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Are You Searching For A Sperm Donor in Kolkata at Low Cost

Things you should know about Sperm Donor Kolkata

If you are planning for Sperm donor Kolkata, there are several questions revolving in your mind like – what is the procedure of Sperm Donor, how the treatment goes, where to get the Donor and if connecting with any fertility clinic, then which clinic will be the best. To clarify all these questions, we will look into each and every minute details of sperm donor procedure Kolkata.

Sperm Donor is generally used by those couples wherein the female partner doesn’t get impregnated by his male partner sperms. During the natural intercourse, the most motile sperm gets penetrated with the egg and thus fertilization happens successfully. If fertilization is not supposed to happen then there is either the issue related to the female’s fertility or to the male. Sperm donor is recommended for those males who produce insufficient count of sperms, less motility to fuse with the egg or inactive sperm. Let’s get into the nuts & bolts points about Sperm Donor Kolkata.

Sperm Donor Kolkata is best suitable for

  • Lack of healthy sperms
  • To a smaller extent motility of the sperms
  • Insufficient counts of sperms for fertilization
  • Male partner not wanting to pass his inherited disease to the embryo and this is the reason, why they seek the option for Sperm Donor Kolkata.
  • Single Woman or lesbian couple

Who can be said YES for the selection of sperm donor Kolkata?

There are some rules, regulations, and screening tests, which have to be undergone by the male, who wants to become a sperm donor. For example –the age of the male, the way he lives his life. Some of them are –

  • Age – Age of the donor must be in the line of 18-39
  • Physical exam includes blood and urine sample test to investigate any kind of infectious disease like HIV.
  • Testing of the semen sample- Semen sample is collected by the male partner in order to do testing of the sperm quality. Before providing semen sample, male is strictly recommended to abstain from ejaculation (either through masturbation or through intercourse for at least 45-70 hour)
  • Blood sample is taken from the male partner in order to know if you are a carrier of any genetic condition or not, if you are not then only you can be selected as a Sperm Donor Kolkata.
  • You will be asked to provide the details regarding your personal information like the way you live.

Once you complete the entire screening test, and if you have cleared all the requirements, which a sperm donor must possess you will be qualified as a sperm donor Kolkata. The sperm donor asked to sign a consent form, where it has been mentioned that you will be bonding as a sperm donor for minimum six month or at least for one year (as per the clinic rule).

Sperm Donor cost Kolkata – Now in a reasonable package

These are some basic data concerning the topic of sperm donor Kolkata. Sperm donor cost in Kolkata is INR 33,000-35,000. Select IVF is that the ART specialist clinic, where you can find various sperm donor database. If the infertile couple is willing to go for sperm donor with IUI or IVF treatment then the charges will differ.

The whole method of sperm donation under this clinic is anonymous and the entire records are kept secretly by the clinic record or file. Sperms within the info depends upon the assorted characteristics corresponding to Indian donor, Caucasian donor etc. Select IVF encourages male from different races, ethnicities, and different background to keep up its various data of sperm donor so whoever looking for sperm donor Kolkata will have many choices to opt.

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