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Sperm donation Pune or donating the sperm in Pune is not any longer a laughed about topic or a case, which is very rare happening all over the world rather it is accepted as a world-wide as a noble cause globally. Each depository (sperm bank) in Pune helps couples to induce pregnant and their main motto is gifting them the biggest dream and permanent happiness forever. Sperm Donation in Pune is that the technique, by which a sterile couple gets able to be conceived by this procedure.

There are some factors, which each couple has to know before spending their money in any of the fertility therapeutic with the selection of the sperm donation in Pune. At first, you need to go through all the top Sperm Donation Centre in Pune and if you cling on any of the sperm donation in Pune, make sure that that concern donation bank conducts multiple tests for the procedure of sperm donation in Pune. The tests are done just to ensure and check that the sperm donor is not having any kind of STD (specially- HIVF, Hepatitis B or C etc.). There are some screening tests too to look any kind of genetic disorder in the male donor. The entire procedure to choose a sperm donor is done in a very careful manner as this semen sample (sperm) will be going to create an embryo later on with any kind of infertility treatment (as per the couple’s medical history of fertility), so these precautions are necessary and is mandatory to be carried out by the sperm donation Centre in Pune.

How to become a Sperm Donor in Pune

As this title suggests, we will now look into those factors, which will show some points how to become a sperm donor in Pune. To become a sperm donor, it involves a regular commitment for minimum of 6 month or 1 year (according the regulations criteria by the sperm donation centre in Pune). Select IVF India has maintained variety of database in choosing the sperm donor in order to not to get any kind of discomfort selecting the sperm donor by the infertile couple. Let’s get proper idea of how to become a sperm donor in Pune.

  1. The first and significant role plays – the age of the male.If the male has turned 18 and has not crossed 40 yet, then he has the perfect age to become a sperm donor Pune.
  2. Depending on the rules and the criteria instructed by the sperm bank or the ART specialist clinic, the male has to sign the commitment bond to ensure that he will serve as a sperm donor for that clinic only.
  3. The male must have crossed decent education
  4. Must have a good physique

There are few screening test, which a male donor must have to qualify with

  1. You need to apply either online or offline application form,the clinic or sperm bank in Pune takes at least 5-7 days to revert you if the form is preliminary accepted by the authorized post of the sperm bank.
  2. If the form is accepted by the donor coordinator, then you will be called to provide the semen sample to ensure that you unleash more than average count of sperms.
  3. If you meet the above (2) point, then you are supposed to again call for the phase 2 screening test. In this phase, the male has to visit the sperm bank or clinic once in a week (for at least 2-3 times you need to give sample). The male has to abstain from ejaculating for at least 3 days before giving the semen sample (strictly recommended).
  4. Each test schedules different check like in the first phase of this screening, the sample will undergo the testing of STD disease and for genetic disease.
  5. It is investigated whether the male’s generation (at least four generation) contains any genetic disorder or not.
  6. Blood and urine testing for infectious disease is also to be performed
  7. The male donor has to be undergone by the test known as hemoglobin electroscopes to make sure that male is not the carrier of sickle-cell and Thalassemia.
  8. There will be a complete physical examination

If you pass this the entire screening test, then you will be accepted as a sperm donor in Pune.

How much money do you get for donating sperm in Pune?

If you are searching this answer, then you are on the right click. Yes! This is the question revolving around in several minds that how much money do you get for donating sperm in Pune.

Since this (sperm donation) is one of the best options to go forward for those males,who are seeking to earn money by other means, the pay amount is also very decent. Select IVF India gives the sperm donor Pune INR 20,000-30,000

Let’s look a light on the procedure of Sperm donor process in Pune

Sperm Donor Process in Pune consist of a few steps, the procedure of sperm donor process in Pune is straight forward and simple. In the above points mentioned that how to become a sperm donor in Pune, there are initial to end steps showing the screening phases that has to be crossed by the male donor. Once he became qualified as a sperm donor,he will begin donating his sperm into the sperm bank or ART specialist clinic. It’s likely that the male will be donating weekly for about six months. The donor is regularly screened to ensure that he is free from any infection. The duration of your sperm donor bond is renewed once six month is completed again after doing several testing.

Sperm donation procedure Pune is a procedure, where a male donates his semen sample either in the sperm bank or in clinic. This sperm is then used with fertility treatment like IUI or IVF treatment. During IVF, eggs are retrieved from the female and using donor sperm, fertilization happens. Donor sperm impregnates those females whose male partner can’t hack the grade to become a father. Cost of sperm donation using artificial mode of fertilization varies in different places.

Want to donate your sperm in Pune?

This question is also on the topic nowadays among st many males like – I want to donate sperm in Pune or Where to donate sperm in Pune. If you are looking this question’s answer then here you are.

Either you have to donate your sperm in the Sperm Bank or in any ART specialist clinic like Select IVF India accepts male donor (only if the males qualifies all the eligibility criteria and the screening procedure).

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