treatment. Some fertility centres use the trick of hidden charges; initially, they will show you the cost of the treatment very less to attract you. Once their mission is complete they will charge you a heavy cost in the name of extra charges.  So it is better to clear everything before beginning the treatment. The ICSI cost in Kathmandu at select IVF is NPR 3, 40,000

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    For more information on ICSI or other fertility treatments contact us or comment below.  


    How long does ICSI take?

    Firstly, before and during any fertility treatment you have to patient because stress could affect the success of a fertility treatment.  Usually once cycle of ICSI takes four to six weeks to complete. 

    Why ICSI needed?

    ICSI is needed for solving the issue of male infertility and in some cases when a egg fails to fertilize with the good quality of sperm, ICSI technique is used.

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