Surrogacy Clinic Delhi – A clinic of hope to achieve the goal of having an own baby

Surrogacy Clinic Delhi is a leading and top clinic under Select IVF, the medical tourism company which is now become the hope of many infertile couples to achieve their goal of having an own baby. This clinic provides the best facilities to all the people across the globe such as 24*7 full support, personal and medical care, use the latest and advanced techniques to treat the causes of infertility, equipment used for treatment has been purchased from international market to deliver the highest success rates, qualified and skilled professionals, educated other staff members etc. under one roof. Also, the couples will enjoy their stay at Surrogacy Clinic Delhi as they provide the pleasant and comfortable stay throughout the journey so that couple will able to concentrate on the treatment for achieving the successful outcome of the procedure.

The motive of the fertility experts working at Surrogacy Clinic Delhi is to shed out all the tears of the couples who were struggling for a long period of time to have their own baby and for this the fertility experts at Surrogacy Clinic Delhi provides the best surrogacy procedures when all other fertility procedures are failed to provide them with the successful outcome. The surrogacy procedures are (i) gestational surrogacy and (ii) traditional surrogacy.

Both the procedures of the surrogacy are the best and will help the infertile couples to have their own baby. The only difference is that in gestational surrogacy the eggs and the sperms of the intended parents are used for fertilization and in traditional surrogacy, the eggs of the surrogates are fertilized with the sperm of the intended father to facilitate the fertilization.

    What are the success rates of the Surrogacy Centre Delhi?

    Till now the success rates for taking the baby home from the Surrogacy Centre Delhi are very high as compared to the success rates of other clinics. If the couple is undergoing for the gestational surrogacy then the success rate is around 70 to 80% and with traditional surrogacy procedure, it is around 55 to 65%. Both the procedures at Surrogacy Centre Delhi have quite significant success rates and these are the success rates which are unbeatable with the rest of the world.

    The highest success rates with the low-cost treatment at Surrogacy Centre Delhi under Select IVF, the medical tourism company attracts the attention of many international patients to visit Delhi for their infertility treatment and take their baby home successfully. The Surrogacy Centre Delhi is also known as the “Centre of Blessings” as the people who lost their hope of having the baby has achieved their dream and now they are the one who is enjoying their parenthood happily with their own baby. Also, these couples go to their home city and recommend the Surrogacy Centre Delhi to their friends and relatives who all are dealing with the same or different causes of infertility to have their own baby.

    Is Surrogacy Hospital Delhi following any legal procedure?

    As far as the surrogacy procedure concern there is no such legal law applicable on that, however, the Surrogacy Hospital Delhi follow the procedure which is not legal but the couples and the surrogates need to follow that policy before they begin the treatment. Both the surrogates and the intended parents need to sign the mutual agreement which states that the surrogate will carry the baby in her womb for 9 months and will hand-over the baby to his/ her intended parents. On the other hand, the intended parents are ready to bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother until the baby birth. The Surrogacy Hospital Delhi under Select IVF, the medical tourism company will follow this procedure just to run the treatment smooth and hassle-free.

    Once the procedure is completed, the intended parents need to file a petition in Court for seeking the permission to be a legal parent of the baby born through surrogacy. The Court will review the documents and will order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate in the name of the intended parents as a legal parent and the surrogate mother has no relationship with the baby born.

    The experts at Surrogacy Hospital Delhi ask to sign the agreement because they wish that the couples will leave the hospital with the heart full of happiness and also the surrogates who took the pain will get their compensation on time and this way the surrogacy procedure will run very smooth at Surrogacy Hospital Delhi.