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Surrogacy Ukraine 2023- Best Surrogacy Agency with Low Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine – Promise Land for those couples who drops their dream to have own baby

Ready to become Parents by the most efficacious fertility treatment- Surrogacy in Ukraine? If yes then you are on the right click, where you will get A to Z information about the procedure of Surrogacy in Ukraine, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and the best centre, where a couple can go blindly to have their entire treatment. No doubt, Surrogacy is the pricey procedure to have own baby but saying this won’t be right that Surrogacy doesn’t give surety to the couple. There is not any ambivalence point to say that Surrogacy is the only ART method that gives the couple indemnity to attain parenthood.

Ukraine is one of the most widely-held destinations for the Surrogacy treatment; this is because of Ukraine’s favorable and easy going legal system and trouble-free location in the centre of the Europe that makes each individual easy choosing Ukraine as their Surrogacy destination from most of nearby countries.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is the agreement, where a woman (also referred as Surrogate Mother) carries a baby of the intended couple. Surrogacy is a long- going procedure, where the intended couple has to wait for more than 9 months to get their baby via Surrogacy Procedure in Ukraine.

There are three individuals, who are associated in Surrogacy Ukraine; they are –

  1. A Surrogate Mother in Ukraine
  2. Intended Couple (who wish to pull off their pregnancy with the help of Surrogate mother in Ukraine)
  3. And the Team of Select IVF Ukraine, who carries out the surrogacy procedure

All in all, a couple has to fish around for the best Surrogacy Clinic in Ukraine before finalizing any centre for their surrogacy. Since a couple has to spend enough money for their surrogacy treatment, it is their right to ask some questions to ensure the centre, which a couple is going to choose, is Authentic or not. Questions, which the intended couple required to ask, are –

  1. The success rate of Surrogacy Ukraine
  2. Delivery Counts via Surrogacy treatment
  3. Since how many years, Surrogacy Clinic in Ukraine is running at its peak?
  4. Since how many years, the specialist is in the domain of fertility treatments?
  5. You also can ask the specialist’s education qualification

Behavior and nature also carries a vital role giving rise to a reputed and famed Surrogacy Centre in Ukraine, so a couple should also focus on –

  1. Greeting way of the centre’s coordinator
  2. Manner the senior specialist handles your appointment
  3. Is the specialist carefully dealing your case or in hastened?
  4. The proper break-down of the Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

And so on, surrogacy is a beautiful journey, where a woman carries the pregnancy and once the baby is ready to come (after the accomplishment of 9 months), the baby is delivered and handed over to the intended couple.

Why choose Select IVF Ukraine for Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Select IVF Ukraine provides a service putting forward Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine, where the intended couple, at initial stage, has to undergo with IVF treatment and once the embryo forms, healthiest embryo is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus for implantation and pregnancy. If the couple wants egg donation or sperm donor during this procedure, then Select IVF Ukraine has their own donor bank of multiple donors, surrogates and frozen embryos. No biological term is related or taken from the Surrogate mother in Ukraine throughout the procedure of Surrogacy in Ukraine; the main role of surrogate is to carry the baby and won’t have any legal or parental rights after the delivery.

The law of Ukraine states that the permissible parents of a baby are illustrated by DNA only and that’s why one or may be both of the couple legally alluded to Parent. In order to undergo with Surrogacy treatment in Ukraine, the couple must be tied the knot of marriage to confirm dual parental rights.

Surrogacy in Ukraine under Select IVF Ukraine also offers the practice of PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (if couple wants to choose). What is PGD? PGD is the procedure that takes place after the embryos get created. By this process, the cells are examined for the genetic defects and chromosomal abnormalities before selecting the embryo to get transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

Select IVF Ukraine bestows with highest success rate and gives out best result in each and every procedure of surrogacy (starting with the fertilization and ending up with successful pregnancy). Surrogate Mothers in Ukraine provided by this centre are all in excellent state and mental health to accomplish Surrogacy in Ukraine.

The Intended Couple must fulfill the legal requirements for Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is the procedure, which is tightly regulated by the government of Ukraine and thus it makes a secure and stable destination to begin a couple’s family. Before undergoing Surrogacy in Ukraine, a couple has to qualify some rules and procedures. Here are some of the documents, which a couple needs to provide to fulfill the legal requirements of Surrogacy in Ukraine:

  • Passport photocopies of both- male and female partner.
  • Certification of the marriage of the couple, with Apostle.
  • The original letter from the specialist (on the letterhead of the clinic/doctor with doctor’s signature) that states complete information about the couple’s infertility.

The expert needs to ensure any one of the following is true

  • The experts will make sure that the female has absence of the uterus (inborn or acquired)
  • Medical issue in uterus that hinders the woman to hold pregnancy
  • Synechi of womb cavity (that cannot be cured)
  • Failed IVF attempts with fine quality of embryos

Procedure of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine can be performed in two ways, the first is Gestational Surrogacy and other is Traditional Surrogacy in Ukraine. In Ukraine, Gestational Surrogacy is the most preferred and serviceable kind of surrogacy to attain baby by ART technique.

You must be thinking about the difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. The major difference of this two surrogacy method is- the method to achieve fertilization. During traditional surrogacy, the surrogacy is accomplished via procedure of IUI treatment that means the eggs are linked with the surrogate only. Since the egg, which is used during traditional surrogacy is of surrogate, there comes an emotional bonding and so the development of motherly affection begins. This affection creates mess at the end of the Surrogacy in Ukraine.

On the other hand, Gestational Surrogacy is the surrogacy procedure, where the intended couple gives own egg and sperm to the lab for fertilization. Gestational Surrogacy Ukraine is accomplished with the methodology of IVF treatment.

IVF Procedure in Surrogacy Ukraine

During Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine, the initial step till fertilization is as same as conventional IVF treatment goes, where a female has to undergo with regular hormonal injection and fertility medication for 12-14 days to get her ovaries stimulated. Once the expert says Yes for the collection of the eggs, next step that takes place is egg retrieval.

During the step of egg retrieval or Follicular Aspiration, the eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle that pulls each egg from both ovaries. Eggs are kept in the incubator for later process. On the same day, semen sample is collected by the male partner for fertilization. If the sperm is found abnormal or less motile, then ICSI or IMSI is performed to choose motile and morphologically fit sperm to inject directly into the egg.

Embryo Transfer into the Surrogate’s Uterus

Once fertilization is carried out, the expert waits for the embryonic stage for embryo transfer. On the 4th or 5th day of fertilization, best quality of embryo is placed into the surrogate’s uterus to carry pregnancy.

Birth of a baby

Once the surrogate completes 9 months of pregnancy, the Baby is here waiting to enjoy in your lap! Congrats! You have successfully put the last touched of Surrogacy in Ukraine. Team of Select IVF Ukraine will get all the essential paperwork done so that the couple will happily take the baby home.

Who can opt for Surrogacy in Ukraine?

  • Women who are able to produce eggs or have proper ovulation but have no uterus or have undergone with a surgery of Hysterectomy (where the uterus is removed).
  • Women with medical issue with their uterus.
  • Those women who are having uterus and have good quality of eggs but their uterus unable to hold the pregnancy or incapable to carry the embryo till last date of delivery.
  • Miscarriage due to several reasons.

Advantages of Surrogacy in Ukraine

  • The legal Procedure of Surrogacy is clear and easily understandable by the intended couple.
  • There is not any court procedure throughout the entire process of Surrogacy. However, there is the condition that a couple must be legally married to pursue Surrogacy in Ukraine. There won’t be any court approaches regarding the parental rights, which a couple has to go through with.
  • Ukraine offers visa-free travel
  • No age Restriction
  • Best fertility team and guidance by Select IVF Ukraine

Eligibility criteria of Surrogate mother in Ukraine

There are certain requirements and necessities of choosing a Surrogate Mother Ukraine according the rule of ART specialist Clinic, some of the important aspects are –

  • Surrogate should be in the age group of 25-35
  • A surrogate Mother in Ukraine should be healthy and mentally fit to hold a baby
  • Must have previous pregnancy complication free.
  • Should not have miscarriage found in past pregnancy
  • Surrogate Ukraine must have had given birth to a single child
  • Helpful family of surrogate is a plus point for soothing pregnancy duration
  • Signed all the legal documents of the agreement of surrogacy
  • Away from any addiction, such as drugs, consumption of alcohol, smoke etc.
  • Pleasant personality
  • Should not have any history of acute disease such as depression, heart problem, BP issue etc.
  • She should not have any relation to commissioning parents

By the fertility team of Select IVF Ukraine, fertility tests are carried out to make sure all the surrogates are in excellent and physical fit condition, have at least one natural baby and should under the age group of 35. Select IVF Ukraine takes full sense of duty all through the way of Surrogacy process in Ukraine. Each and every medical care, prenatal care, postnatal care and others if any, is provided by the team of Select IVF Ukraine.

At The Bottom Line

Surrogacy Ukraine is the ultimate way to achieve own baby from another womb. Gestational Surrogacy Ukraine is the preferred surrogacy method over traditional one. Surrogacy in Ukraine represents high success rate and has good number of delivery counts via this method.  We offer Surrogacy in Ukraine based on ultra-modern methodology, innovative ideas performed by world-class fertility veterans. Proper care and guidance at each step is given to both- the chosen Surrogate Mother in Ukraine and the Intended couple.

Every year, thousands of couples opt for Surrogacy process in Ukraine and take their newborn back to their home jovially, So, if you are planning for Surrogacy in Ukraine, go ahead, the door is waiting to welcome your baby soon!

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