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How Much Does Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi


What if the couple has been experiencing adverse outcomes while trying to get a baby? Directly rushing to the fertility centre for the treatment? Or plan calmly what would be the appropriate next step that must be done? One might get confused when the situation comes, where you are attempting to conceive naturally but couldn’t conceive with an affirmative test. Infertility or say fertility issues never come after knocking the door of your reproductive system saying may I come in? Many aspects lead to the individual’s fertility problem – it could be an external factor or internal medical issues. An external factor may include irregular diet chart, low lifestyle, scantiness of sleep, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoke, and intake of harmful drugs. While the internal medical issue could be endometriosis, PCOS issue, no sperm at all in the ejaculation (for men), premature ovarian failure and so on. However, the crucial thing is the health of the male or the female to have a successful conception. If the female is healthy enough, has regular (on time) menstruation, be in good physical shape and has perfect body weight with a sound BMI, then the woman won’t have to face any kind of infertility issues. However, if the female has irregular menstruation cycle, delay in cycles, heavy or acute painful bleeding, by that time, the female might have to rush to the fertility centre to know the exact issue. Since these are some significant hints for the woman about their pregnancy-related issues, it is required for a couple to undergo a proper fertility investigation test.

Take a deep breath in and let your stress out. We know infertility is heart-rending matter and is one of the concerning issues of the couple who is facing the days of infertility wishing soon they give birth to a newborn. But no worries! There are many solutions to treat this problem, and one we are taking right now here is the most famous procedure of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) – Test Tube Baby Treatment in Delhi.

    Test Tube Baby or IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the most preferred methods to treat infertility issues in men and women. Test Tube baby Treatment in Delhi has helped women in various ways to solve the infertility problems arising to them. The infertile couples chose the test tube baby procedure to cope with their infertility problems as soon as possible. In the procedure, the egg from the healthy women is taken out, and the father’s sperm is taken out, both the gametes are fertilized in the tube outside the female body. The procedure so is called In Vitro Fertilization and the bay to be born is called a test-tube baby.

    Test Tube Baby is categorized as the basic or conventional method, and the advanced procedure; based on the fertility type, the fertility expert analyse which treatment would go best for the couple to solve the fertility problem. Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi is based on the couple’s fertility plan, whether they have been recommended for the standard treatment or advanced. The very next question that should be searched by the couple is how to go for the right fertility centre in Delhi for the treatment. In search of the best centre for the test tube, a couple should select the fertility clinic giving a decent success rate; we will more get into the topic of success rate about the test-tube baby treatment later in this page.

    We – Select IVF India is one of the leading fertility agencies providing the top-notch fertility centres at a very authentic fertility treatment cost. At our best fertility centre in Delhi, the couple gets the world-class fertility treatment under the skilled and highly proficient specialist. Test tube baby Treatment Delhi is the renowned methodology of ART with a decent delivery rate of the treatment. The success rate of IVF depends on many factors- the age of the couple, number of the previous trials, selection of the centre expert for treatment, expert’s experience count, and the facilities the centre. One must consider the Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi too before paying the advanced to the clinic.

    The Procedure of Test Tube Baby Treatment in Delhi – How it works –

    Test Tube Baby Treatment follows multiple steps, and thus it requires proper time and concentration of the couple at the fertility clinic. This procedure tags along with five steps and the steps are –

    • The very first step of the Test Tube Baby Treatment in Delhi is – ovulation stimulation procedure. During this step of the stimulation, the woman has to be in a few medications (known as fertility medication) and hormonal injections for ten to twelve days. This medication is mandatory in the standard test tube baby treatment in order to get more eggs for the procedure of fertilization. By stimulating the ovary of the woman, eggs are created in the follicles at each ovary.
    • The next step of this treatment is retrieving the eggs carefully from the patient’s ovary. This is a minor surgical procedure and is performed under local anaesthesia given to the patient. Although it’s not at all a troublesome step but to avoid any discomfort to the patient, it is suggested to take out this process under sedation.

    • The question comes when the right time for the egg retrieval process is? A woman, while undergoing the first step of Test Tube Baby Treatment in Delhi, has to regularly visit at the centre for the transvaginal ultrasound and blood hormonal test. These tests are done so as to investigate the development stage of the follicles (containing the eggs). Once the doctor confirms about the egg growth whether the eggs are ready to collect, the next step is trigger shot. The trigger shot is usually given to the woman just before 36 hours of egg-retrieval. This is injected so as make the eggs fully grown before the egg-pick up.
    • Once each egg has been collected from each ovary of the patient, the patient is said to take rest for a few hours at the centre. On the same day of the egg-pick up, the semen sample is asked to provide from the male accomplice. A sterile container is provided by the centre to the male to get his semen deposited for the next procedure.
    • Next step is fertilization. This is the procedure where the sperms are kept close to the eggs on the culture dish. The motile sperm swims and reaches near the egg for the fusion. If there are the quality egg and motile sperm, then fertilization process takes place without any other advanced technique of fertilization. If the sperm is non-motile or is in less sperm count, then ICSI/IMSI or PICSI is used. These techniques are advanced fertilization method and chosen when the male has severe male infertility issue. For such treatment along with other advanced technologies, the total Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi
    • The culture is analyzed by the doctor, and fertilized egg (on the day of third or fourth of the fertilization), is then placed into the uterus of the woman.

    The woman, within a week or ten days, required to come to the fertility clinic for the pregnancy test. If the embryo has attached successfully into the uterine wall, there gets a high percentage of the successful result of a positive pregnancy test.

    How much does Test Tube Baby Treatment Cost in Delhi?

    Test Tube Baby cost in Delhi 2020

    The total of the cost of the treatment would vary from city to city, and on the cases also it ultimately varies. Infertility problem may be in due to the male member of the female member both. On average, the Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi is around INR 1, 75,000. The single attempt for IVF cycle costs for INR 1, 75,000.

    Many factors influence the Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi; some of them are –

    • The total of the cost depends upon the number of IVF cycle applied
    • Whether the test tube baby treatment is accomplished using the standard method or by the advanced method (like with IMSI/ PICSI, with the donors/ by using the LAH, etc.)
    • The age of the female partner and the male accomplice
    • Whether the eggs are used by the mother or by the egg donor for the fertilization method

    At the very initial phase of counselling for the couple, the centre clears about each step of the treatment and the cost of the test tube baby; if the patient requires the advanced fertility treatment, the expenses of the treatment increases.

    Do you want to know more about the details of the advanced test tube baby cost in Delhi, if yes, then here’s your answer; a table mentioned below gives you a summary details of the approximate cost of different forms of Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi –

    Test Tube Baby with advanced technique

    Cost in INR

    Test tube baby treatment with Donor Egg

    INR 2,75,000- 3,00,000

    Test tube baby treatment with Donor Sperm

    INR 2,10,000-2,25,000

    Cost of Donor egg

    INR 1,15,000 -1,25,000

    Cost of Donor sperm

    INR 30,000-35,000

    Test tube baby Cost with LAH

    INR 2,20,000 – 2,25,000

    Test tube baby with a donor embryo

    INR 3,00,000

    Test tube baby with IMSI

    INR 2,00,000

    The above mentioned are some of the advanced costs of the test tube baby procedure and is performed only when the couple (either the female or male) has severe fertility issues and could not be accomplished using the standard Test Tube Baby Treatment in Delhi.

    What does the basic or standard Test tube baby cost in Delhi, and what are the steps incorporated in it?

    The Cost of the test-tube baby in Delhi


    Standard test tube baby cost in Delhi incorporating all the steps till the transfer of the embryo

    INR 1,75,000

    On an average, test tube baby cost in Delhi comprises the below steps –

    • Initial consultation charges of the couple
    • Medication (fertility med and hormonal injections_
    • Transvaginal ultrasounds
    • Blood work
    • Each visit at the clinic
    • The procedure of egg-retrieval
    • Fertilization
    • Embryo transfer
    • Lab apparatuses charge
    • Fees of the expert

    The cost of the IVF treatment in Delhi is affordable for you, which can be easily managed by any couple. We are providing some financial facilities for the couple who are willing to start the treatment. We will provide treatment in a very fair manner without any partiality. Test tube baby cost Delhi will come under your budget. From the last several years, Delhi is working with the treatment. Still, nowadays the treatment is at a nominal cost than earlier days as due to developing technologies and science things have become easy.  The test tube baby cost also varies with the facilities you need to take. In case the treatment could be accomplished using the donor egg, the total cost would increase.

    A Summary to be remembered –

    Due to the stressed and hectic scenario of life, people face more problems to have a natural conception nowadays. Without a child life of any of the couple become null and void. In a society like India, a child is most after marriage. After marriage, most of the couple dream for their one stabilization. Some of the couples find their child very soon and easily after planning, but some faces complication to get the same. Test tube baby treatment in Delhi is the best way to have a child if facing infertility issues for the past twelve months.

    Test tube baby treatment requires money and time of the couple; hence it is recommended for a couple to select the most authentic fertility clinic in India so as to experience the best treatment along with the state-of-the-art amenities throughout the couple’s IVF.  Choosing the right test-tube baby centre is mandatory, not just because the couple gets top-notch services, but also they get a decent delivery rate.

    Those who are planning for this treatment, they can begin their preparation including the financial expense, time and knowledge (search well before choosing the treatment and the clinic so as to gain accurate information about the treatment and the Test Tube Baby Cost in Delhi).

    Who we are – we are known for our crystal clear and transparent communication between the couple seeking for the fertility treatment and the fertility coordinator providing the best fertility centre to them at an accurate cost of the test tube baby procedure. Select IVF India is one of the leading fertility platforms serving all the types of fertility treatment, including the basic and advanced. At Select IVF India, one can quickly get the best range of the treatment, and at the same time, it never compromises in giving the quality and ultra-technology treatment to the couples. We assure the couple receive the best treatment throughout the entire procedure.

    Looking for further assistance? Contact our support team; we would be pleased to solve your query with the possible and best solution!