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How Does Surrogate Pregnancy Work?

Take the assistance of surrogate mother for having a child

The modern method of assisted production has made pregnancy a much achievable task for couples who are devoid of becoming biological parents. Their inability to attain conception and give birth to a child is termed as infertility; a problem that has become quite common among the masses over the past years.

But the couples no longer feel powerless over the thought of having their child since the various ART methods have aided and continue to aid millions of couples to create their own family.  There are various methods of assisted reproduction and surrogacy is one of the most widely used ART ( Assisted Reproductive Technology) technique.

A typical arrangement of surrogacy requires the couples to who are not able to carry a pregnancy to take the assistance of a third party or a surrogate mother who agrees to help them by providing her pregnancy services. There are certain criteria that the surrogate first has to meet before she is considered an apt choice for the surrogacy treatment.

After confirming the surrogate mother, the involved individuals in the treatment have to sign a legally enforceable document known as the surrogacy agreement wherein written are the responsibilities of both the concerned parties and they cannot deny performing such duties during or upon the completion of the surrogacy treatment.

The agreement majorly states the consent of the intending parents to take over the reins of the child to be given birth by the surrogate mother and in the same way, the surrogate has to revoke any type of relation to the child and has to hand it over to the intended parents immediately upon birth. None of them can fall short on performing their part in the treatment and have to face legal repercussions if they do anything that is not in compliance with the agreement signed by them.

The two methods for attaining the pregnancy services of a surrogate mother

For understanding how does surrogate pregnancy work? There are two methods used namely, traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy, amongst which gestational surrogacy is the famous one. In the conventional course of gestational surrogacy, the sperms and the eggs are collected from the intending parents for converting them into an embryo by fertilizing in a lab. This whole arrangement takes place under the process of IVF treatment and the embryo thus formed from the IVF treatment is placed inside the uterus of the surrogate mother.

On the other hand, traditional surrogacy is a less complex arrangement wherein artificial insemination is used for encouraging fertilization by inseminating the surrogate mother with the sperms of the intending father. This is a simple however less preferred treatment owing to the fact that the eggs used for effectuating pregnancy are of the surrogate mother. This treatment is still a good bet considering the child gets to share a biological link to the father providing his sperms were used for insertion in the uterus of the surrogate mother during the process of artificial insemination.

Some benefits of surrogate pregnancy in India

The main advantage of undergoing surrogacy in India is that the fairly-priced ranges for surrogacy. The fertility specialists here employ the advanced equipment and latest surgical tools when performing the high-quality surrogacy treatment. Apart from the affordability of the surrogacy treatment, here are some other benefits on the basis upon which it can be concluded that surrogacy is the best method of assisted reproduction to opt for, especially in India.

  • In India, it is easy to find healthy and fertile surrogates as the surrogates here at the best fertility hospitals have to pass extensive screening procedures before they are confirmed as the potential surrogate mother.
  • Also, the cost for using the pregnancy services of a surrogate mother is highly reasonable and the charges of the overall surrogacy treatment are comparatively less if contrasted with the fertility clinics of the developed nations.
  • The surrogacy laws in India are more transparent and flexible and the intended parents are given surety of a legally backed surrogacy process and the legal right on the future child to be borne by the surrogate mother.
  • The success rates for acquiring a baby with the help of surrogacy in India are the highest as compared to the other countries, which makes India the best option for surrogacy if you want to achieve the best results in your surrogacy treatment.
  • Gestational surrogacy in India is the method where the intended parents are given the added benefit of sharing biological ties with the baby as the method incorporates IVF in which the intended parent’s eggs and sperms are used for creating the embryos.

The conditions under which surrogacy treatment can be used

To get the idea of how does surrogate pregnancy work, you first have to find out if surrogacy is the perfect treatment option for your specific situation. Surrogacy is the best treatment to pick when the intending mother cannot carry a pregnancy due to various health reasons. However, there are other reasons that make surrogacy a viable option such as the parents who wish to have a genetically related child to both the parents and at the same time are inept at carrying a healthy pregnancy, then gestational surrogacy is the best option.

Below are the various conditions in which surrogacy is the best treatment to undergo.

  • Couples who are planning to get pregnant at an advanced age where carrying a healthy pregnancy is not possible.
  • For a woman who has undergone hysterectomy where her uterus was removed, and now wants to have a baby, surrogacy is a viable treatment option.
  • Women with problems in her uterus or with an abnormal uterus can go for surrogacy where other woman carries a pregnancy for them.
  • When the couple experiences repetitive failure with the application of other fertility treatments such as IVF, surrogacy can give them the desired outcomes.
  • Women with certain health conditions that make carrying a pregnancy risky for them, can try for surrogacy for confirming better results with the help of a third-party gestational surrogate.

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We have a huge repository that contains the profiles of the best surrogate mother, which is created after screening the potential candidates. We use the latest guidelines when finding the surrogate mother for the surrogacy treatment in India. Our surrogates have delivered at least one healthy pregnancy and are of the best fertile health.

Our high success rates are the testament of our excellence in the domain of surrogacy treatments as our fertility experts and surrogacy doctors have conducted various successful surrogacy arrangements in the period of 30 years. They offer their fine-quality services at the lowest price range possible in India without compromising the quality of the treatment.

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