Surrogacy Cost in Ghana

How much does surrogacy cost in Ghana 2023?

Increasing infertility rate and complication in carrying a child in the womb has led infertile couples of Ghana to choose surrogacy. With that surrogacy cost in Ghana is touching the sky. That left many infertile couples despairs. In this article, we will give you complete information on surrogacy treatment and an affordable surrogacy cost in Ghana.

In Ghana, a report revealed that 50% of men failed in making their wives pregnant yet women are stigmatized by society. They have to experience the brutality of the people. In another report, it is mention that the female infertility rate in Ghana is 12% whereas the male infertility rate is about 16%.  Many women abandoned by their husbands and family because of infertility. There are numbers of cases where a couple isn’t able to give birth to a child within a year of marriage, for that reason society started insulting them. Infertility is seen as a curse.

Select IVF Cost Vs Indira IVF Cost Comparison

Advanced fertility treatment has been proven as a ray of hope for couples. Surrogacy has filled many lives with happiness till now and has intended to do in future too.  Surrogacy is a type of ART technique, where an embryo developed with the mother’s egg and father’s sperm implanted in a surrogate mother uterus. A couple needs a surrogate when the womb or uterus of the intended mother is not strong enough to carry a pregnancy due to any factor or if an intended mother has a history of miscarriages, doctors recommend surrogacy treatment.

Traditional and gestational are two methods of surrogacy. In many countries, the traditional method of surrogacy is banned. In the traditional method sperm of the father fertilize the egg of the surrogate through IVF and then it is implanted in the surrogate mother uterus. That makes the child biologically connected to the birth mother. It is believed that in this method birth mother develops an emotional connection with the child, which can harm her mentally.

Whereas in the gestational method, the intended mother’s egg and intended father’s sperm are combined to form an embryo then it is implanted in the birth mother’s uterus to develop pregnancy. The child is not connected biologically or genetically with the birth mother.

Surrogacy cost in Ghana
Surrogacy cost in Ghana

For appointing a surrogate through the gestational method an agreement is signed between the birth mother and biological parents. In that agreement intended parent agrees to pay for all the necessary expenses in pregnancy term and a fair amount of fee to birth mother for childbearing.  

Whereas in the altruistic method no fee is paid to the surrogate mother as a surrogate in this method is known to the childless couples and shares a relationship with them.  In many countries commercial surrogacy (where a surrogate is not an acquaintance of the clients) is also illegal.  

An ideal surrogacy centre in Ghana will assist its clients legally, mentally and financially by providing them with efficacious treatment at an accessible cost of surrogacy in Ghana. Select IVF ensures the above-given factors. That is why select IVF is a choice of many foreign countries for providing quality treatment at an affordable price. This centre has a long list of happy clients, who had lost all hopes are now parents of healthy children. 

Surrogacy cost in Ghana

In surrogacy, various methods are used to form an embryo for pregnancy.

  • With a donor’s egg
  • With donor’s sperm
  • With donor embryo

These factors affect the cost of surrogacy in Ghana. The average surrogacy cost in Ghana is GHC 150 000.  This amount includes all the expenses from the required tests of intended parents and surrogates to the birth mother’s fee.

There are no strict laws for protecting rights of surrogates in Ghana; because of it, many agencies cheat birth mothers by doing fake promises. Select IVF believes in transparency with its clients and surrogates. They offer a fair and decided amount to the surrogates so that birth mothers get the reward for the services provided by them to the couples.

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    The selection process of surrogates in Select IVF in Ghana is done by keeping a record of the birth mother’s history; her medical reports, surrogacy history. After selecting an ideal surrogate, all the medical tests are done by the centre before starting the main procedure of surrogacy. The centre also verifies the mental health of the birth mother.

    The centre provides counselling to the surrogate and willing to be parents for eliminating the confusions that help intended parents to select the right thing for them. The centre provides detailed information on the packages of surrogacy before starting the process so that a patient does not feel cheated or tricked. This is the detailed information of surrogacy cost in Ghana.

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