Tubal Ligation Reversal – A surgery that opens the door of your motherhood again

Tubal ligation reversal is a procedure to revive fertility once a female has had a tubal ligation (tubal ligation surgery); it is a procedure where fallopian tubes either cut or blocked by the surgeon to prevent pregnancy. This process is generally considered by those couples who do not want to have more kid. Tubal ligation reversal is u-turn or reversed process of the tubal ligation process. It is usually remarked as "having your tubes tied."

During this tubal ligation reversal, the blocked segments of the fallopian tubes are reconnected to the rest of the fallopian tubes. This might enable eggs again move through the tubes and male partner’s sperms to travel up the fallopian tubes to affix an egg.  If tubal ligation surgery has performed by causing the smallest amount of harm to the fallopian tubes, then tubal ligation reversal surgery has its possibly higher success. Examples embrace sterilization with tubal clips or rings.

Why tubal ligation reversal is done-

A tubal ligation reversal enables a female to be pregnant again. This is a tubal ligation reversal method, which is not acceptable for everybody. Your health care supplier can take into account many factors to work out if tubal ligation reversal is probably going to achieve success, such as:

  • Age of yours and body mass index
  • The type of surgical contraception you had before
  • The extent of the harm to your fallopian tubes
  • Other fertility factors
  • Egg quality
  • Health of the ovaries, uterus, and remaining length of the fallopian tube.

The success of a tubal ligation reversal procedure depends on several things. If you have enough portion of healthy fallopian tube then this surgery is likely to have more success rate. Tubal ligation reversal India will have more chances to achieve success if your tubal ligation was originally done with the help of clips or rings, instead of if segments of your fallopian tubes were burned to shut them off. Experts say that those women who are below 40, who had their tubes tied just after their delivery (postpartum tubal ligation), are the best candidate for tubal ligation reversal surgery.

Your doctor may ask several questions before performing this surgery. For e.g.-

  • When you had gone your previous tubal ligation surgery and what type of surgery you have.
  • When you had your last child, whether that pregnancy was healthy or not.
  • Have you ever gone for the surgery of endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease?

    Before going through this reversal surgery-

    Your doctors can possibly recommend you and your partner to get an entire physical test. That method you'll ascertain if there is something, which may keep you from obtaining pregnancy after this reversal surgery.  Your test may include blood and some tests to know that your ovaries are in normal condition. Your doctor might also recommend that your partner get tests of his sperms count and ejaculate analysis to get to know that he is not facing any fertility issue.

    During this surgery-

    This surgery is done by the master hands surgeons who do have decent experience in the department of tubal ligation surgery. Select IVF has crackerjack experts who have enough experience and have higher success rate in the area of any fertility treatment or surgery.

    The entire procedure is performed in an outpatient basis, where the patient can go home after an hour to her home.  This surgery hardly takes 3-4 hours. During this reversal surgery, the doctor makes a small incision in female patient abdomen area to expose the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The doctor can take away blocked fragments of the fallopian tube and repair the tube with little absorbed stitches. The stitches get dissolved within one to two weeks of the surgery. The doctor might not be able to reattach one or each of your fallopian tubes if an excessive amount of was removed throughout the previous tubal ligation.

    Recovery process-

    Recovery time depends on the surgical technique your doctor used. Tubal reversal is little complicated surgery and that’s the reason this is done in a delicacy and sophisticated way. Some ladies may choose to remain in the hospital for one to three days. However, today, tubal reversal surgery is most frequently done by using microsurgical techniques. Hence, this surgery generally performed with this technique, and ladies can go back on the same day, generally after two to four hours once the surgery is complete. Your doctor may advice to take painkillers to assist you manage any discomfort or pain. After the surgery, females get into their normal routine within 2-3 weeks.

    Success rate and the cost of Tubal ligation reversal in India-

    Success rate of tubal ligation process rely upon several facts, such as – the age of the women, type of previous tubal ligation had, fallopian tubes are healthy or not, your surgeon skill etc. Tubal ligation reversal cost in India is INR 2,50,000. On the basis of the records, women who are below 37-38 have higher success rate of this process. The pregnancy success rate after this surgery ranges from 60-80%. The patient who has undergone this surgery, has to visit the clinic for the X-ray dye test after 3-4 month of the reversal surgery to make sure that the fallopian tubes are opened and functioning well.