Vasectomy reversal Surgery- A surgery that opens the option for you to become again father

Ok! So you have changed your mind and want to go for Vasectomy Reversed Surgery. We all know that, pregnancy is achieved by the natural process of fertilization where sperms and eggs are fused and embryo is formed. But what if sperms do not come during ejaculation, obviously no fertilization. It sometimes happens when the couple by discussion comes to a conclusion of not to have more than one or two baby, and due to this male partner has to undergo vasectomy surgery (in which sperms not pass by the sperm carrying ducts) but No worries! if you have reversed your plan and due to some reason you want to untie this surgery, you can easily go for reversal surgery. This revered surgery of vasectomy is termed as Vasectomy reversed surgery, this process can easily be achieved by the experts or surgeon. In this process, the doctor rejoins the vas deferens that carries sperms from a testicle into the semen. Though this process is little bit painful but it has decent success rate.

Let’s have enough knowledge about Vasectomy reversal process. Would like to tell you what vasectomy is, vasectomy is the surgical process where vas deferens has been cut so that the sperms do not come out from the testes to the penis and hence it prevents to become a lady partner pregnant.  Vasectomy reversal surgery is just undo the vasectomy process.

Vasectomy Reversal is a surgical process, which is preferred by those males who have done vasectomy already and now have changed their mindset to undo this surgery. This is quite a complicated procedure, which is performed by the surgeons who do have master hand on this surgery.

    Why Vasectomy reversal surgery is done-

    The entire process is performed either in the clinic or in hospital. Vasectomy reversal surgery is opt by the males due to several reasons. That can be-

    • This surgery is chosen by those males who have lost his child, and want to be a father again.
    • May be the male has changed his heart or want to go for remarriage.
    • Those couples who decided to have more children or want to add a new member in their family can also go for this surgery.

    Types of Vasectomy reversal surgery-

    Vasectomy surgery is done on an outpatient basis (without an overnight stay). This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. It is done in two ways; one of the first methods-

    First method of this surgery is vasovasostomy where a surgeon sews the vas deferens from the testes to the penis.

    This process of vasectomy hardly takes 3-4 hours and then after the allowance from doctor, patient can return home.  It is advised to have proper rest for 1-2 weeks and not to do sex for 20-25 days of the surgery.

    During the surgery

    Vasectomy reversal surgery

    The surgery of vasectomy reversal is convoluted and knotty process thus requires skilful and masterly surgeons. Select IVF is the clinic that performs vasectomy reversal surgery in a very straightforward and smooth process, has skilful and more than experienced experts in the field of vasectomy or its reversal surgery.

    In this surgery, the doctor makes small cut or incision on the underside of the scrotum; this leads the expose of that tube which carries sperms (vas deferens). Now, the doctor opens the vas deferens and investigates the fluid inside of this tube.  After checking sperms in the fluid, the ends of the channel (vas deferens) will be connected to re-establish the passageway for sperms. Vasoepididymostomy is performed when the fluid is found as a thick or if no sperms are found, scar tissue may be interfering the sperm flow and hence vasoepididymostomy is executed in such type of obstacle.

    After the surgery, your doctor or surgeon gives some recommendations and advice to you, they are-

    • To wear tight and fitted athletic supporter for at least 2-3 weeks, so as to support the scrotum and holds the bandages or stitches in the place.
    • Starting of the first day to second day of the surgery, avoid the area of the stitches to be wet.
    • Avoid jogging, biking, lifting some heavy things or sport activities for three to four weeks.
    • Not to do intercourse for at least two to three weeks, until your doctor not gives consent.

    Success Rate and the cost of Vasectomy Reversal Surgery –

    Success rate of Vasectomy reversal surgery is based on some factors like, the type of surgery you had or if any other problem which is preventing you and your partner to become pregnant. Vasectomy reversal surgery cost is structured in a decent way and is affordable for those males who want to undergo this surgery.  Vasectomy reversal surgery can be done several times if there is not any health or medical issue present.  Six to eight month after the surgery your doctor will check your semen sample under the microscope that the sperms are present or not. Checking of the sperms is the only way to know the surgery is successful or not. If you have not got success in the first attempt then you can go for the second time surgery after asking the reason behind the misfortune of your first surgery.