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January 9, 2023

Which is the best Caucasian Egg Donor Agency in India 2023?

Get the Services of Fertile Caucasian Egg Donors in India

Services of an egg donor are required when a woman has poor ovarian reserve or unavailability of fertile eggs for the process of fertilization. The other reasons as to why a woman couldn’t produce a good quantity of fertile eggs is premature ovarian failure and menopause; both the conditions put an end to the menstrual cycles and makes pregnancy no longer attainable for the woman. Therefore, these types of conditions compel the woman to take the help of an egg donor for obtaining the best-quality eggs.

If you are in search of Caucasian egg donors, then you have come to the right place. Sometimes a couple wishes to have a customized baby according to their requirements; they want to have a baby that looks related to them to the largest extent possible. At Select IVF India, we offer the services of a caucasian egg donor in India who are selected after medical testing and screening. We have young caucasian egg donors coming from good families and having great reproductive and overall health. Our caucasian donors are from various countries such as Europe, Georgia, Spain, Ukraine, etc.

Our medical travel agency provides the best caucasian egg donors profiles that you can choose from in order to find the best match for yourself. We have a comprehensive database of caucasian egg donors which is created after the complete screening of the physical and personal characteristics of the egg donors. We remain in touch with the egg donors and ensure their availability at the earliest. Our team can also send you the profiles of the egg donors by varying means of contact so that you can get their detailed information prior to the meeting.

Physical and Personal Attributes for Qualifying Caucasian Egg Donor Profiles

For finding out the potential caucasian egg donor India, comprehensive screening and interviews are done for understanding their personality and other achievements in their life that can help give the overall view of their certain characteristics. These things are important traits apart from the physical ones as it aids in determining their seriousness and commitment towards the process of egg donation.

Physical traits– Appearance of the potential egg donor is the first thing that is taken into consideration for finding out the caucasian egg donors in India. The physical attributes include all the discernible characteristics such as the height, body weight, body type, complexion, hair color, ethnicity, sexual preferences, various birthmarks, and another unique bodily characteristic of the potential egg donor.

Academic and professional background– Besides the physical qualities, educational background is also helpful in determining the levels of their intelligence to some level. For this purpose, we obtain the detailed information involving the various degrees possessed by the potential egg donor, scores of different assessment tests, and also our team can perform the additional test if the patients request us to perform so.

Interests and aptitudes– The potential egg donors will also be asked to disclose their personal interests and their various hobbies such as favorite sports, music, travel destinations, food, number of languages they know, and any other special talents they have.

Caucasian Egg Donor Price in India
Caucasian Egg Donor Price in India

Medical history– It is important to ascertain the general health history of the patient to make sure that they do not have allergies, visual and hearing impairment, or any other type of serious health issues. There are also required to disclose their family history of major defects and ailments such as cancer, diabetes, STDs, renal disease, and other type of genetic disorders if there are any.

Reproductive health testing– Reproductive health history of the potential candidate is thoroughly examined to ensure that they are free from any kind of reproductive health diseases. They will be asked regarding the number of births given by them and also the health of the baby that they have given birth to. They also have to provide the information about the reproductive health of their family as to the number of times they have been pregnant, number of cesarean sections, number of pregnancies carried out to term, etc.

Cut-rate Caucasian Egg Donor Price in India

We offer a highly affordable caucasian egg donor price in India for acquiring the services of healthy caucasian egg donors. The cost of the caucasian egg donor ranges between INR 6,50,000 to INR 7,00,000. No one can offer you the lowest cost than this range along with the services of highly experienced fertility experts for performing the fertility treatment.

Select IVF India is the best caucasian egg donor agency in India having the database of healthy and fertile caucasian egg donors. Our fertility specialists have over three decades of experience in performing the best-quality fertility treatment and making sure that the patients receive positive outcomes in their treatment.

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    We are looking for a Caucasian sperm donor for our daughter we are in pondicherry at the moment
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