Can IVF treatment cause cancer

Can IVF treatment cause cancer?

IVF is a famous fertility treatment option that facilitates pregnancy via a technical method. It’s a long procedure involving various steps such as fertility medication, semen collection, fertilization, embryo development, embryo transfer and at last pregnancy happens only after the successful completion of all the aforementioned steps.

It is the most widely used type of assisted reproductive treatment that has provided and continues to provide the facility of having a baby without undergoing the natural process of conceiving. The most common reason people take the plunge to experience this process is infertility, which is a condition that impairs the ability of a couple to bear their own child.

From the past few years, infertility or IVF is being linked to cancer for some unknown reasons but there has been no concrete evidence in support of the assumption. The risk of an IVF treatment being a potential cause of infertility is very rare as the treatment in itself does not involve anything that would harm a patient’s health. However, the fertility drugs given to induce the ovulation cycle may be a reason for the enhanced chances of cancer risk.

At Select IVF India, our IVF specialist work diligently to find the potential cause of infertility in the patient and evaluate the possibility of them developing any type of cancer, before operating them for the fertility treatment. Whether IVF treatment causes cancer or not, has been the topic of discussion for decades. They make sure that patients receive the best fertility treatment involving fewer chances of another kind of complication.

Fertility Medication and Cancer Risk

Fertility drugs are prescribed to the patients to stimulate their ovaries to make them produce a substantial quantity of healthy eggs. According to a famous study, Clomid is a fertility drug that puts the patient under the risk of uterine cancer. While in some of the cases it may have happened that the patient developed cancer after the IVF but what they fail to show is the full background of the patient and the exact cause of them being at a higher risk of cancer. For instance, obese women who have undergone an IVF cycle is subjected to cancer later on, but the underlying cause of her cancer could be her weight or other health conditions and not her taking the fertility medication.

Ovarian Stimulation and Breast Cancer

Ovarian stimulation is a hormonal treatment done for patients undergoing fertility treatment. To stimulate the ovaries, the woman has to take some medicines that would let the ovaries produce a sufficient quantity of quality eggs and this stimulation is done in a controlled manner. This stimulation substantially increases the amount of female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone at a rate normal than usual.  This high level of hormones is usually connected to the chances of breast cancer but only a few breast cancer cases are reported to be caused by ovarian stimulation and there is not enough evidence to confirm this possibility.

Fertility treatment and Ovarian Cancer

According to various studies and researches, where women who underwent the IVF treatment were analyzed for different types of cancer risks. Whilst there was no link found between the IVF treatment and the breast or uterine cancer, but there was a certain degree of risk associated with ovarian cancer for the women who had experienced one or more IVF cycles. Although there is a slight risk of getting ovarian cancer for women undergone IVF but still is identifiable. However, the increased risk of any type of cancer is not solely attributed to IVF treatment and is linked to some pre-existing health conditions in the woman.

Also, endometrial is another form of cancer that is often observed to be caused by an IVF treatment, but until now there have been no studies found to back up this observation. The cause of endometrial cancer is frequently connected to the use of fertility drugs, but there is no clarity on this topic as well owing to the inadequate amount of studies and absence of relevant sources of information.

The conclusion is various types of cancers caused are largely due to the patient characteristics and are seldom caused by undergoing an IVF or other fertility treatment; it is unfair to explicitly say that IVF treatment causes cancer. It might have happened in some of the cases that fertility treatment was the reason for cancer but there are not enough reports and evidence to confirm fertility treatment the sole reason for the development of cancer in a woman. Select IVF India is a widely acknowledged medical tourism company in India that operates in liaison with some of the finest fertility specialists and hospitals all over the world. Our fertility experts have over two decades of experience in providing a superlative quality fertility treatment. Moreover, they offer their services at the best price possible, which is not too heavy on your pocket. Our success rates for fertility treatments are considerably high and our high success rates are the main reason why patients across the world choose India for their medical tourism.

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