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IVF Mumbai- A successful ART technique by which your dream come true

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is advance fertility treatments, which entangles the issue of fertility.Infertility is that black mark which has affected many couple’s life. In India,more than 25 million of couples are suffering from this disorder. Infertility in a simple definition- is a problem where a couple is not able to conceive(doing natural intercourse) after a year of trying. Infertility is not a matter of female but male as well.

This disorder is impossible to eliminate from its root point but infertile couple can conceive by using some unnatural mode of treatments like IVF / ICSI etc. IVF comes in one of the latest and productive treatment to get to the bottom of sterility issue. IVF is artificial method to resolve the matter of infertility. This fertility treatment comes in ART technique and is well known to hit upon the issue of infertility. Cause of infertility could be various, which may include- urban hectic lifestyle,addiction of the drugs, smoke or any alcohol, overweight, underweight and unhealthy life routine etc. IVF in Mumbai is a straightforward and trouble-free process. It’s a procedure where sperms and eggs are mixed together in the lab for fertilization.

Is IVF treatment right for each infertile partner?

IVF treatment is generally selected by those couples who are unable to conceive by their own. This course of medication is picked out by-

  • Females who have their Fallopian tubes blocked or damaged
  • Male Infertility like low count of sperms, less mobility etc.
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Genetic disorder
  • Females who are experiencing premature ovulation disorder / improper ovulation

IVF is known as the best and productive fertility treatment to get to the bottom of sterility issue. Whenever any couple suffer from this disorder then their first priority is to undergo this treatment. Experts of IVF Mumbai are highly qualified and experienced. They do have skillful hands on each treatment in addition with they try their best to entangle the issue of any fertility problems.

Procedure of IVF Mumbai-

Mumbai is known as popular place to do IVF treatment. Procedure of IVF in Mumbai is simple and it takes 4-5 steps for its completion. Starting step of IVF is the fertility drugs and medication. Your fertility expert starts providing you fertility drugs and medication for the stimulation of eggs, so that multiple eggs release instead of a single egg for better fertilization. Second step is when the eggs are retrieved from the specialist; on the same day, semen collection is taken from the male partner. When eggs and sperms are received from the couple, experts mix these two combinations on a culture dish for natural fertilization. Healthy and motile sperm fuses with the egg; as soon as it fuses with egg fertilization happens. After 2-3 days of fertilization, an embryo is placed into the uterus of the female partner. Within 10-14 days of transferring an embryo, pregnancy test is taken for the confirmation of embryo is successfully implemented in the womb. Select IVF is that golden door of those sterile couples who are confused to do their IVF treatment; it offers A-1 treatment and calmly completes the course of medication of any fertility treatment.

Why to choose IVF Treatment Mumbai?

IVF Clinic in Mumbai is designed in well planned structure and is completely hygienic. Experts and fertility team are ready to co-ordinate with the patients anytime. It has 24*7 consultation facility where you can chat or call anytime. Most unique quality of IVF Mumbai is its cost-effective package of fertility treatment. The package of IVF course of medication of IVF Mumbai is INR 2,20,000. This kit of IVF treatment includes- blood hormonal tests, Trans vaginal ultrasounds, fertility drugs and medication, rest of IVF step. The uncommon fact of IVF in Mumbai is its loyalty and genuineness, never ever taken extra bugs from the patients except the exact amount of IVF.

Go happy and live blissfully by selecting IVF Mumbai-Success rate of IVF treatment majorly depends upon the age of the woman. Woman’s age is important because egg quality has a direct impact of successful fertilization. If the female partner is below 35 then her eggs are of fine grade and healthy to be fertilized with the sperm,but if female age is above 35 her eggs started to become less healthy and thus affecting on the success rate of the fertilization. IVF Mumbai set out every possibility to achieve high success rate by fulfilling each patient’s desire.

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