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January 11, 2023

How Much Does Egg Freezing Cost in Mumbai 2023

Not in the mood to become Pregnant now? No worries! Single out Egg Freezing Mumbai-

It is common nowadays when late thirties and early forties women give birth to their first kid but at this age a female loses her ability to release healthy and fertile eggs for fertilization and here it comes the process of Egg Freezing. Women who are looking for an option to conceive later in their life and planning to step in the stage of Parenthood may be after a year or more, for them Egg Freezing is the best solution. Egg freezing Mumbai has become one of the most widespread and well-established technique to keep up the reproductive potential of the women. Mature oocyte cryopreservation is another word used for Egg Freezing. The entire process of it is lucid and straightforward. Ovaries are stimulated after giving ovulation induction medicines, when the eggs get perfectly matured; eggs are retrieved with the help of a thin hollow tube. Then the eggs are cooled to subzero temperature to stop all biological activity. This was the short description of Egg Freezing Mumbai; now onward we will read all the important nuts and bolts points of egg freezing procedure, its cost etc.

Egg freezing is suitable for-

  • If you are suffering from any severe disease like Cancer and you are likely to undergo the treatment of it then Egg freezing is the right decision for you to go. The radiation or chemotherapy can affect your fertility potential so it is advised that before going any major treatment you can pick out egg freezing method if you want to become pregnant later.
  • It happens sometime that during the IVF procedure, male partner could not able to release motile and active sperms or less count of sperms for fertilization and hence IVF is postponed, this time also eggs can be frozen for the next time of IVF treatment.
  • Egg Freezing is the best option for those women who want their eggs to be preserved at the younger age and at the right time whenever they plan to have a kid, fertilize with the sperm for fertilization using IVF technique.

Procedure of Egg Freezing Mumbai-

There are three step of Egg Freezing Mumbai and that is – Giving the Ovulation induction to the female, Process of egg retrieval, and last step is freezing the eggs.
  1. Ovulation Induction is the fertility medications used to stimulate the ovaries in order to get multiple eggs instead of a single egg. Generally, 20-30 eggs are retrieved in the process of egg retrieval and 5-6 eggs are thawed for each pregnancy attempt. Multiple eggs are obtained on the basis of this fertility drugs. Racking up multiple eggs increases the possibility of pregnancy in the future.
  2. The patient has to visit the clinic at regular interval of time for the checkups and transvaginal ultrasounds. Once the doctor confirms maturity of the eggs, with the help of a hollow needle eggs are pulled out gently by the expert’s hands of Select IVF. This process is done under sedation. After egg retrieval, female might experience mild cramping. Collection of the egg hardly takes 15-20 minutes. Within an hour, patient can go home.
  3. After obtaining the eggs, eggs are cooled to subzero temperature to do the entire biological activities stop and preserve for later use, cryoprotectants are used to prevent ice crystals forming during the freezing.

Foremost qualities of Egg Freezing Clinic in Mumbai-

Select IVF is the well-known fertility centre that provides A-1 fertility treatments and has 70-80% success rate of egg freezing, which is higher than other clinics success rate. Noteworthy point of Egg Freezing Clinic Mumbai is its veteran doctors, whatever the case they take, they make sure to give their best efforts during the journey of any technique. Success rate of Egg Freezing Clinic Mumbai is 70-80%. Their consultation team is proficient and well-trained in any fertility related issue. Egg Freezing Cost Mumbai is INR 2,35,000 for 6 month; it includes the cost of fertility drugs and medications, blood hormonal tests, ultrasounds & rest of the step of egg freezing. The chances of becoming pregnant will depend upon the age of the woman at the time of her egg freezing. Read Also:
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  • Shreyashi Saha

    Hi Team,

    I am currently 35 years and 4 months old. My AMH level is 8 pmol/L (3.5ng/ML)
    I am currently in the UK and will return to India in October. I would like to opt for egg freezing.
    I wanted to know based on my AMH level and age, if I am eligible for egg freezing?

    If yes, how much is the approximate cost of the procedure?
    And how to get in touch with you and where are your clinics based?
    I would be staying in Borivali, so which would be the nearest clinic for me?
    Awaiting your response

    Thanks and Regards
    Shreyashi Saha

  • Puneeth

    Egg freezing

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