IVF / Surrogacy with Sperm Donor at our Clinic

select IVF Clinic provides a sperm donor program where the donor is either a known donor (where the donor is known to the recipient) or a de-identified donor (where the identity of the donor is not known to the recipient but his profile is known)

Availability of donors:

There is currently no shortage of donor sperm at our clinic in Delhi. For this reason, persons wishing to access donor sperm through select IVF Clinic have the opportunity of no waiting list.

?The process:

The first step is a consultation with a fertility specailist who will discuss the process, assess the health of the couple, and arrange any preliminary testing that is needed.

The couple (or single women if applicable) will then need to meet online with a counselor and discuss the long term implications of treatment using donated sperm.

Who can become a donor?

All sperm donors at select IVF Clinic must adhere to practices developed by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee of the Fertility Society of India, and the National Health and Medical Research Council, including:

donors must be older than 21 years of age and younger than 50 years of age

  • donors must be shown by blood tests before and after three months of quarantining of the semen samples to be free of serious infection or genetic conditions
  • donors must have never previously donated at any other fertility clinic
  • donors must have no medical conditions or illnesses, either in himself or in his family that may be passed on to future children.

The Process:

The first step is a consultation with a fertility specialist, followed by a semen analysis and compulsory counselling. We discuss legal, social, genetic and moral implications of the donation as well as the health checks and procedures involved.

Sperm donors need to be prepared to discuss and provide the following types of information:

  • Medical history – advising of all known allergies
  • Physical description
  • Lifestyle declaration – including details of any donation at other assisted reproductive treatment clinics.

There are significant screening tests undertaken on sperm donors including blood group, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, syphilis, chlamydia, chromosome analysis and HIV status. The sperm is stored for three months at which point the donor’s blood is tested again for infectious diseases before a sample is used.

Selecting a Sperm Donor

If you are looking for an IVF or a Surrogacy cycle with a sperm donor, we can send you some sperm donor profiles to choose from. These are sperm donors from sperm donor banks listed with us. Once you choose the donor, we can start you on a medication protocol for the cycle. If you are looking for an sperm donor of Caucasian, African or any other race, we can get you in touch with some international donor agencies to get your desired sperms.

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