How Much Does ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi

How Much Does ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi 2021?


If we will talk about the treatment types, then we will find plenty of the treatment options that eradicate the issue of infertility. True, if we will look deep into the depth of the fertility treatments, we will get to know that is a particular procedure to treat the fertility type of a male or female (dependent on one’s fertility problem), IVF being the universal remedy.

Do you know that IVF is also performed with other assisted reproductive techniques (ART)? If yes, then that’s awesome to know you have done the background work, and if not then that’s fine too – because we are there to make you understand. IVF treatment, without a doubt, is the best solution to stamp out the fertility issue but when it comes to solve the male infertility subject, there might be the need of additional method (of ART) that facilitates the progression of successful fertilization. The very first and foremost treatment solving the male infertility is IUI – during IUI, the male provides his semen sample for direct placing into the uterus of his partner (just before the phase of ovulation).

What if this basic (IU) process couldn’t work well? Then there is the best way to have a baby by using the ICSI treatment with the IVF; ICSI procedure is always accomplished using the IVF; also is used with surgical sperm retrieval (where the sperm is retrieved using the surgical procedure) and then the motile and active sperm is selected utilizing ICSI technique. ICSI treatment shows a decent result; one can find 55-65% success rate of ICSI at the best ICSI centre in Delhi.

What’s the ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi – this question must be running into your head. Since ICSI method comes in the advanced methodology of an ART following multiple steps– it is quite expensive than the basic treatments of male infertility treatment. That’s obvious too! One cannot think for any of the advanced ART treatment at thousand bucks or even one lakhs.

However no need of taking stress and nervousness for the treatment cost as you can get the best value and some discounts at the best ICSI clinic in Delhi. The ICSI Cost in Delhi at the best fertility centres are genuine and authentic and don’t ask for any additional charge from the couple.


You need not to worry about the ICSI Cost in Delhi especially when you are choosing this treatment under the proficient doctors at the best ICSI clinic Delhi. Best clinics not just give you so many options but consider your case always important. No one will get any kind of hurdles, say for taking the quotation from the coordinator, or meeting with the senior experts – each thing goes very well!

ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi 2020
ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi

ICSI procedure in Delhi is a fertility treatment which is used in nearly half of all the IVF procedures through which the couples will able to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure which ICSI Treatment Delhi alone is not able to provide. So treating the cause of infertility in male members IVF with ICSI is the best and successful treatment to fulfill the dream of having an own baby.

ICSI Treatment is a procedure where the fertility expert will directly inject the single active sperm into each egg of the woman to facilitate the fertilization. In case, the fertility expert is unable to extract the sperms from the male members ejaculate then they extract them by using two methods (i) Percutaneous Epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) or (ii) testicular sperm aspiration (TESA). If still enough sperms are not extracted for fertilization then the fertility expert will use the more advanced method which is Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE).If ICSI has been done with SSR (any of the above mentioned surgical procedure), then the overall ICSI Cost in Delhi gets influenced (approximate INR 2, 50,000 – 3, 50,000) depending on the type of surgical procedure is used.

Once the fertility expert is able to extract enough sperms from male member ejaculate then it will be fertilized with each egg of a woman to establish the successful pregnancy.


The overall ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi is around INR 1, 85,000 – INR 2, 00,000, which also includes the cost of the IVF procedure and also includes the cost of the medication which required stimulating the women ovaries so that she is able to produce the healthy and mature eggs in one cycle. If the couple compare the ICSI Treatment Cost Delhi with other countries than they find the Delhi is the most reasonable city in terms of fertility treatments, however, the couple require the egg donor or the surrogate mother for their treatment than the ICSI Cost Delhi will increase accordingly and both male and female members will go for the different procedures.

Inclusion in ICSI Treatment Cost Delhi:    

  • Airport pick-up
  • Initial consultation with a fertility expert
  • Blood tests and ultrasound scans
  • A complete cycle of IVF/ICSI
  • Sperm preparation
  • Sperm or egg collection
  • Embryo transfer

Exclusions from ICSI Cost Delhi

  • Arrangements for food, clothing, accommodation etc.
  • Freezing of sperms for future use
  • In case the sperms retrieved using the advanced technology such as PESA, TESA, or TESE.
  • In case couple wants to freeze or store the embryos for the first year which will not be covered under the ICSI Treatment Cost Delhi.


The reason that the ICSI Treatment Clinic Delhi under the Select IVF, the medical tourism company is become the first and the preferred choice for many international couples because this is a clinic which has the highly qualified and skilled professionals who have the ability to make the pregnancy possible for the couples over the age of 40 years wherein they have been refused to be treated by the fertility experts in their own countries.

ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi 2020
ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi

Also, the ICSI Treatment Clinic Delhi provides the world-class facility under one roof such as 24*7 medical and personal support, best fertility treatment which gives the successful outcome, reasonable cost of the treatment, trained fertility experts and embryologists, required blood tests and scans in the clinic only etc. These facilities are at the par with the rest of the world and attract the attention of many international patients to visit the ICSI Treatment Clinic Delhi for their infertility issues.

At the ICSI centre, the fertility experts mainly focus on to increase the chances of the successful conception by minimizing the cost of the treatment and this makes the ICSI procedure as the preferred choice and people across the world visit the clinic where their hope of having an own baby turns into reality. One gets the most authentic ICSI Treatment Cost in Delhi at the fertility clinics under Select IVF India.

Providing the world-class treatment of IVF-ICSI to the couples at the same time asking for the genuine ICSI Cost in Delhi, there are many couples who are not Indian (international couples – who are looking for the IVF with ICSI) travel to Delhi choosing this treatment to get the best result.

Closing Lines –

ICSI treatment is the best fertility treatment at the network hospitals and clinics under Select IVF India, the medical tourism company which helps in treating the causes of infertility in male members due to which a fertile woman is unable to become pregnant. The causes of male infertility such as poor or low sperm count, abnormal shape of semen, no sperms available in male members ejaculate etc. These are the causes which stop the male member in conceiving a baby every time the couple plan to build their family they failed to do so because of the infertility issues with the male member and the best option is the ICSI Treatment which helps the couple in conceiving an own baby.

If you have further query about the ICSI Cost in Delhi at the best ICSI centres Delhi, you either can drop your information in the chat box or chat with our coordinators for any of the information associated with the fertility issues. We would be pleased to help you ensuring to get the right answer what you are looking for!

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