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What is Infertility, why it occurs, what should be the next step when an individual finds issues even after several attempts to conceive, what’s the best option when sticking to the fertility treatment, from where should we undergo the treatment, and so on; there are so many questions that come into our mind when infertility comes in front of us. Well, infertility, in a short definition, is described as the inability of being pregnant after doing unprotected and regular sexual intercourse, however, couldn’t have a child. Infertility is that matter, which is turning around the world gradually in an upsurging way. In India, 27.5 million couples are in the clutch of infertility. Many of the individuals think that infertility is a disease. No, it’s not a disease; it occurs due to the disordering of the hormones. The reason behind this issue can be – over usage of alcohol, drink or smoke, the way individual lives, excess work out etc. There are few symptoms and signs when you become aware of your fertility issues, such as low sperms count, less motility of sperms, no sperms at all, low quality of eggs, improper ovulation, genetic disorder and unexplained infertility. Select IVF India is the ultimate solution for your every problem of infertility. Infertility treatment comes when the couple after following all the primary method of natural conception couldn’t get pregnant. If the couple is under the age of 35 and trying for the natural conception, they need to knock the door of the fertility centre for the fertility investigation test and then appropriate treatment plan recommended by the expert. On the other hand, if the couple is in between 35-38, they should reach to the fertility doctor after trying for six months (if they are planning to have a kid), and so less period for those who are above 38 and wanting to have a child. Undeniably, fertility treatment gives the best result. Still, the success result is based on some aspects such as the age of the couple, fertility issue, whether the couple is choosing the donor egg/sperm or embryo, egg quality of the woman (who is giving the eggs for the fertility procedure), sperm motility, and the number of the sperm. These are some significant factors that matter a lot when deciding on the success rate. You must be thinking when surrogacy is performed and why this treatment is considered as the most expensive infertility treatment. Surrogacy Procedure in India is recommended when the woman has lost the capacity to conceive the embryo in the uterus up to maturity resultant miscarriage. Surrogacy is also suggested for those couples, who have been trying to conceive for the past five years and had been undergone multiple times of IVF and other advanced treatment to have a healthy baby but didn’t get success.

What is Surrogacy Procedure in India and how it is done?

Surrogacy is a term for a course of action that encourages pregnancy for a couple yet in some other’s belly. The lady that concedes to the possibility of making the offspring of the proposed guardians is called the surrogate or gestational carrier. Surrogacy has been known as the best treatment to have the highest success rate when wanting their own child. Surrogacy Procedure in India is a long and delayed procedure and takes approximately ten to eleven months completing a single cycle. Surrogacy is always accomplished using the IVF with either the intended woman’s egg or the eggs provided by the donor. In India, there are many rules and laws proposed for the surrogacy; not just in India, each country has different laws and regulations about the Surrogacy Procedure. Some countries have strictly prohibited the surrogates and surrogacy procedure, while some offers in their own country for their own citizens. Notwithstanding, the proposing guardians need to pay for the costs caused then the surrogate conveys their child in her belly for the support of her wellbeing. The Surrogacy Procedure in India step by step is very straightforward as it is supported by legitimate documentation where the included gatherings sign an agreement referencing their jobs with respect to the future kid. The couple and the surrogate need to comply with the guidelines, and none of them can reject offering or take the kid when the opportunity arrives. The best surrogacy centre in India and the skilled fertility team at the clinic, are what make surrogacy a mainstream alternative in India. Consistently, numerous big names take the assistance of surrogacy for getting a kid that is organically associated with them. Surrogates hold the spot of most extreme significance in surrogacy as they are the person who conveys the result and is answerable for the strength of the kid. In this manner, finding a surrogate turns into an overwhelming assignment, particularly while looking through a potential gestational carrier that shares a portion of your hereditary or different characteristics. On its head, another matter of great concern is the expense of Surrogacy Procedure in India step by step or finding the best surrogacy centre for the moderate process since it is a long cycle requiring the association of various fertility medicines, lab tests, and ultrasounds and the expense is much more amplified on the off chance that you can’t locate your very own surrogate mother. The surrogate must be somebody known to you or naturally connected to you and the person who consents to venture out into pregnancy for your benefit consequently of no remuneration. If you are unable to find the surrogate for the procedure, you can choose the best surrogates from the best surrogacy centre in India. Surrogacy is the procedure where a Surrogate (a woman who holds the baby in her womb of another couple) carries a baby of not her own but of the infertile couple. After nine months of a healthy pregnancy, a surrogate hands over the baby to the infertile couple. However, Surrogacy is a troublesome process, but in Surrogacy procedure in India, this process is uncomplicated. As the woman / Surrogate, carries the kid for nine months, so surrogacy can be said as the long-drawn process. There are two types of Surrogacy-
  • Gestational Surrogacy
  • Traditional Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy Procedure in India Step by Step – Difference between Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy –

Gestational surrogacy is the procedure where a surrogate carries a baby of the intended couple who is not able to conceive an infant. After nine months of the pregnancy completion, gestational surrogate gives the baby to the infertile couple. Gestational surrogacy is achieved by the technique of IVF. In this surrogacy, eggs and sperms are retrieved and collected from the intended partner and then by the process of IVF fertilization is achieved by the experts. After fertilization, one or two best quality of embryo/s is placed into the uterus of the female who is a surrogate. Now she is the one who holds the pregnancy till nine-month, and after delivery, she hands over the baby to the actual parent. Gestational Surrogacy is legally accepted in India. Gestational surrogacy is safe because the embryo is biologically and genetically related to the parent. Therefore, this Surrogacy process India is preferred over Traditional Surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy is generally opted by –

  • Those females who do not have a uterus (hysterectomy)
  • Unable to carry the pregnancy
  • The fallopian tube is damaged or ruptured
  • Severe and crucial medical health issues, like heart diseases, high or low blood pressure
  • Repeated failure of IVF or any other fertility treatments
  • Gestational surrogacy is the best option for those females who have proper and healthy ovulation cycle but unable to carry an embryo in her uterus or womb (due to malformed uterus)
  • Repeated miscarriages (two in a row)

Traditional Surrogacy–

It’s a procedure where a woman is unable to perform healthy eggs for fertilization. This is the process in which IUI, i.e. Artificial Insemination method is used to achieve fertilization. In Gestational surrogacy, a surrogate holds the baby in her womb, but in traditional surrogacy, the surrogate not just holds the baby but also gives her eggs for the fertilization. That’s the reason why Traditional surrogacy poses a more significant emotional and legal risk than Gestational Surrogacy because, in traditional surrogacy, the kid is biologically related to the surrogate hence making it quite difficult to hand over the baby to the intended parent. In India, traditional surrogacy is banned.


What are the criteria to choose a Surrogate?

  • Surrogate must be in the age limit of 21-40
  • The woman who carries a baby in her womb must be physically fit and healthy enough.
  • Has already given birth to a child previous of the surrogacy
  • Has undergone all the test and screening process of a surrogate
  • Signed legal contract and each procedure of the surrogacy
  • Should not have any severe disease such as heart problem, BP issue, depression etc.
  • Must have a supporting family
  • Surrogate’s male partner also has to undergo some tests of HIV, Hepatitis B & C etc.
In India, the Gestational Surrogacy Procedure is safe and free of any emotional bonds from the surrogate and is considered the best option to have their own kid by the surrogate in India. These are a few points of Surrogacy procedure in India. Surrogacy in India provides the easiest and achievable package for infertile couples who want to become parents. Surrogacy is the boon for those couples who have repeated miscarriages and could not achieve success in any of the fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, etc. This is all about Surrogacy and Surrogacy procedure in India Step by Step.

What you have to do when planning for the Surrogacy Procedure in India Step by Step?

The fertility team and the surrogacy services under Select IVF India are known for giving reasonable service to the couples whoever seeking for the surrogacy option to conceive in India. Under the fertility centre of Select IVF India, the team perform the treatment with the advanced amenities and highly skilled doctor. They have an outstanding ability in giving the best quality treatment to the patients with positive results. They ensure that you get the best treatment encounter and don’t confront any issue while getting treatment at our different system medical clinics. We give world-class fertility treatment at the same time reasonable Surrogacy procedure in India. Our fertility team and senior fertility specialists have more than thirty years of involvement with playing out the best surrogacy methods in India. They put every one of their endeavours into guaranteeing that you get the best treatment and get back with an infant. Our primary point is to eradicate the tag of childlessness from your life so you can encounter the excellent excursion of parenthood. Our success/delivery rates represent themselves as they are the most elevated if you watch or contrast them and the other fertility centres in India. Our high success rates and a straightforward Surrogacy Procedure in India Step by Stepis the motivation behind why the childless couples are constrained to pick our surrogacy administrations. We encourage the administrations of the suitable and experienced surrogates as our substitutes are chosen in the wake of investigating them for their psychological and physical wellbeing. We guarantee the progressive outcomes for the patient’s surrogacy treatment and guarantee they get an agreeable treatment at the best surrogacy clinic. Therefore choosing the right surrogacy centre is the very next step if you have come to the conclusion of the surrogacy and have been recommended for the surrogacy option to enjoy the days of the parenthood.

Take-Home a Message –

Surrogacy gives the highest success rate when a couple is facing acute fertility problem and unable to conceive even after trying many methods (including IVF and other advanced ART technique) for the conception. Surrogate in India plays a significant role throughout the Surrogacy Procedure in India because she is the one who carries the baby and after a successful delivery, hands over the newborn to the actual parent. We – Select IVF India provides the best surrogacy providing the eligible surrogate for the entire procedure; we assure giving the best result to the couples at authentic cost. For further query, you may reach to our support team. We would love to solve your request for information and help you to achieve your most prominent dream of being father and mother! Read Also: