Yes, of course, the fertility centres are trustable! Fertility centres are considered by those couples who due to medical issue, unable to give birth. When a couple struggles with their fertility challenges for at least a year (instead of doing regular and unprotected intercourse), usually prefer to go to fertility centres for the appropriate solution. Fertility centres are trustable and can be selected when a couple after considerable effort, couldn’t put up with the natural pregnancy.

However, certain facts need to be focussed while outlining for the fertility treatment from the fertility centre. Since we all know that advanced fertility treatment is expensive and must be performed under the senior and skilled fertility team, hence one must do complete research before paying advanced to any particular fertility centre.

Let’s dive into some descriptive information about this topic in order to get the necessary details about the fertility treatment and how to select a genuine fertility centre.


This is the very common question a couple thinks when trying to get a baby. If you are attempting several tries conceive, and each month you see negative pee stick, it could be a confounding matter for both of the partners.  

However, before knocking the door of the fertility clinic, one has to –

  • Wait for a year, only if the couple is under 35. Why so? Because the fertility potential between the age of the twenty’s and thirty’s (max 35) of the couple is somehow decent and there are chances for a couple to get5 pregnant by the natural procedure. Fertility specialists suggest the couple have a baby when they are in the age group of 20-30, because of good eggs quality (in women) and more than average of the sperm count (in men).
  • If you are above 35 and planning for a baby, wait for at least six months (doing regular and unprotected sexual intercourse) before you reach to the fertility centre. However don’t wait for more than six months, if you have been attempted several trials but nothing positive result came. This is the time to rush to the fertility centre without much delay.
  • What if you are above 40? After the age of 40, the egg quality decreases drastically in both – the quality as well as quantity. This is the biggest reason why the couple, after reaching 40, loses the ability to conceive. At the age of forty, 50% of women contain abnormal chromosomes. Hence it’s always recommended for a couple to conceive earlier.
  • Although it is possible for a couple who have reached their forty’s to have a child, they might have to choose the donor option with the IVF treatment at the best fertility centre.
  • Also, if you have a thyroid issue, and creating an issue in the matter of the conception, it’s better to go for the fertility centre for the further solution. However, if you are already being regulated with proper medication, then it’s not a big issue.
  • Last, if you have been facing with irregular cycles, absence of menstruation or pelvic pain, it could be a sign of fertility issue (if it’s usually happening). If the woman is facing any of these issues, without any delay, the couple is required to reach the fertility centre.

These are some of the significant factors when a couple should go to the fertility centre to have a solution to their pregnancy. Now, the next question is how to seek the best fertility centre for the fertility solution. Yes, this is a time-consuming procedure, but no worries, because one can quickly get it after doing complete research about the fertility clinic and its success rate.


Before you begin on your quest for the best fertility centre, discover what sort of fertility tests or methods you may require. What’s more, it’s important to consider early to how far you’re willing to go with this procedure. Since we all know that fertility medicines cost much, especially if the couple has been advised to go for advanced fertility treatment like IVF or IVF with donors, so it’s necessary for a couple to be mentally and financially prepared for the fertility procedure cost.

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to pick the best fertility clinic, do careful examination early. One can easily find the best centres in the search, or you also can directly talk to those who have been already undergone the fertility medication. If you have shortlisted some of the fertility centres, there are several facts that need to be focussed such as the success rate, delivery rates, coordinator, skilled and proficient fertility specialist, and the cost.

Several questions need to be asked by the couple looking for the fertility solution at the fertility centre; such as –

  • How long have the fertility centres been there? You can also ask about the experience of the fertility expert. Analyze the way the coordinator is taking you calls, communicating with you, solving the query so as to know the management structure of the fertility centre.
  • Be sure the centre has a full scope of the advanced and ultra-modern fertility treatments and knows about the most recent innovation.
  • You may fix an appointment with the fertility expert so as to know the behaviour of the doctor and how the doctor is dealing with you. Is she friendly, answers your questions without being panic, is she listening carefully your case and so – these are some factors that need to be looked by the couple while having the consultation with the doctor.
  • If the couple is undergoing an IVF treatment for the fertility treatment, then there are many things that need to be spotlighted by the couple. Since IVF requires the most innovative and advanced apparatuses, make sure you choose the ART fertility clinic, where all the types of availability would be there.
  • The last and most considerable aspect is the cost of the fertility procedure at the fertility centre.

If you call the fertility centre for asking anything; picking the call, the coordinator states they’re too occupied even to consider answering your inquiries, then you need to waste your time further and attempt somewhere else.

There are many genuine fertility centres, and at the same time, dishonest people too who run the centre looking to make money by just giving a fake success rate and cost structure to the couple who is looking for the option to conceive. One should be careful about such types of fake centres and take a wise decision.

Some centres ask for the elevated cost of the advanced treatment (for IVF, with donor eggs, and so on) and convince the couple that advanced treatment cost much due to multiple steps and superior technology. No doubt, this statement is correct, but IVF (conventional IVF procedure) never goes beyond INR 2 lakh. Delhi in India is the place where one can find the best fertility centre at just of INR 1, 75,000 for a complete IVF system. In some of the metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. the cost of IVF might go around INR 2 lakh. Beyond INR 2 lakh, the standard IVF cost cannot reach the limit of two lakh. However, if any centre is asking more than the average cost of IVF, then drop the plan and seek other options. Under the fertility centres of Select IVF India, a couple can quickly get the authentic fertility clinic at authentic cost structure and world-class fertility treatment.

There are some centres that ask for very less cost of IVF and other advanced treatment so as to influence the couple to pay advanced for the fertility treatment and later ask for the hidden/secret charges from the couple or by adding the extra charge on the total bill of the couple. At this case, the couple won’t have another choice instead of paying the full amount to the centre, and they get befooled by the dishonest people.

We understand infertility makes the couple helpless and desperate to choose an uncomplicated and easy solution. But don’t fall in the hands of those who give false promises and extraordinarily cheap or expensive cost for the procedure.

Shortlist some best fertility centres, make a call, fix an appointment with the expert, ask about the success rate, meet or talk to the previous patients that have been undergone the fertility treatment to have a baby – do all these investigations to know the actual truth of the fertility centre.



We are one of the leading and trustable fertility platform serving the most latest and advanced fertility treatment across India and in many countries (outside of India). We ensure a couple gets the world-class fertility treatment along with the exceptional amenities throughout their treatment with our fertility centres. Once the final cost has been discussed during the initial consultation, we never ask for the additional or hidden charges throughout or after the treatment by the couple. We make sure the couple won’t have to face any kind of issue or problem during the treatment. We utmost keep the customer query above and give a proper solution instantly.

Select IVF India has the best fertility centres, and thus it has achieved the zenith level of providing fertility services. If the couple comes at the centre before the fertility investigation test, we counsel the couple related to the fertility level, test and treatment. Once the couple gets their fertility investigation by our fertility clinic, the senior fertility specialist looks at the report carefully and keeps the best options in front of the couple.

Closing Lines –

The infertility level is assessed after the couple undergoes the fertility test at the best fertility centre to know the specific treatment for them. This is by one way or another required for the couple and for the fertility specialist too to analyze the proper arrangement of the treatment suitable for the couple. Make sure wherever you go, you choose the authentic and genuine fertility centre for your treatment. Even if you are undergoing the primary treatment or advanced, don’t let yourself cheated by the sham and false fertility centre.

Regardless of whether you have been recommended for the primary (IUI or ovulation med) procedure or the advanced methods (IVF, ICSI, IMSI and so), you have to accomplish your home-work in a right manner. Do not choose any of the fertility clinics by just knowing the success rate; cross-check each aspect and once you feel okay and satisfied, go ahead! We are always there for your assistance and guidance.

Still hundreds of questions running in your mind? Feel free to contact our support team for the fertility-related query!

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