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Doctors are the godsend humans, which saves the life of patients. What makes a good doctor? Education or qualification? Beyond a shadow of doubt, education, experience matters but the most important point, which contributes goodness and generosity of doctor is their understanding behaviour. Surrogacy expert Kolkata gives incomparable treatment to disentangle the problem of infertility.

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There are several reasons that cause infertility like excess weight, underweight, heavy workout, stress, improper diet, non-scheduled routine etc. In urban area, the counts of infertile couples are high rather than rural place. There are numerous fertility treatments, which gives effective results to have own baby. But what if all the productive fertility treatments have kneeled down and unsuccessful, then Surrogacy is the last and final solution to have your own baby.

Surrogacy Specialist Kolkata

Surrogacy is the procedure where a surrogate agrees to carry a baby of another couple and hand-over the baby to the intended couple once the delivery happens. Surrogacy specialist Kolkata gives the A-1 surrogacy treatment providing full satisfaction to the patient. The surrogacy experts Kolkata achieve the entire step of surrogacy procedure without any discomfort.

Select IVF is the leading medical tourism company that comes up with crackerjack and veteran fertility experts. Surrogacy Specialist Kolkata has master hands and is well-known by their high success rate. They are unique in their own process.

Why to select Surrogacy doctor Kolkata

One of the most unique and uncommon point of surrogacy expert in Kolkata is its success rate of fixing out sterility issue. Surrogacy experts in Kolkata provides A-1 treatment to elucidate sterility disorder and surrogacy is the end and most effective fertility ART technique to get to the bottom of infertility. Infertility can’t be removed by its root but by using different techniques, it is possible to have your own baby. One of the best and final options to get rid of sterility is surrogacy treatment in Kolkata. Success rate of fertility treatment relies on some factors like the age of the woman, egg quality, embryo quality, sperms motility and but obvious fertility expert also matter in the success rate of any treatment.

Surrogacy specialist Kolkata is highly educated and has more than 25 years of experience in solving infertility cause, they never let down the patient’s hope neither they give any fake promise. They listen carefully, give proper time at the time of initial consultation, and then treat the exact cause by providing the appropriate solution in a very smooth and a calm manner.

Surrogacy is categorized into two parts, Gestational and traditional. Gestational surrogacy is chosen over traditional because in traditional, surrogate mother uses her own eggs and this method is achieved by the procedure of AI i.e. Artificial Insemination, where intended male partner’s sperms are washed in the lab and then placed into the uterus of the surrogate. Here emotional attachment is developed by the surrogate mother side and this is the reason why traditional surrogacy is not preferred by the intended couple. In gestational surrogacy is done with the help of IVF where sperms and eggs are collected from the intended couple. Once the IVF procedure of fertilization is completed, embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Select IVF gives the best surrogates for surrogacy procedure, who have qualified all the eligibility criteria and have soothing personality.

Golden points of surrogacy specialists Kolkata

  • Experienced and well-known specialist within the department of Surrogacy treatment
  • Have solved several of the couple’s issue of sterility
  • Motivate and initiate hopeless barren couples to travel for surrogacy and have your own baby by choosing out the most effective fertility treatment
  • Gives correct time to the unfertile couple who need to travel surrogacy by providing complete details to them.
  • Never have asked regarding additional charges throughout the treatment or after the course of surrogacy.
  • Have crystal clear package of surrogacy treatment
  • Transparency of each and every procedure during surrogacy

The Surrogacy experts Kolkata rises each of the parties to agree on the terms and conditions of the surrogacy procedure where it has been mentioned that the surrogate don’t have any issue of carrying a baby of another couple. During nine month of pregnancy duration, the surrogate is paid her services monthly but the left-out balance will alone be paid to her once the heartbeat of the baby is confirmed so the surrogate  hand-over the baby to the meant couple. On the birth certificate, name of the baby’s actual parent is mentioned. The procedure is safe and uncomplicated; yes, only one thing you need to carry with yourself and that is patience.

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