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What is the success rate of IVF treatment? : Assure result of IVF treatment

IVF success rate of the treatment albeit has whatever success rate, we assure the success rate of the treatment at our centre. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the infertility treatment in which both the gamete are fertilized outside the body of a female and implanted in a healthy uterus. There are many IVF treatments which are selected on the basis of a problem faced by the couple to conceive.  The success of the treatment also depends upon many factors as – age of the couple, the selected IVF treatment, the experts selected, the hospital’s facility, equipment needed, and other medical facilities. On all and over the success rate of the IVF treatment is about 50-55% of the total. At the best IVF centres, one can easily find this figure of IVF Success Rate in Delhi, i.e. of 45-55%. IVF treatment success rate using self-egg procedure is always in the range of 45-55%. If the couple has been recommended using the advanced procedure of (ICSI/IMSI/PICSI/ donor etc.), the success rate of IVF always gets influenced and goes higher than the conventional IVF success rate.

Age alter the infertility treatment in many ways. Basically, female alters the rate of the treatment that faces the problem of ovulation, women with fewer eggs and lower quality, and lower quantity of older women. The women with higher age are uncomfortable at the time of treatment with the least success rate. Thus, women are suggested to start with the treatment very early as well as a male also should start the treatment as early as possible. IVF success rate in Delhi also varies with the choice of experts. The selected experts should have a good experience and positive feedback. The doctors and team should be able to motivate and encourage the patients and the family. At our centre, we have managed the well-experienced experts for more than 30 years of experience in the same field.

IVF success rate in Delhi
IVF success rate in Delhi

On yearly basis, they are very smooth to handle a huge crowd of patients. The experts do not lose their patients after observing the huge crowd. We have the best management to settle many patients at a time. Sufficient numbers of beds are available at the centre so that no any patients return without the treatment. Understanding the success rate of the treatment is the first priority of any patient intending for the treatment. The total of the treatment depends upon the number of IVF cycles altered to gain a complete result.  The number of IVF cycles preferred by the patient would not be determined by any of the research at the very prior stage; it will be known only after the treatments complete. It is impossible to predict the number of IVF cycles needed for a successful IVF treatment.

IVF success rates Delhi: a successful cheap treatment

Success rates Delhi is a treatment with a high success rate at very nominal price ever known. For the residents of NCR zone, it is the best-recommended treatment which has a very good reputation for success at a very best price. We are very fair and loyal to our work and co-operative to the patient such that the patient feels easy to convey any messages to the team. The work in this manner becomes very effective and fruitful to the patient. Delhi patients are very safe to the infertility treatment as the centre do not take any risk over the treatment procedure. We have the world-class experts from over the world and if need in some critical or unknown cases the experts are invited from other countries too. The visitor from the neighboring country to visits our centre and returns in a very satisfied manner.  The number of cycles needed for a successful result depends upon the female healthy too; it may vary from individual to individual. In recent years, day by day the success rate of the treatment is increasing day by day as the technology has developed a lot.  A couple making a child is very common and is an innate character of any of the couple. But sometimes if they naturally fail the couple needs to discuss the success rate of IVF and proceed towards the treatment.

Factors on which IVF Success Rate in Delhi depends –

The IVF treatment is an assisted fertilization in which your choice is of the first priority. IVF success rate Delhi varies on the choice, if you opt for more than one child at a time it might happen riskily. Thus, at very initial phase try to plan only one child albeit maximum of 12 embryos is formed. For the best result of the fertility treatment, it is very compulsory to have a good health for both the couple. The health of yours would determine the success rate and at the time of treatment, everything should be at a good position.

There are like this, some major points on which the IVF treatment depends on, such as –

  • The age of the couple
  • Weight of the couple (especially the woman’s weight)
  • Fertility issue of the couple (whether it is basic or advanced)
  • The quality of the eggs (provided by the would be mother)
  • Sperm motility and number of count
  • Embryo quality
  • Is the IVF treatment is accomplished using other advanced technique of an ART methodology?
  • IVF accomplished using the donor options (egg/ sperm/ embryo)
  • Lifestyle factors also affect the success rate of an IVF

Let’s get bit more into such factors and learn how the above factors affect the IVF Success Rate in Delhi –

Age of the patient. The lady’s age assumes a significant part in deciding the IVF Success rate Delhi. Ladies more than the age of 35 or 40 face trouble achieving the natural pregnancy even with the fertility treatment as she encounters a reduced ovarian hold with a decrease in her age. Consequently, age is one of the primary supporters of expanding the odds of achievement in IVF treatment. For ladies more than 40, advance assisted reproductive treatment will be prescribed by the specialists so as to have higher chances of successful IVF pregnancy.

Weight of the patient. The heaviness of the lady is one of the chief factors that chooses the odds with which a lady achieve pregnancy by IVF treatment and thus weight also affect the IVF Success rate in Delhi. A sound body is basic for getting pregnant through IVF as being underweight or overweight will adversely affect the couple of achieving sound pregnancy. Appropriately, it is critical for a lady to keep up her weight balanced. It is recommended to have a healthy diet and do regular normal yoga (a woman can take advice to the doctor about the yoga asana).

Past Couple’s fertility history. The senior fertility expert will look at the couple’s past history of the patient to examine whether going through an IVF treatment will be the correct choice for them or there is the recommendation of the advanced IVF treatment. In the event that you have a decent fertility history and conceptive wellbeing, at that point you may effectively get pregnant with the assistance of IVF treatment alone (with self-eggs). On the opposite side, if the couple (say woman or man) have an advanced issue behind their infertility, at that point accomplishing the IVF will be hard for them and thus there might be the assistance of the advanced treatment of an ART (IMSI/ICSI/ SSR/ LAG/ PGD or donor)at the case of the couple. If the IVF is completed using the advanced technique of an ART, IVF Success rate in Delhi gets higher and there could be a decent possibility of getting pregnant.

IVF success rate in Delhi
IVF success rate in Delhi

The Bottom Line –

Lifestyle impacts is also the crucial aspect of getting a sound result by the IVF procedure. How you carry on with your life enormously impacts your wellbeing and level of fertility too and negative behavior patterns, for example, smoking, drinking isn’t useful for anybody thinking to have a baby through IVF. Any sort of addictions isn’t useful for the couple (who is undergoing IVF)as it harms the fertility potential and make poor the quality of the eggs. Thusly, it is way too wise to stay away from such kinds of addiction and consumption of the bad habits. This won’t even make the eggs poor, but also it impacts on the embryo quality too. Hence be on the balanced diet, eat healthy and proteinaceous intake, be fit, not to smoke, and think about your healthy future too.

On an average, the IVF Success rate in Delhi on an average is 45-55% at the best IVF centres under the Select IVF India which is the most noteworthy fertility platform to get the decent success rate for IVF treatment. The high success rate of IVF in Delhi the significant fascination in global patients and the motivation behind why they pick Delhi for their IVF treatment. Our delivery or success rates are higher in contrast with other IVF centers in India and we offer the best fertility guidance and services to the patients inside a reasonable value range. Select IVF India is a leading and emerging fertility platform in India (also it deals with some of the abroad countries providing the fertility treatments)and has the best fertility team with more than thirty years of involvement of senior IVF expert performing the IVF treatment. The fertility specialists and IVF team utilize the most advanced technology elucidating the couples’ fertility problem.

If you want more information about the IVF treatment or the Success rate, or you are confused where to go to get the best success rate via IVF, you can call our support team! We would be happy to guide you!

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