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How Much is Sperm Donor Cost in Bangalore

All the inside story about Sperm Donor Bangalore –

Serving anything makes inner self proud that yes, you have done something good for other and so in the case Sperm Donor Bangalore. Sperm donor is the procedure, where a healthy and fit male donor donates his sperm either in the depository bank or in ART specialist clinic. There are several steps, which must have to be passed by the male, who wants to become a donor. Since, this sperm later on is used for the fertility treatment like IVF, IUI etc. hence the quality of the sperm should be of fine quality. Here fine quality means- active, highly-motile, more than average number of counts and away from any genetic disorder.

Eligibility criteria to become a sperm donor Bangalore –

  1. One of the first point comes here is that the male must have turned 18 and should not beyond 40. Age always play a crucial role in fertility treatment, hence age must be in between of 18-40.
  2. Male should have achieved at least his graduation degree.
  3. Must have a decent physique
  4. On the basis of the rules and the regulations by depository bank or the clinic (which allow to take sperm donor), male has to sign the agreement or bond for minimum 6 month at least.

Once this eligibility you have crossed with, you need to pass the screening test (which is very important). If any of the result during this screening test comes out negative, then the male won’t be able to go ahead for the next step and thus will be eliminated from the role of Sperm Donor Bangalore. Step by step, screening test is given below. Let’s have a look.

Screening test, which a male donor must have to qualify with –

  • The first step is to apply the form either by online or offline, it generally takes at least 6-8 days to revert, but if only the form is preliminary accepted then only by call or via any medium, co-ordinator contacts you.
  • Once, your form is accepted, you will be called in the sperm bank to provide the semen sample to get ensured you release more than average number of sperms.
  • If you meet on top of (2) purpose, then you’re presupposed again call for the section a pair of screening check. During this section, the male should visit the sperm bank or clinic once in a week (for a minimum of 2-3 times you would like to allow sample). The male should abstain from ejaculation for a minimum of three days before giving the sperm sample (strictly recommended by the fertility experts, if the male comes after the two days of ejaculation, then there is low average count of sperm).
  • Every check schedules is completely different related to each visit as if within the first section of this screening, the sample can endure the testing of STD illness and for genetic defect.
  • It’s investigated whether or not the male’s generation (at least four generation) contains any genetic abnormality or not. If it is found, then there is minimum possibility to accept that male as a sperm donor Bangalore.
  • Blood and excretory product testing for communicable disease is additionally to be performed
  • The male donor should be undergone by the check called haemoglobin electrophoresis to get ensured about that male isn’t the carrier of sickle-cell and Thalassemia.
  • there’ll be a whole physical examination

If the male has crossed with this entire screening test, then the male will be accepted as a sperm donor in Bangalore.

How much cash does one get for Sperm Donor Cost Bangalore?

If you’re looking out this answer, then you’re on the proper click. Yes! This point revolves around in many minds that what proportion cash you get for donating sperm cell in Bangalore.

Since this (sperm donation) is one in all the most effective choices to travel forward for those males, who are seeking to earn cash by alternative means that, the pay quantity is additionally good. Select IVF India provides the sperm donor with the entire various databases across India. Sperm Donor Cost Bangalore is INR 20,000-30,000, which is a good deal too. But you need to make sure that you are healthy and fit to become a sperm donor.

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