Apply full-stop from the tension of your infertility by choosing Egg Donor Surrogacy in India-

At one phase of marriage, family and relatives start to give pressure or ask several questions for the accomplishment of the family. What if, you are not able to become pregnant?  Unfortunately, yes! You are in the catch of infertility. Egg Donor Surrogacy India is the best solution for those couples who are not able to conceive by the natural process. This is the unbeatable method to get rid of female infertility matter.

Egg Donor Surrogacy India is preferred by those barren couples wherein the female partner is neither able to carry a baby in her womb / uterus nor has fine quality of eggs to achieve fertilization. This is a crucial and time-taking process where surrogate and egg donor plays the dominant role. Success of egg donor surrogacy depends upon on the quality of the eggs given by the donor and the surrogate.

Egg Donor Surrogacy India 2020

Who is eligible to go for egg donor surrogacy?

  • Female is impotent to carry pregnancy by her own eggs or embryo due to some medical reason.
  • Woman whose age is above 35 might not hold the pregnancy due to her poor quality of eggs.
  • Genetic disorder is there either in male or in female.
  • Past history of repeated miscarriages
  • Failure of IVF /ICSI
  • Overweight / underweight
  • Menopause

There are few screening tests and checkups done by the fertility clinics before selecting the donor and the surrogate in India. Egg donor and the surrogate have to undergo proper screening test and psychological test to make sure that the embryo must be in a healthy state when delivery happens.

Requirements of selecting the surrogate-

  • Surrogate must have cleared all the test (hormonal test, blood tests, tests for any infection like HIV, AIDS etc)
  • She must be physically fit to carry an embryo till 9 month
  • Not have any past or present history of any severe disease (heart disease, BP issue, patient of depression etc.)
  • Must have at least one child (without any complication in delivery)
  • Surrogate will not be accepted when she has any prior miscarriage
  • Must be in the age limit of 23-40
  • Supportive family
  • Must sign all the legal process before surrogacy

Requirements of selecting the egg donor-

  • She should be in the age limit of 21-30
  • Healthy, Young and fertile woman can go for donating her eggs
  • Should not have any severe disease
  • Must not have any genetic disorder

Procedure of Egg Donor Surrogacy in India-

The entire mechanism of this surrogacy is based on the process of IVF (the process where sperm and eggs are fertilized under the guidance of fertility experts in the laboratory).

Retrieval of the eggs: It’s a process, which is fulfilled by the help of egg donor. Fertility medications are given to stimulate the ovaries of the donor so that she can release multiple eggs for the fertilization. Once the eggs are matured enough, the eggs are retrieved from the egg donor by the fertility experts using a special needle.

Incomparable and A-1 solution of your repeated miscarriages

Select IVF is the golden opportunity for those who are seeking for this surrogacy; the success rate of this clinic in egg donor surrogacy is relatively higher than other fertility clinic. This is all about the procedure of Egg Donor Surrogacy in India. In the entire process, the infertile couple has to carry positive vibes and patience because this process takes time. Egg donor Surrogacy cost in India is also very reasonable; those who can’t afford can go for the loan. Cost of Egg donor surrogacy in India is INR 10 lakh. This surrogacy is the first-class option for those females who have repeated miscarriages or they are unfit to bear children due to crossing their age limit.