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Where to find the best Asian Egg Donor Agency in India 2021?

Remove childlessness with Asian Egg Donor in India

Egg donation is the procedure whereby a healthy egg donor who is screened carefully, donates her eggs to help the other woman in attaining conception. At Select IVF India, our Asian egg donors undergo comprehensive medical testing and interview before confirming their eligibility for becoming an egg donor. We offer our patients the services of the best Asian egg donor in India and they can choose the best egg donor. We work diligently to find a perfect match for our patients so that they can get the desired baby.

There are various reasons that compel the infertile woman to take the assistance of Asian egg donor such as premature ovarian failure, menopause, failed IVF cycle due to poor egg quality, and for preventing the transfer of genetic diseases to the future child. In the fertility treatment, donor eggs are used for making fertilization possible and assuring better chances of conception. The eggs are retrieved from the Asian egg donor and are used for fusing with the sperms and in the end, the embryo is transferred to the recipient’s uterus.

Select IVF India is a famous medical tourism agency in India that offers the services of the best Asian egg donors in India that are selected after performing a comprehensive screening process. Our fertility doctors put concerted efforts for making certain that you get the finest quality fertility treatment. They help the patients in finding the best match and we offer a highly reasonable Asian egg donor price in India. Also, our team at the network hospital ensures that the patients do not face any difficulty during their treatment and experience the most desired results.

How the Asian Egg donor profiles in India get selected?

With the purpose of selecting the best Asian egg donor profiles in India, various medical testing and extensive screening procedures are done to confirm the eligibility of a candidate as a potential Asian egg donor. In addition to the medical screening, interviews are conducted for understanding the other personality characteristics of the potential egg donors.

Physical attributes

Firstly, the various physical characteristic of the potential Asian egg donors is analyzed such as their weight, height, color, sexual orientations, birthmarks, and other different attributes. This is done to see if they have any physical deformities and to make sure they are a perfect match for the concerned patients.

Asian egg donor price in India
Asian egg donor price in India

Educational and professional background

After analyzing the physical attributes, their educational and professional background is thoroughly assessed for ascertaining their intelligence level. A detailed background check is done to find out the scores of various assessment tests given by them. There may be some additional testing done upon the immediate request of the patients.

Medical history and reproductive health history

The potential egg donor’s medical history is also reviewed to ensure they do not have any serious medical conditions such as cancer, genetic disorders, diabetes, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Their reproductive health history is also examined to make sure they are fertile enough to provide the highest quality fertile eggs. It is also important to assess their family medical history as to the number of successful pregnancies and cesarean sections performed till date.

Reasonable Asian Egg Donor Price in India

Select IVF India is the best Asian egg donor agency in India that has the best fertility specialists with more than 30 years of experience in performing the various successful fertility treatments. We have a huge Asian egg donor database that is presented to the couples so that they can find a suitable match. In the repository, the patients can extract detailed information about the various Asian egg donors such as their personal history, family health history, medical history, etc. Additional information such as the number of egg donations given by the egg donor, the egg-quality, etc., will also be provided upon request.

The Asian egg donor price in India lies under the price bracket of INR 1,00,000 to INR 2,00,000 and may go beyond this price range in accordance with different situations. The price for the Asian egg donor involves the cost of all the relevant procedures that are performed in egg donation such as the cost of various fertility medicines, blood tests, lab tests, ultrasounds, etc. Also, our success rates for various fertility treatments are the highest in the city that is why India has become a preferred destination for fertility tourism.

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