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Pregnancy test after IVF

After performing all the steps relative to IVF, the final step is to analyze the pregnancy that is the female is expecting the new born child or not is the final result which is to be announced after testing the pregnancy that is the relative outcome after the treatment towards infertility should be positive or negative should decide the most positive allusion that is depending on the successful results oriented or non succeeded in a particular program of treatment relative to IVF should be considered with full efficacy once the pregnancy should be tested by the female.

Once the embryo transfer is to be done well then the next step is to identify the pregnancy that may decide the best successful results with the help of estrogen or progesterone that are the hormones that can increase the chances of success results and for that level of hormonal increment the experts should recommend the vitamins and minerals and also some medications that increase the hormonal level of these hormones in the female’s body so that she can conceive sooner and also with best possibility that increases the higher success results of pregnancy.

After embryo transfer process is to be done fertility doctors may recommend the patient for the complete bed rest of maximum 28 hours so that the female should feel better after embryos transfer and also if there is only single embryo to be transferred in the female patient’s uterus than the chances to succeed should be minimal or even negative chances are there as in comparison to the transferring of more than 3 embryos.

There should be two or more than two weeks wait after transferring the embryos and before testing the pregnancy that the pregnancy should be determined after two weeks of embryo transferring process whether to be negative or positive should be assessable.

Pregnancy test after IVF should be either positive or may be negative depending up on the scenario that is allured with such acquisition.

  • Positive pregnancy test after IVF

If you are getting the results to be positive after the treatment of IVF then it is the matter of joy and celebration for the couple involved with such activity then the treatment should be made with positive outcome that is being accessed because of HCG level to be higher than the outcome is positive otherwise it is negative in one way or the other. In order to determine the results the beta level should be tested with HCG level in the blood so as to get the positive results with the pregnancy ratio in maximum probable positive success.

A healthy pregnancy should be sure when the HCG level present in the blood must be in maximum amount and also for this surety there must be multiple pregnancy tests to be done for beta normalizing for the respective confirmation of proceeding normal pregnancy which must be done within the period of about 17 days for actual confirmation.

  • Negative pregnancy test after IVF

If you get a negative test after IVF treatment it’s a matter of sorrow and disappointment for the couple as the couple will be no longer succeeded in artificial insemination that allure the treatment to be a matter of depression for the couple once the couple tested pregnancy at home or at the fertility clinic where the treatment is associated with pregnancy results.

As the level of HCG should be found low in the blood vessels which assess the treatment to be negative testing with low or minimum level of HCG cells in blood which accelerates the treatment to be moved with the negative success results. As HCG level is very low through which the pregnancy access negative results to be throw out after the fertility treatment with IVF.

If the results are negative once IVF treatment should be done than it accelerates that the couple should opt for the second attempt towards the pregnancy to be formed successful with positive outcome for the treatment related to IVF in the hope that in second attempt may be the treatment throw out negative results with such aspect of allusion for the fertility treatment resulting scenario..

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