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Which is the Best IVF Centre in West Delhi?

IVF – Fertilizing the technical way

IVF is the abbreviation for In Vitro Fertilization and is a mainstream ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) technique that enables a couple to become parents without actually requiring them to effectuate fertilization.

Infertility is a prevalent issue that has estimated to affect a considerable amount of people in every corner of the world. In this condition, a couple have a hard time getting pregnant owing to the various health and reproductive issues; they are unable to bear a child even after having coitus for 6-12 months.

A lot of couples are dealing with issue of infertility and are searching for ways to get rid of this incompetency. To make this problem less severe or tractable, IVF came into existence as a medical treatment with the aim of helping the couple obtain healthy fertilization outside the human’s body.

IVF is one of the most famous and frequently used ART methods that have gained immense popularity as an effective fertility treatment option over the past few years. It has provided sought-after results to infertile couples in their IVF treatment. Although the treatment may not bear fruit in the first attempt, but the likelihood of achieving pregnancy increases as you attempt to undergo a second or third IVF cycle.

We at Select IVF India, provide efficacious IVF treatment with the services of certified medical professionals and IVF specialists who have over 30 years of experience in delivering top-class fertility treatments to the patients. At the best IVF centre in West Delhi, our doctors are equipped with advance instruments and incorporate the same while conducting different types of fertility treatments in our clinic. We make certain to give our patients the best quality treatment at a low price.

IVF technique put into operation

The conventional method of IVF treatment involves fertilizing the eggs with the sperms in a glass (In Vitro), in a lab environment. But before jumping on to the main course, the woman experiencing the IVF treatment has to take some fertility medication to stimulate her ovaries for enabling them to produce eggs in a good quantity.

Meanwhile, the doctor monitors the condition of her ovaries through ultrasounds. Once the eggs get mature, it’s time to extract them from the ovaries. A minor surgery known as egg retrieval is done where the doctor takes out the eggs from the ovarian follicle with the aid of a hollow needle. After obtaining the eggs, the subsequent step is to collect the semen sample.

The man is suggested to provide his semen sample to initiate the process of fertilization. The doctor defrost the sperms obtained from the semen collection, and pick high-motility sperms for the further process. These sperms are then fused with the eggs to penetrate and fertilize it in a laboratory petri dish.

Once fertilization occurs, the embryos take additional 4-5 days in order to grow fully. After which, they are ready to get transferred into the woman’s womb by the use of embryo transfer surgical procedure. It takes about two weeks for a woman to attain pregnancy after the successful implantation of the embryos.

Selecting the best IVF centre in West Delhi

Select IVF India is a prominent medical tourism company in India associated with highly skilled fertility experts having substantial experience in the fertility sphere. We are well-known for giving positive outcomes to the couples who choose our centre for their IVF or other fertility treatment.  We have a team of adroit medical professionals and other staff that put concerted efforts to transform your life by giving you a healthy baby.

In addition to the excellent quality of the treatment, our patients receive the benefit of getting treated in a world-class infrastructure. We provide the first-rate amenities and facilities to the patients that otherwise would not have been possible to get at such a low-cost of the treatment. Also, our patients do not have to bear the strain of travelling one place to another for various tests and ultrasounds as everything is done under a single roof during your treatment.

We provide an effective IVF treatment at a sensible price. Along with effectiveness of the treatment, our success rates are substantially higher contrary to the other fertility centers in the city. Our success rates of IVF treatment at the best IVF centre in West Delhi is about 62%, which is the highest and we do not overstate our success rates unlike others. The high success rate is the major attraction that pushes international patients to choose Select IVF India for top-quality IVF treatment.

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