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Can I get a child who looks like me through IVF?

(Can I get a child who looks like me through IVF?): This is a question which arises in the mind of millions of women who are undergoing the IVF treatment. One thing you must keep in your mind that the children pick up on many characteristics from their parents. So maybe your little one makes the faces same as you or they may have a similar smile like you. It has been found that children pick up on everything from their parents and will replicate many of them because for them you are the first people they choose to imitate.

There are chances that the baby who is born through a natural process does not look like their biological parents, but it does not mean that physical appearance is everything. In most of the cases, children tend to adopt vocal and facial expressions similar to their parents.

If your baby does not look like your partner in the very beginning, it does not mean that his/her appearance will not match with your partner later on. It can be possible that a child born with blonde hair but it may eventually turn into the same hair color as your partner.

How the baby born through egg donor looks like me?

Once you have decided that you will undergo for the IVF with an egg donor, you will start your search for the egg donor who looks like you or you can ask your relatives or family member who looks like you to be your egg donor so that you will have a baby who looks like you.

This is a procedure where your partner is the biological father of new-born because Dr. Nalini Gupta will use the eggs of the egg donor which will be fertilized with the sperm of your husband to facilitate fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs your embryologist will transfer the healthy and active embryo into your uterus to establish a successful pregnancy.

Are there any chances of passing the genetic disease to new-born?

According to the study, it can be possible that the donated eggs which the intended mother is using have some of the genetic diseases which can be passed to the new-born, however, if you undergo for your treatment at the hospitals under Select IVF India where the fertility expert will properly screen all the egg donors for the infectious and genetic disease so that it will not be passed to the baby born through donated eggs.

An egg donor is the best procedure for the women who are unable to produce the good quality of eggs for fertilization and if you talk about the looks the biological mother also sometimes does not have a baby with the similar looks. The reason behind people chooses the egg donor procedure to keep them happy and wish to enjoy their parenthood phase. We suggest all the couples take our counselling sessions before and after their IVF with egg donation treatment which helps you to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally to become a mother of a child who is born through donated eggs.

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