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Surrogacy Mumbai

Problem in the uterus or experiencing repeated miscarriage? If yes then, choose Surrogacy Mumbai

Surrogacy Mumbai is a procedure where a woman nourishes other couple’s embryo in to a baby in her womb and hand over to the couple. It’s a legal procedure where a surrogate signs the bond where it is mentioned that surrogate is willing to carry a baby of another couple. The woman who will be holding an embryo till nine month of delivery has to undergo few screening tests and eligibility criteria.

This is the longest and time-taking process of ART technique. ART is the advance fertility treatments, which resolves the issue of any infertility/ sterility issue. Infertility is one of the biggest discord matter, which is revolving around all over the world. Infertility is not any ailment but it’s a hormonal disorder. This disorder occurs due to the hectic urban lifestyle, overweight / underweight, heavy lifting or extreme workout, addiction of drugs, smoking and drinking. We all know that these are those things, which always have negative impact in our life, still we take, resultant infertility may happen. We ought to make our lifestyle in a healthy and balance diet position. Anyways Surrogacy in Mumbai is chosen by those females who have any issue in their uterus and unable to hold baby in her womb. There are certain reasons why surrogacy is preferred. Let’s discuss some chapter and verse about Surrogacy in Mumbai.

Surrogacy Mumbai

Who can make up one’s mind for Surrogacy treatment in Mumbai?

  • Women who are experiencing repeated spontaneous abortion
  • Those females who have had their hysterectomy (a surgery where uterus is removed due to malfunctioning of it)
  • Those women who perform regular and proper ovulation cycle but not able to carry a baby in her uterus or womb due to some medical condition of the uterus resulting miscarriage happens.
  • Women who are facing any severe disease like heart problem, issue of BP etc
  • If a woman has undergone many fertility treatments like IVF/ ICSI and the result is unsuccessful then at that time Surrogacy will be the best treatment to go for.

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    Surrogacy procedure in Mumbai-

    The step of surrogacy is clear. Okay! Before going in the journey of surrogacy procedure, want to make the reader aware about surrogacy types. There are two types of Surrogacy –

    • Traditional Surrogacy- During traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is the only one who will be biological mother of a baby. In traditional, a surrogate gives her own eggs for fertilization by the process of Artificial Insemination (AI). It’s a process where sperms are washed in a special method and then placed into the uterus of the female at the time of her ovulation.
    • Gestational Surrogacy- This is the type of surrogacy, which is chosen over traditional one. In traditional there is the risk of emotional bonding between a surrogate and a baby. But, in gestational surrogacy, there is not such type of bonding. During this surrogacy, an intended couple gives their own eggs and sperms for fertilization and by the technique of IVF; an embryo is placed into the surrogate’s uterus to carry a baby till healthy and successful pregnancy.

    Gestational surrogacy is the only type of surrogacy, which is ruling all the over world. Many of the countries have even banned traditional surrogacy. Procedure of Gestational surrogacy is started from giving fertility drugs and medications to the female partner and on the basis of the records of the transvaginal ultrasounds doctor fixes the date for egg retrieval. Egg retrieval process is done with the help of special hollow needle; on the same day of the egg retrieval, semen sample is collected by the intended male partner. Keeping this two combination on a culture dish fertilization happens naturally, where single sperm that is highly mobile and most active fuses with the egg. After fertilization, embryo is placed in the uterus of the surrogate. From this day, the entire role is of surrogate, after completing nine month of successful pregnancy, she hands over the baby to their actual parent.

    Some eligibility scenarios of the surrogate, which a surrogate must have to qualify. They are-

    • A surrogate should not cross the age limit of 40 and not be less than 21.
    • She must have pleasant personality, physically and mentally strong
    • In a stable living condition
    • Must have carried at least one child (delivery without any complication)
    • There should not be any past records of miscarriage found.
    • Away from any negative addiction
    • Should not be a patient of any severe disease
    • Must have decent knowledge of how to carry a baby in the duration of the pregnancy.

    Surrogate must have signed all the bonds and have passed all the screening tests and check-up. Select IVF is a leading brand, which fulfils the requirement of any infertile couples giving total satisfaction to them by disentangling issue of their infertility. Undeniably the cost of Surrogacy Mumbai is quite expensive than other fertility treatments, because here the charge of a surrogate is also there plus the medications of a surrogate and pre pregnancy and post pregnancy care etc.

    Surrogacy Mumbai